Duke Pendragon - Chapter 313

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The second round of tests ended in the late afternoon. A total of 60 people were remaining after the screening.

Sixty was not a small number. Except for the uninhabited, barren lands, there were no bandit groups with more than one hundred members. If such large groups existed, the imperial army would be dispatched to exterminate them. As such, the bandits would form into groups of 10, at most 30 to 40, to rob passersby and mercenaries.

Therefore, even large mercenary groups had about 100 members, and they would be divided into dozens of groups to carry out the request of their employers. Ordinarily, three or four people would carry out general escorts of nobles and wealthy merchants, while anywhere from five to a dozen people would be dispatched for high-level escorts.

Most bandits and robbers would not dare approach the group with such numbers. No matter how valuable money was, it could not weigh more than their lives. There was no reason to risk getting wiped out by trying to rob a heavily-armed group.

Karl Mandy and Dos Giovanni were well aware of this fact. Accordingly, they divided the selected guards into six groups of ten. They placed more members into a single group because the business’ main focus would be high-level escorts, rather than regular ones.

Those who were screened by the knights of the Pendragon Duchy were quite powerful.

Of course, those who were unfortunate enough to get paired with the one-egged devil of Pendragon were beaten mercilessly with a wooden sword, but they were able to recover after two or three days. Somewhat unbefitting of his title of ‘devil’, Killian had restrained his strength when he beat up the ill-fated applicants.

Among the successful candidates, the two most skilled figures were labelled as gold levels and received treatments equal to knights of ordinary territories. The rest were only ordinary soldiers, but they received treatment equal to squires and were paid quite well.

Thus, the transportation business began its full-scale operations five days later.                     

Many mercenaries had attended the selections for the guards, and as such, it wasn’t very difficult to establish contracts with various merchants. Rather, the small and medium-sized merchants were assured after confirming the outstanding skills of the guards, and they busily collected money to sign contracts with the transportation company. Less than 10 days later, the first of the escort jobs finally began.


“One big thing is out of the way.”

Vincent mumbled to himself in the quiet office before standing up and walking towards the window. The last embers of the setting sun pierced through the window and dyed the room crimson.

“It’s already been a year…”

A small smile appeared on Vincent’s mouth when he remembered the time he left Leus to head to the Pendragon. Surprisingly, the one who recognized his identity as a Master of the Twilight Tower was now his sworn lord.

The figures of the Twilight Tower always looked ahead 5 years when they signed a contract with someone. If they failed to fulfil their initial pledge by then, they would have to return to the tower. However, his lord was different. The lord said he did not mind if Vincent stayed for just one year. For the first time, someone told him that he could leave anytime if he did not see a possibility.

A year later, Vincent was certain that his judgement had been correct. Ever since he had been with the former Governor-General of Leus, Sagunda, he had a goal – A goal to form a union of smaller merchants. It was proceeding smoothly.

Karl Mandy and Dos Giovanni stepped in, but it did not matter. Karl Mandy was renowned as the Gold King of the South, but he held less influence on the mainland. In addition, Dos Giovanni was also a person who sought to take a different path from his family.

Most importantly, it was Duke Pendragon who mediated and reconciled the two figures. Outside the duchy’s arms, the two would not be able to exert the same amount of influence as they did now. The two were also aware of this fact, which was why they were trying to make connections with the Pendragon Duchy and York Town.

“The empire will soon be shaken by the winds of transformation originating from the Pendragon Duchy.”

Vincent was certain. Duke Pendragon stood at the heart of it all. He was a man of great power. The reason why Vincent first hesitated after initially coming to the Pendragon Duchy was because of Duke Pendragon’s status. His name held a greater value than Sagunda as a blood relative of the imperial family.

Blood and name were justification for nobles, and justification could serve as a huge power depending on who pulled the fuse and how. Vincent knew this, which was why he had been afraid of becoming a vassal of the Pendragon family. But as he observed Alan Pendragon, he realized something unusual.

Alan Pendragon was vastly different from the typical nobles. Rather, the word ‘different’ was not sufficient to describe the difference.

It was the first time he saw a great noble who possessed no ambition for money and power. Instead, Duke Pendragon’s gaze was headed somewhere else. Unfortunately, Vincent was ignorant of where his lord’s gaze was headed. Even though others praised the Masters of the Twilight Tower as wise men, his insight wasn’t sufficient to see through Duke Pendragon.

Nevertheless, Vincent decided to serve Duke Pendragon, and as such, he had trust in Duke Pendragon. His lord had a heart for humans.

He returned home without finishing the southern expedition with his own hands. He passed the ball to Ian to take the glory. He had done so for the sake of the duchy’s forces.

He did not want to push them even further due to his own greed. If it were Duke Pendragon rather than Prince Ian, it was highly likely that Arangis would not have given an unconditional surrender. Prince Ian was an agent of the emperor. Moreover, he would one day rise to the throne as emperor. There was a huge difference between kneeling in front of Ian compared to a duke.

In the end, it was highly likely that the Arangis Duchy would have resisted to the end. Even so, it was obvious that the victory would eventually go to the Pendragon Duchy and the southern coalition. With the victory, Pendragon would have gained enormous fame, a vast territory, and great wealth.

However, he did not act as such.

He achieved all his goals, but he forfeited something he could have gained with a stretch of his hands. Vincent knew very well how difficult it was for a monarch to betray all their temptations and come to such a decision. Therefore, he truly trusted Duke Pendragon as his retainer, and respected him as a human being.


But Vincent let out a low sigh.

He was the one who planned the revolution, but it was his lord who carried it out. At least, that is what everyone on the outside viewed it as. This meant that all the responsibilities and wariness would be focused solely on the lord.

It had already started in earnest.

“You will get through it…”

Vincent muttered to himself.

It would be possible for the lord that he trusted in.

Vincent was certain that this would be the biggest step towards the “New World” he dreamed of.



A griffon folded its large wings and landed on the ground. The knight took off his helmet atop the saddle and spoke in a cold voice to those who were waiting for him.

“This concludes today’s squadron training. Those who fell behind in their flights should go through additional training.”

“Yes, sir!”

The expressions of the new riders turned ghastly at Captain Isla’s words. Their faces were already blue and stiff from the strong winds they faced during their training, but now they would have to receive extra training.

But an order was an order. The Captain of the Pendragon Duchy’s griffon unit was considered to be standing at the apex of all griffon riders. In addition, he was the Knight King who unified the famous Valvas.

It was an unparalleled honor for them to be able to fly and train with him.

“Follow me, you unweaned brats! Compared to the southern mountain ranges, our duchy’s wind is a child’s play! What do you hope to achieve with so little stamina and concentration!?”


“We are the finest of the Pendragon Duchy! You have to be the best, whether it is spearmanship or stamina! Do you understand!?”

“Yes, sir!”

More than 20 new riders charged forward at the frosty voice of Theo Milner. After the southern expedition, he was knighted and implemented as the captain of a griffon squad.

Isla gave a slight nod as he observed the scene from a distance.

The long expedition had transformed Theo Milner from a young, inexperienced squire to a proud, confident squadron captain. He was not the only one either. All those who returned from the southern expedition were transformed.

More veterans represented more power.

Although the total number of griffons decreased, the Pendragon Duchy’s griffon army would become an even stronger force in the future.

With such thoughts, Isla passed a small gate leading to the back garden of Conrad Castle.

“S, Sir Isla! This…”

“Here it is!”

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Suddenly, a few figures rushed out of the gate and offered something to Isla. They were all blooming women of marriageable age, offering cold towels and glasses filled with ice-cold water.

“Thank you.”

As a southerner, Isla was strict to men, but generous to women. He took their offerings, wiping his face and satisfying his thirst on the spot.


A blush appeared on the faces of the women. They were the daughters of noble families from Conrad Castle and daughters of mainland nobles who came to Conrad Castle under the pretext of taking lessons from the duchess.

He was different from any other noble knights. Others were too busy trying to show off their manliness or seducing women, but he was different. He could not be compared to any other knights.

Aside from his outstanding reputation, he had a handsome, sculpted face with a restrained attitude and indifferent eyes. Any woman would be forced to give attention regardless of their age.

Moreover, he was no regular knight, but the Knight King of Valvas. If he were to leave the Pendragon Duchy and return to the South, he would still be regarded as a high-ranking, influential figure.

But such a coveted figure was still unmarried. The ladies learned that he didn’t even have a fiancée, let alone a lady in mind.

‘An unexcavated gold mine…’

‘This is an opportunity granted to me by the heavens!’

‘Father, I want to be a queen…’

All of the ladies looked at Isla with dazed, dreamy eyes.

“Thank you all. It feels as though my fatigue has suddenly disappeared. I have some business to take care of, so if you will excuse me.”


The ladies answered in a unified voice with their hands clasped together. Isla started to walk away while receiving their gaze, then turned around.

“The duchess is preparing a small, special banquet tonight, so I will see all of you there. Then…”

He resumed walking after bowling politely with a rare, small smile.

“How could…”

“He’s just so perfect…”

Their expressions and eyes turned even more dreamy. He was like the protagonist of a romance novel (popular novels about the love and deeds of a knight), his actions, words, and expressions a perfect definition of a knight. Any girl would have dreamt of such a man at least once.

“I think it’s even more amazing that he gives everyone such a look…”

“Yes… I found out that he’s always polite to even the maids of the castle.”

“They say he is very good to Young Lady Pendragon, and the children of the castle even like Lord Isla better than Lord Pendragon…”

The girls were excitedly chatting with each other. However, at some point, all of them flinched without realizing it. They had been sharing in their admiration of Isla, but they had forgotten that all of them were rivals.


There was a moment of awkward silence.


But starting with one, all of the ladies started sighing. Isla was respected and liked not only by women, but by other knights and soldiers of the duchy. He was a brilliant spear that stood erect on top of a mountain peak out of their reach.

It was hard to imagine, but if someone was successful in pulling out the spear, they would be the subject of jealousy and anger of everyone. No one said it, but all of the ladies felt it.

Their thoughts naturally narrowed down to one thing.

‘If I cannot have it…’

‘The man of all of us…?’

‘After someone tries first and gets rejected, I…’

Join forces if you can’t win.

The proverb that would soon become popular in the empire was birthed in Conrad Castle, the main castle of the Pendragon Duchy.

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