Dragon Prince Yuan - Chapter 1486

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Zhou Yuan stared at the boiling darkness from its edge. He could faintly sense a certain fleeting equilibrium was about to occur between the two terrifying entities after countless clashes.

Zhou Yuan did not display any hesitation whatsoever. Even though the darkness gave off a sensation of boundless dread, he understood that this was the final sliver of hope he had been waiting for.

Hence, he immediately took a step forward and his body leaped into the air, plunging into the endless darkness.

He felt two almighty presences engulf him the instant he crossed the boundary, forcing him to experience the true meaning of insignificance.

The Sacred God’s will and the God Annihilation God Poison were akin to two giant grindstones the size of a mountain, while Zhou Yuan was an ant caught between them.

Though the two heavyweights were focused on each other, the sparks from their clash were more than capable of dealing devastating blows to Zhou Yuan.

In the short span of a few breaths, more than half of Zhou Yuan’s prided Sacred Dragon Body was pulverized, leaving him to bitterly persist with only his head and the upper half of his body.

The Saint force that was wildly desired by countless Law Domain experts had become akin to a poor bullied little kid, easily smashed to pieces by the two terrifying powers the moment it stuck its head out.

In this moment, Zhou Yuan experienced what it felt like to be pushed around by anyone.

Moreover, as his body and his Saint force was being pulverized, Zhou Yuan could feel a twisted evilness from both the God Annihilation Curse Poison and the Sacred God’s will begin to infect him.

His face twisted in agony as his mind and heart was being eroded. Countless evil thoughts rose in his head, causing an unnatural wide grin to grow from the corners of his mouth.

However, his innermost heart struggled to retain some clarity. He understood that he needed to tightly guard his final bit of rationality and could not allow himself to be fully corrupted by evilness. Otherwise, there would truly be no hope left.

However, how could it be easy to guard one’s heart and retain clarity with two almighty terrors rapidly corrupting him?

Zhou Yuan could feel more and more of his essence being corrupted by the two terrors’ power as darkness and scarlet-red gradually surged out in his eyes.

No Zhou Yuan, you must endure! Zhou Yuan abruptly bit the tip of his tongue, using his final bit of fading clarity to activate the Ancestral Dragon Scripture.

Genesis Qi began to flow in his body according to the Ancestral Dragon Scripture’s pathways as the faint, ancient roar of a dragon echoed within him. As the dragon roar spread, the rising evilness and chaos in Zhou Yuan’s mind surprisingly began to slow.

However, Zhou Yuan somehow knew that this slowdown was only temporary. As the disturbance he caused grew bigger and bigger, the still busily fighting Sacred God’s will and God Annihilation Curse Poison would instinctively direct more of the scattered power from their clashes towards him. Since this bug was still hopping around so actively, it would be better to destroy him as soon as possible...

Although the situation was near hopeless, Zhou Yuan did not have any better ideas. The only thing he could do was grit his teeth and desperately cling on to his final bit of clarity.

He knew that he could not give up no matter how difficult things became, because once he did, there would no longer be any chance for him and Yaoyao.

Deep within the darkness, a twisted, evil black tide swallowed him as he murmured, “Yaoyao...I won’t give up! Believe in me, I will definitely bring you back!”



The boundary walls of the Sacred Race heavens were slowly being torn open by a pair of giant hands, drawing countless terrified and panicked gazes.

As the boundary wall was torn apart, the third god acted again. With a light jab of her finger, countless orbs of divine force converged around her, turning into meteors as they fell with great momentum.


Divine fire burned from the meteors as they streaked across the horizon, accompanied by devastating power as they descended upon the Sacred Heavens like a world-ending calamity.

If such power were to land, there would certainly be extreme damage.

Countless Sacred Race members began to pray in fear.

Omm! Omm!

Before the meteors could land, however, giant black lotuses suddenly broke out from the ground.

The black lotuses blossomed, rising to meet the falling meteors like pillars that could support the heavens.

Boom boom boom!

Loud, earth-shaking booms thundered one after another as giant storms unfurled from the collisions, sweeping across the land.

However, that was the extent of the damage. None of the meteors had managed to land on the Sacred Race heavens.

Outside the boundary wall, the expressions of Cang Yuan, Jin Luo and the others turned grave. Neutralizing the third god’s divine force attacks was clearly not something the remaining four prime saints were capable of.

Hence, the one who had defended was definitely the Sacred God.

He has awakened!

In this moment, unrestrainable fear rose in the hearts of Jin Luo and the others, fear that originated from the world-ending war long ago.

The Sacred God’s unstoppable power and terror had been deeply carved into the all-heaven’s memories, never to be erased.

Even though they had the third god, all of the Saint experts felt their entire bodies turn ice-cold.

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While the Saint experts were shivering in fear, a nine-color lotus grew from the summit of the Sacred Mountain. The flower extended far into the sky and eventually appeared outside the boundary wall.

The nine-color lotus flower slowly blossomed under the terrified gazes of the all-heaven Saint experts.

A figure was seated within the lotus flower.

He was dressed in black, his black hair draped over his shoulders. He was tall and slim and his face gave off an indistinct aura, making it feel as if he might be someone you knew if you took a cursory glance.

It was because ordinary people could not view his face. Hence, their imagination could only try to make something up.

However, there was one common feature that everyone would see. There was a slightly open black slit on this forehead, containing what appeared to be the apex of darkness. Even a Saint expert’s Spirit would crumble, falling into internal darkness if he looked a few seconds too long.

The black-clothed man remained seated on the nine-color lotus as he raised his head and looked towards the third god. He did not even glance at the all-heaven army behind her.

“Third god, you and I finally meet.” He smiled faintly.

The third god did not reply as her indifferent eyes observed the Sacred God 

The Sacred God shook his head. “Too cold. One must know that you could only be born because I alarmed the Ancestral Dragon’s remnant will back then.

“Although you were born from its will, you are not the Ancestral Dragon and have no need to protect these ants.

“When this world was created, the Ancestral Dragon’s body transformed into its many inhabitants. It desired to create a divine bone for the world’s inhabitants, bestowing upon them the ability to bear the power of divinity and giving them the potential to become gods. However, you and I are born from divine matter and if we were made into the divine bone instead, we would not have existed in this world.

“Fortunately, I managed to realize this early enough and hid myself amidst the primal chaos, leaving the Ancestral Dragon unable to fulfil this wish, forever denying the inhabitants of this world the potential to become gods…

“At the same time, this also led to our births.”

The Sacred God’s voice echoed across the area, causing the all-heaven Saint experts to tremble. They had begun to realize the garguntum secret hidden within the Sacred God’s words.

It was why no one had ever managed to take that final step no matter how talented they were and ascend to the realm of the gods.

It turns out that all the inhabitants of this world had a single flaw.

A flaw that took the form of the divine bone, a container for divinity.

“Hence, you should be thanking me, third god.” The Sacred God ultimately arrived at this conclusion.

The third god indifferently said, “How should I thank you then?”

The Sacred God chuckled softly. “You should of course join me to destroy all life in this world and return their bloodline power to its original state, giving us the opportunity to seek the ultimate power.”

The third god’s deep, starry-space-like eyes stared at the Sacred God. “No, you are wrong about one thing. To wield the power of the first order and become the ultimate god, merely devouring all life won’t be enough. You and I...cannot coexist either.”

The Sacred God did not respond. Soon after, he shook his head and smiled. “Wouldn’t it be better of us to solve this problem after we destroy all of them?”

The third god replied, “Sacred God, don’t waste your breath on such useless lies. We both know that the day we eliminate the final inhabitant of this world will be the moment you attack me.”

The Sacred God sighed as he kneaded his forehead and softly said, “It seems that negotiations have broken down again.

“Since that is the case, I’ll have no choice but to devour you first…”

He slowly stood up from the nine-color lotus and stretched his arms outwards as a grand, but emotionless voice echoed across every corner of the all-heaven, “I announce the beginning of the very first war of the gods.”

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