Dragon Prince Yuan - Chapter 1485

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Zhou Yuan sat at the edge of the darkness with an impassive expression as he silently observed the deep darkness, undistracted by even the passing of time.

He had already stealthily extended all of his senses into the darkness, cautiously snooping around like a tiny creature.

Compared to the two enormous entities within, Zhou Yuan was indeed an insignificant existence.

As time passed, the darkness in Cangxuan Heaven’s core grew increasingly viscous as the two terrifying forces continued to slowly whittle each other down.

Zhou Yuan felt that this sealed area was akin to a giant boiling cauldron that was slowly cooking the Sacred God’s will and the God Annihilation Curse Poison.

These two entities were ultimate terrors in this world. Even the four prime sovereigns would be shocked stupid if they knew Zhou Yuan dared to have such thoughts.

In fact, even the Zhou Yuan of the past would not have dared to do or even think about it.

However, Zhou Yuan was no longer afraid. After experiencing his most beloved treating him as a stranger, even death had lost its terror.

Since this felt even worse than death, what did he have to fear?


A faint ball of white qi was expelled from Zhou Yuan’s nose. Even time had become unimportant here, but Zhou Yuan did not feel any impatience and continued to display peerless patience.

The time was not ripe yet. Both the Sacred God’s will and the God Annihilation Curse Poison still had more than enough power to easily destroy him a thousand times over.

He needed to wait till the God Annihilation Curse Poison eroded away all of the Sacred God’s will’s divinity and all of the twisted evilness in the curse poison was neutralized by the Sacred God’s will.

As the two terrifying entities continued to erode each other, there would eventually come a single instant in time where a certain equilibrium was reached. That equilibrium was Zhou Yuan’s only sliver of hope for survival.

If he missed it, everything else would become meaningless.


Outside the boundary wall of the four Sacred Heavens.

The roars of four different colored fire dragons spread all the way back to the all-heaven. As the divine fire dragons continued their destruction, the all-heaven residents felt the air become blistering hot.

This made Jin Luo, Cang Yuan and the other two prime sovereigns feel rather complicated. So this was the power of a god, power that could influence the climate of the many heavens. It was an impossible feat for even apex practitioners like themselves.

Prime sovereign Chi Ji suddenly remarked, “The divine flags are about to disappear.”

The other three prime sovereigns looked over, their gazes piercing through space. Sure enough, they saw the splatters of blood on the giant divine flags began to evaporate little by little as the almighty figure upon them gradually faded away.

The sight of this immediately drew looks of elation on the four prime sovereigns faces.


Meanwhile, in Shengming Heaven and Shengling Heaven.

An enormous black ripple suddenly appeared. When the ripple passed, all life instantly melted away before they could even scream, their flesh and spirits melting into red light that rose into the sky.

Swish! Swish!

A spectacular scene appeared. Innumerable pillars of blood-red light rose from the ground, accompanied by torrential blood qi. The high concentration of blood in the air quickly created a downpour of blood, dyeing everything blood-red.

It was hard to imagine anything more inhumane.

Shengzu Heaven, the Sacred Mountain.

An enormous screen appeared in front of Tai Mi and the other three prime saints. Within it, one would see blood rain sweeping across Shengming Heaven and Shengling Heaven.

The four prime saints’ expressions were filled with sorrow. Soon after, their hands formed seals in unison.


The space before them suddenly shattered as a giant river of viscous blood-red rushed out, accompanied by an indescribable concentration of blood qi.

The blood-red torrent flew above their heads and poured into the temple.

In the middle of the temple was a black passageway that led to some unknown location. Although the blood-red torrent seemed endless, it was ultimately unable to fill the strange black hole.

As more and more blood qi flowed in, the blood-red runes deep within the black passageway gradually began to glow.


“Eh?!” The four prime sovereigns outside the boundary wall suddenly sensed a change in Shengming Heaven and Shengling Heaven, causing them to cry out in surprise as they turned their attention towards the two heavens.

They saw the boundary wall suddenly turn blood-red, the pungent smell of blood so strong that they could smell it even from so far away.

Prime sovereign Di Long asked in a low voice, “What’s going on?”

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Prime sovereign Jin Luo frowned deeply as he said, “The Genesis Qi in Shengming Heaven and Shengling Heaven has suddenly become full of death. I cannot feel even the slightest bit of life.”

“This…” In the face of such a bizarre situation, even the four prime saints could only look at each other in confusion, unable to figure out what had happened.

However, their intuition told them that this turn of events did not bode well for them.

Prime sovereign Jun Luo looked towards the third god and respectfully inquired, “Does the great goddess know what happened?”

The third god’s glass-like pupils swept a glance at Shengming Heaven and Shengling Heaven before she indifferently said, “Every living thing in those two heavens have been sacrificed and their blood qi is currently being collected and poured into the sacred palace. The Sacred Race plans on using the blood qi to speed up the Sacred God’s awakening.”

The four prime sovereigns’ expressions changed drastically as horrified looks appeared in their eyes.

They had not expected the Sacred Race to be so cruel. To think they had the resolution to sacrifice two entire heavens!

Di Long remarked with an ugly expression, “The Sacred Race is truly vicious and heartless.”

“Is the Sacred God...about to awaken?” Prime sovereign Jin Luo was more focused on the implications. The Sacred Race had been forced to hole themselves up in the four heavens solely because of the third god’s power. If the Sacred God also awakened, the fates of both parties would hinge upon the battle between the two gods.

The other three prime sovereigns’ expressions turned grave as they looked towards the third god. However, she ignored them, her apathetic gaze focused only on a certain spot in Shengzu Heaven.

Time began to flow once more amidst the stifling atmosphere.


This continued until a certain moment when the sound of something breaking suddenly rang out, causing the all-heaven army’s hearts to jump as they looked to the source. To their joy, they found that the four divine flags covering the four heavens had finally begun to break and disintegrate.

The four divine flags had finally been incinerated.

As the flags were finally burnt away, the four heavens’ boundary walls were finally revealed before the all-heaven army’s eyes.

The third god’s hand reached out as vast divine force surged forth. Two giant hands barbarically stabbed into the boundary wall and slowly began to tear it open.

The residents of Shengzu Heaven and Shengwang Heaven watched in horror as the sky was ripped open by a pair of hands. Boundless divine pressure poured from the crack, making everyone feel terror akin to dropping into a bottomless abyss.

The residents of the two heavens fall into a state of panic.

They were experiencing the same fear the all-heaven inhabitants had felt several years ago.

On the Sacred Mountain’s summit, Tai Mi and the other three prime saints also raised their heads to stare at the magnificent scene. However, they did not feel fear, their faces instead filled with fanatical ecstasy.

In this moment, they felt a familiar pressure that originated from deep within their bloodlines and souls.

They fell to their knees, eyes filled with piousness as their respectful voices spread across the land. “We welcome our god!”

Deep within the black passageway, a pair of eyes akin to the bottomless abyss slowly opened.

At this very same moment, Zhou Yuan suddenly sensed a certain equilibrium appear between the Sacred God’s will and the God Annihilation Curse Poison that had already clashed millions of times in the boiling darkness.

Zhou Yuan’s lips cracked into a grin.

His chance had finally arrived.

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