Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2915

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Chapter 2915 – Breaking The Formation with Just One Hand

Translated by Sean, SoyaEdited by Lifer, Fingerfox

“Set the formation up!”

Chu Yunji roared in a low and cold commanding tone. The foundation of the Blood Tool Sect was destroyed by Jiang Chen, making Chu Yunji hate him to the core. After forming the formation, he would definitely take Jiang Chen’s life.

“Oh, so that’s all you got? What kind of formation is this?”

Jiang Chen said with a sneer. The Tisura Sealing Yin Formation sounded nothing to him.

“Just see how I break this puny formation with just one hand!”

Jiang Chen said with a cold smile, soaring up into the sky. He found the eye of the formation in one glance and he broke through the formation in the twinkling of an eye.

Although the Tisura Sealing Yin Formation looked unbreakable and mighty strong under the alliance of thirty Divine King experts, Jiang Chen just laughed it off. Jiang Chen pointed at it lightly with his fingers and it collapsed. Chu Yunji and the others were dumbfounded after witnessing this scene. Jiang Chen struck out a powerful blow with a remarkable and dignified aura. Thirty Divine King experts were stunned in silence. How could Jiang Chen simply break the Tisura Sealing Yin Formation?

The entire Earthly Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect burst into an uproar. Jiang Chen’s attack had given a shock to the world, even the three Half-step Hierarch experts were overwhelmed by Jiang Chen’s powerful and remarkable aura. It seemed like this Mid Divine King expert was not ordinary!

Even Ling Yanyu was shocked and astonished. The Tisura Sealing Yin Formation almost killed him just now but it looked so vulnerable in the face of Jiang Chen.

“He is unexpectedly strong.”

Chu Fangzhi heaved a cold breath, he looked pale and speechless. It made his blood boil and rush into his head. Even Divine Kings were afraid of the Tisura Sealing Yin Formation, but it seemed like a layer of paper window which would easily break and collapse. It hurt their pride deeply.

“You guys are too weak for me.”

Jiang Chen’s comment offended Chu Fangzhi and the rest of the Divine King experts once again. After all, they were highly respected in the Tian Xing Boundary. Even though they were not predominant and superior to the ten greatest sects, they were well-liked and respected. However, they seemed so vulnerable and weak in front of this despicable guy. No one could bear such insults and sarcasm. The ten greatest sects would be disgraced if he was still acting arrogantly!

“Don’t count your chickens before they hatch. Do you think you can defeat all of us by merely breaking our formation? You’re just kidding yourself. Let’s see how you fight against all of us alone.”

“That’s right. Stay calm, guys. This guy knows well about our formation that’s why he’s able to break it so easily, but it doesn’t mean he could resist our attack at once.”

“Absolutely, the Earthly Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect will certainly collapse if we kill this kid. I will see what they could reply on.”

All the Divine King experts launched a series of attacks once again. Jiang Chen looked calm and unconstrained this time. He said lightly with a faint smile.

“It’s time to show you how strong the Mid Divine King Realm is.”

Jiang Chen was at ease and unmoved. A Mid Divine King that could put Late Divine Kings in a difficult position with just his body alone. The thirty Divine Kings did not dare to treat this easily. They were all ready to fight to the death with Jiang Chen as they were in a towering rage from his disrespect and arrogance. How could he act wild and arrogant in front of them? He would think that he was invincible in the world if they did not teach him a lesson at this moment.

Jiang Chen was holding his weapons, well-prepared for the battle. He struck out and fought against the Divine King experts instantly.

No one expected Jiang Chen to be so speedy, violent and formidable.

Jiang Chen stepped forward, punched three times and three Divine Kings were thrown off immediately. Neither the Mid nor the Early Divine Kings were Jiang Chen’s opponent. His punches and blows were powerful, ferocious and devastating. The thirty Divine King experts were no match against Jiang Chen at the moment. Jiang Chen was dealing with them leisurely and calmly. Each punch of his was frightening and remarkable. His thirteen blows made thirteen Divine Kings retreat swiftly and miserably.

Jiang Chen was in hot pursuit of them, trying to fight against them alone fearlessly. Meanwhile Ling Yanyu, Ling Yun and the rest were astonished to witness this. They had never expected Jiang Chen to have such a terrifying power of constraint as a Mid Divine King expert. His power had made those Divine Kings turn ghastly pale as they could barely resist Jiang Chen’s powerful and invincible attacks. Nine dragons and ten elephants showed their divine power once again. Although Jiang Chen was fighting them alone, he had gained the upper hand at the moment.

The Divine Kings felt a thrill of terror and they trembled with fear. They never thought that Jiang Chen would act like an insane cow who was fearless of death. Jiang Chen surged toward their formation with a strong determination and fearless spirit which made them feel frightened and anxious. Not only that, Jiang Chen struck out mercilessly and wildly. All of them were repulsed and suffered severe injuries. They fled in different directions and looked at Jiang Chen with pale faces, they were scared to death. A powerful punch had made them sink into despair.

This was Jiang Chen’s real strength! It was irresistible which made everyone tremble with fright and feel suffocated!

“He’s too strong.”

The Divine King experts from the Divine Golem Sect were seriously wounded and suffered a disastrous defeat. They said with deathly pale faces and dry lips. In this battle, none of them thought that a Mid Divine King expert could deal with all of them alone. This was such a disgrace to them. But they had finally realized Jiang Chen’s real strength, he was good at curbing the violence with violence without giving any opportunity to his opponents. The faces of the thirty Divine Kings were white, and they were scared to death.

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“How could this happen?”

Chu Yunji covered his chest, and murmured under his breath. None of them was capable of resisting Jiang Chen’s powerful attacks. He was like a tyrant in heaven, trying to devour everything, travelling through the world and staring at them arrogantly. At the moment, none of them dared to take a step forward.

“It’s surprising……we lost.”

Chu Fangzhi was frightened. However, the facts were in his face. Thirty Divine King experts were defeated badly by Jiang Chen like the autumn wind sweeping away the withered leaves. Jiang Chen looked like a matchless and invincibly strong expert to them.

“I wonder how strong he really is……”

Ling Yanyu was shocked and overwhelmed. He was certain that there would be a low chance of winning if he fought against Jiang Chen. Even he was afraid of him, not to mention those who were at the same level as him. He was sure that Jiang Chen would have a bright future.

“Jiang Chen, is this your real strength?”

Ling Yun curled up her lips, she now looked calm and relieved. Jiang Chen was like a prince from heaven who saved her from misery. He was the man of her dream she had been looking for.

She admitted that she had fallen for him.

“Even so, don’t celebrate too early. Our ancestors are going to defeat Ling Kuang soon. Even if you defeated us, Ling Kuang is no match to our Blood Tool Sect and the ancestors of the Northern Shadow Sect. Humph.”

Chu Yunji said unwillingly, glaring at Jiang Chen angrily.

“Stop talking nonsense.”

Jiang Chen wore a little frown and shook his head. At the moment, a Fire Qilin had fallen from the sky, causing the rest to burst into an uproar. It gave the Earthly Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect a shock. The Fire Qilin was swallowing the wounded Chu Yunji in one bite, he did not even have a chance to fight back. Those from the ten great sects were completely dumbfounded, even Chu Fangzhi was stunned. Jiang Chen was not joking, he was truly terrifying.

After the Fire Qilin gulped down Chu Yunji, it hid behind Jiang Chen silently.

The elders of the ten great sects stayed silent and dared not to make any noise.

“Half-Step Hierarch Realm? Perhaps we should take this challenge.”

Jiang Chen took a glance at the Fire Qilin beside him and smiled faintly. His eyes were burning with the will to fight.

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