Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2848

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Chapter 2848

You’ve Finally Appeared

Translated by Sean, Soya
Edited by Lifer, Fingerfox


Fang Bi died and became sword qi, fusing into the Heavenly Dragon Sword, it was his goal. When he let go of his obsession, his sword art gained a massive leap that even Jiang Chen could not imitate.

Jiang Chen’s heart was heavy. Although Fang Bi had died, he found a good place to rest since there was nothing to long for anymore. His sword art has reached the peak, the only thing left for him to pursue was surely to become a legend.

The Limitless Sword. Jiang Chen knew that it’s not just a sword intent, but a the path of the blade, a path that opens up straight towards the doorway of the Emperor Realm. The Limitless Sword, a sword without limit. The Dao essence of the blade was the extremity of the world, the peak art of aggression, stronger compared to the Sword of Solitude. If he could improve it further, Jiang Chen’s heart will be as still as water, his prowess on the art of blade would be explosive. Fang Bi could only show him up to the eighth blade, he had to take it further himself.

Murong Yun’er’s heart was filled with guilt, Fang Bi died because of her, but she could do nothing to stop it as she watched Fang Bi turning into a sword qi.

“There’s nothing to feel guilty about, that is his fate, his goal. He has lived a greater life compared to others, because he has reached the height no one have ever reached in the art of the blade, a true great man. He’s just living in a different way now, he’s the only pioneer that I’ve ever seen in the art of the blade. He’s born for the sake of the blade, dies for the sake of the blade, there’s nothing to be sad about it.” Jiang Chen looked at Murong Yun’er.

She finally calmed down, but the sadness in her heart could not be masked, but at least, the obsession was gone, it was the best ending for him and Donghuang Taiji.

“Jiang Chen, thank you!” Donghuang Taiji said as he looked towards Jiang Chen, he knew that this debt could not even be repaid with his whole life.

“Everything has its own course, perhaps this is fate.” Jiang Chen smiled.

Donghuang Tai’a and Jiang Chen looked at each other, Gui Gu was the remaining one left.

“Damned fella, useless.” Gui Gu clenched his teeth.

He had to face all of them alone after losing Fang Bi’s support. Plus, Jiang Chen’s camp was getting stronger with Donghuang Tai’a joining the game. He had utterly lost the capability to compete. He was only left with the option to retreat. There’s bound to be an opportunity present as long as he’s still breathing.

“Gui Gu, we finally meet.” Donghuang Tai’a said.

He was constantly looking for two people, one of them was Xuan Shenji and the other was Gui Gu. They were his greatest contender for this Battle Royale of the Nine Boundaries. He had killed twenty Divine King experts, his hands were stained with blood, no one could stand against him.

“If those guys aren’t around, perhaps we can finally duke it out. But now, are we going to have a fair fight?.” Gui Gu said in contempt.

He had to face too many people if he was to fight now. That would be too disadvantageous. He did not want to be surrounded by all sides, plus, Jiang Chen was not weak and could fight on-par against him. Not including the others, Gui Gu wasn’t confident in defeating both Jiang Chen and Donghuang Tai’a.

“Do you think that I’ll bully you with numbers?” Donghuang Tai’a frowned as he looked at Gui Gu with a cold gaze.

“Perhaps, you will not, but do you dare guarantee that the ones behind you will be honest? Hmph, one can only believe in one’s self in this world. Donghuang Tai’a, we will fight, surely, but not now.”

Gui Gu was no idiot. Jiang Chen would most certainly get the prize if he and Donghuang Tai’a were to fight now. Plus, that Luo Ping and Mo Sanpao hated his guts, it’s best not to trust them.

“Coward, looks like you’re not just a point or two weaker than Xuan Shenji.” Donghuang Tai’a said with a cold expression.

He knew why Gui Gu was avoiding the battle.

“I do not want to die an ignorant death, hahaha, why don’t we see whether anyone had taken the Silver Dragon Fruit.” Gui Gu squinted his eyes as he looked towards the ice canyon.

“Silver Dragon Fruit?” Donghuang Tai’a’s expression changed.

Looks like it’s really here. Gui Gu is here, and Jiang Chen and the others are not backing down, a great treasure must be here.

“That’s right, however, let’s see if you have that luck for it, this place is filled with mad fellas. Each and everyone of them have great confidence, trying to become the best. I wonder if you have the guts to go in there.” Gui Gu said with a playful tone.

“Even if the Silver Dragon Fruit is there, do you think you have what it takes to contest against us?” Jiang Chen smiled.

There’s nothing much Gui Gu could do with him and Donghuang Tai’a present.

Gui Gu’s eyes were cold as he stared at Jiang Chen. Damn, this fella is hard to deal with.

“Really? What if I include myself in it?” A hoarse voice said.

Donghuang Tai’a and Gui Gu got slightly startled. An azure-robed figure with long hair appeared with dominating vigor.

“Xuan Shenji!” Donghuang Tai’a said as his expression became heavy.

A single Gui Gu might not cause him much trouble, but Xuan Shenji was different. The Heavenly Profound Sect’s Xuan Shenji, one that was regarded as the best in Qi Lian Boundary, and the most likely to become the winner of the Battle Royale of the Nine Boundaries.

Xuan Shenji’s temperament was refined, his eyes were akin to a shooting star, shining brightly. He was tall and slender, like a sharp blade, plunging straight into a person’s heart, causing others to fear him.

There were two skinny-looking youths behind him, experts from the Heavenly Profound Sect. Xuan Lang and Xuan Qing, both of them looked powerful.

The most mysterious person within the Qi Lian Boundary was Xuan Shenji. Even though he had never shown his hand, he’s still regarded as one of the legendary experts like Gui Gu and Donghuang Tai’a. However, Xuan Shenji was a mysterious man. Rumours had it that he once received an attack of an Half-Step Hierarch without a scratch. One that could not be replicated by many. Who dares to take on an attack from a Half-Step Hierarch?

“You’ve finally appeared.” Gui Gu squinted his eyes as he said with a smile.

It’s best to have three parties fighting for something, rather than having one hoarding it all.

“At least, you don’t need to fight a lonely battle anymore.” Xuan Shenji calmly said as he glanced at Gui Gu.

He was here to destroy the balance of the situation,

“Jiang Chen, I know of you.”

Xuan Shenji’s gaze fell upon Jiang Chen. Both of them looked at each other. Jiang Chen gave a faint smile, he could feel that Xuan Shenji was slightly stronger than Gui Gu and Donghuang Tai’a, reaching the Peak Mid Divine King Realm, at least that’s what Xuan Shenji’s showing.

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