Dr. Jiang's Daily Adversities - Chapter 518

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Chapter 518: Deeply Afraid of Being Dug Out

It sounded nice, but it was only to persuade others. If it was up to them, they might not be able to take it and just let go!

Moreover, it was the first time that reporter Little Tang fell in love at first sight.

But in the end… forget it, he didn’t want to bring up the sad matter anymore.

It was almost seven in the morning, and the department was already bustling with noise. The family members had gathered in several circles and lined up to buy food.

Jiang Tingxu walked around the ward and even went to the ICU to check on the situation.

The nurses in the ICU were very emotional,

“Fortunately, a few surgical patients woke up one after another.”.

Those patients were all critically ill!

There was a huge difference between not waking up and being able to wake up.

Jiang Tingxu looked at the record sheet and gave some instructions before leaving the ICU.

When they returned to the outpatient department of the emergency department, everyone was almost done with their work. A few young nurses were chattering excitedly about something. They looked very excited.

Curious, they took a few steps forward and heard someone say,

“I can’t get any more. What about you guys?”

The rest of them shook their heads,

“I can’t get anything even earlier!”

“Fine, all the previous news has disappeared.”

“Who did this?”

“What do you think?”

Did they even need to guess? One could know this with their toes

“Unfortunately, I didn’t even have the time to save the pictures. And they were already all gone.”

When Jiang Tingxu was about to ask, she was stopped by Head Nurse Ye, who had come earlier to take over the shift,

“Dr. Jiang.”

“Head Nurse, you’re so early today?”

“Yes, there were quite a number of critically-illed patients in the major car accident last night. I definitely had to come over earlier to make arrangements.”

So that was the case.

“Oh right, Dr. Jiang still doesn’t know, right?”


Jiang Tingxu was confused after heard the words, so she asked,

“Should I know anything?”

Head nurse immediately laughed:

“So you still don’t know, Dr. Jiang? Did you hear what those little girls said just now?”

“More or less.”

She probably had a deep generation gap with those girls, so even if she had heard them, she still couldn’t figure out what they were talking about?

Moreover, judging from the Head Nurse’s behavior, she should know what they were talking about just like those girls at the nurses’ station.

What was going on?

The Head Nurse sighed deeply. After a few sighs, she said,

“The trending topics on the internet have all been removed.”

“Trending topics?”

Speaking of trending topics, Jiang Tingxu finally understood what was going on. She took out her phone and opened an app to browse through it.

The top ten trending topics that were not moving at all had all been replaced by new topics.

She scrolled all the way to the back, but she did not see any shadows.

They disappeared?

“Did that person in your family do it?”

The head nurse ridiculed him again. Jiang Tingxu looked a little uncomfortable:

“Cough, I don’t know.”

She really did not know, okay?

She had been in the operating room the entire night. How would she have time to play with her phone and refresh the news?

It was not easy for him to get out of the operating theater, and he was even called to do a simple interview.

However, if it were Mo Boyuan, it was very likely that he would be able to directly remove ten trending topics.

Everyone knew that it would cost a lot to remove one trending topics on Weibo not to mention removing all the top ten trending topics.

Although celebrity artists did not lack money, no one would be willing to spend such a large sum of money to remove all of them. That would cost at least eight figures.

Whose money did it fall from the sky?

Seeing that the trending searches were really gone, Jiang Tingxu felt a lot more relaxed. She had always been deeply afraid of being found out by others.

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