Dr. Jiang's Daily Adversities - Chapter 512

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Chapter 512: When Will The Crown Princess be Able to Show Her Face

Actually, the little fellow knew very well that his father wasn’t at home, and his mother was busy working every day. If he were to go abroad with his grandparents, it might really be better!

That’s right, he still couldn’t bear to part with his mother.

Abroad, it was so far away. He still had to take a plane to get there. At that time, if he missed his mother, he wouldn’t even be able to see her.

When mother Mo heard that her little grandson had agreed to go overseas, she couldn’t stop smiling:

“Okay, okay, okay.”

When Jiang Xu heard that her son had agreed, she naturally didn’t have any objections:

“You have to listen to Grandpa and Grandma, Understand?”

“Yes,”the little one answered.

“Mom, when do you and dad plan to leave?”

“We should have gone a long time ago. Since Ningning is going this time, let’s go tomorrow. Otherwise, your dad and I will leave tonight.”

“Okay, I will go and pack some luggage for him first.”

“Okay, okay. We don’t need too much. We just need to prepare some necessities. As for the clothes, we can just buy them when we get there.”


Jiang Tingxu was going upstairs, so a little guy happily followed her.

He was going abroad, so he wouldn’t see his mother for a long time. It’s better to spend more time with her when he still could.


Since he had already promised his grandmother, he couldn’t go back on his word.

The mother and son returned to their room together. The Mo family’s love for their children was reflected everywhere in the children’s room.

Whether it was the interior design, materials, or decorations, all of them were best suited for their children.

After the little person entered, he hugged Jiang Tingxu’s thigh,

“I’ll miss you very much.”


“I’ll miss you too.”

Did this little fellow have to be so cute?

Jiang Tingxu pulled him into her arms and hugged him,

“Be good. I’ll bring you out for fun when mommy is on vacation.”


However, she didn’t know how long she would have to wait for this vacation.

After packing up some of the necessary things to take away, the mother and son slept in the children’s room.

After a while, Mother Mo came up to take a look. When she saw the mother and son sleeping soundly inside, she closed the door softly and left.

When she reached downstairs, she first went to the kitchen to take a stroll.

Then, she instructed the kitchen auntie,

“TingXu has been working the night shifts during this period of time. It’s too tiring. Let’s make more delicious food.”

“Yes, Madam.”

It was nearly two hours later when Tingxu woke up again. A certain piglet was still sleeping soundly, and Jiang Tingxu had no intention of waking him up.

After getting up, she got out of bed and returned to the room next door. She took a simple shower, changed his clothes, and went downstairs.

Downstairs, the kitchen auntie had already prepared the dishes that were all Jiang Tingxu’s favourites.

Seeing Jiang Tingxu come down,

“Young Madam is awake? This was all ordered by Madam. Let Young Madam eat before going to work.”

Jiang Tingxu could not refuse mother Mo’s good intentions:


After eating, Jiang Tingxu was personally sent to the hospital by Uncle Jin.

A certain piglet finally woke up and realized that his mother was no longer beside him.

He went downstairs with a thud and only then did he realize that his mother had already left.

In the emergency department, Jiang Tingxu stepped into the room. At least, she heard people from several places talking about the incident that had been exposed online this morning.


She calmly walked into the room.

However, although he appeared calm on the surface, only she knew what was going on in her heart.

“Dr. Jiang.”


“Hello, Dr. Jiang.”


When he passed by the nurses’station, he could not help but perk up his ears to eavesdrop.

As expected, a few young nurses were also discussing,

“Who is the Crown Princess? When can she show her face?”

“Don’t think about it. How can we see the Crown Princess?”

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