Don’t Mess with the War Goddess - Chapter 49

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When she saw Mu Chen Yuan again, An Xia was not surprised. After experiencing the incident on the helicopter, she knew they would pay her a visit sooner or later.

But An Xia was surprised that they showed up at the An Family.

She came out of the hospital and no one followed her.

So how did Mu Chen Yuan find her?

Or did they have people spying near the An Family.

An Xia approached him and asked indifferently, “Looking for me? Is there something?”

Since he was standing at the gate of the An Family, it seemed impossible that he came to find the An Family.

“Uh-huh.” Mu Chen Yuan nodded slightly and turned around. “There are some things that I need to find out. Please forgive me if I took the liberty to disturb you.”

Mu Chen Yuan was not very familiar with ordinary chats. Let alone chatting with girls.

What he knew better was interrogation.

For this reason, when leaving, Xia Hou Yu, a Seven Star General, intentionally instructed him, “Miss An’s situation is a little special. You are the only soldier who she had contact with, and you experienced a life-and-death with her where both of you co-operated to arrest Carl. You guys have a different friendship, go find her later, and you must be gentle with her!”

This was because he was afraid that Mu Chen Yuan would treat An Xia as a suspect under interrogation. 

An Xia was not afraid of his interrogation. She didn’t do anything wrong. She nodded and said indifferently, “To make a long story short, I still have other matters to attend to.”

An Yang Yang was still in the hospital. It was better to resolve her quickly. 

A few steps later, An Xia suddenly asked, “Did you arrange someone in the An Family?”

She did not seem like she was asking him. Instead it seemed that she already knew and was just confirming. 

“Personal details did not match the investigation.” Mu Chen Yuan didn’t hide the truth. It was unnecessary to hide the truth. “There needed to be further investigation.”

The An Family was the best place to learn more about An Xia.

But according to the current situation, he was also wrong. 

Judging from her brief conversation with Third Mrs An, the elders of the An Family also didn’t know why An Xia suddenly changed, and they could no longer abuse and manipulate her at will. 

An Xia raised her eyebrows and smiled. “Did you gain anything?”

It seemed like An Xia had a good impression of Mu Chen Yuan. An Xia had lost her usual indifference and put up less barriers to communicate with strangers. Although she was still guarded, at least she was not repelling others a thousand miles away. 

Behind her, a certain plain clothes soldier who had been in the same car with An Xia: “……”

His heart hurts!

That day, he and 2 other soldiers each asked her a question, and they were attacked verbally by her expressionless face to three consecutive defeats. He was prepared to see the captain be attacked verbally till he was speechless. Instead…

It did not happen!

She smiled at the captain!


The captain was also a man and a soldier. Why was he so special?

It was unfair!

He took out his mobile phone and texted the other soldiers, “ The famous scene that you guys were expecting did not happen! Miss An smiled at the captain!”

Ah, he did not want to be distressed alone, he had to drag the others to be distressed together with him. It was only fair!

He soon received a text message reply, an emoticon of a shocked dog and a text message, “Impossible! You must’ve seen wrongly.”

“F***, my eyesight is 1.5! Miss An not only smiled at the captain, but she even walked side by side with the captain.” 

Another fellow soldier responded in seconds, “ I don’t believe the truth without any picture.”

He took a picture with a click. Instead of sending it out, he chose to edit it. On the top right corner of the picture, he edited a square, red bright text stating ‘Two people walking side by side in the snow’. He saved the picture and sent it.

If you really want a picture, I’ll send it to you. But it depends on whether you can bear it.

An animated picture of a blood-red heart smashed into dregs was sent, and the soldier who had been spying near the An Family laughed and prepared to edit the text and send the photo again. However,

F*ck! They had been muted!

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