Devil’s Son-in-Law - Chapter 648

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Chapter 648: Eliza

The result of this contest caught City Lord Kraut and Lord Walli by surprise. They never thought that the 2 candidates on their side would win, but they never thought that Lodan, who had ‘absolute confidence’, would lose miserably. Even if he managed to survive, the rest of his life would be over.

At this moment, Solanton said, “Ms. Eliza, this matter is already very clear that it is completely a vicious framing manipulated by Tenisio. As for the city lord and the sir lord, they are just deceived and exploited.”

Kraut and Walli were not fools. Since Solanton had given them reasons to be excused, they better steer clear from Tenisio at this time. They hurriedly agreed with him, berating Tenisio for deceiving them.

Solanton took the opportunity to advise Eliza on the removal of Tenisio as the Light Knight leader as well as to detain and investigate on the spot.

Tenisio, who prided himself as the Light Knight, screamed with all his might, “No! There is another conspiracy in this matter! Furthermore, Ms. Eliza has no specific position and authority to revoke my position. As the leader of the Light Knight Legion, I request to go to the capital branch to appeal!”

Eliza blinked her big eyes and suddenly remembered something. She took out something which was a bit like a cross, exuding a sacred breath, “By the way, my uncle gave this to me, saying that it can be taken out at important moments to make some decisions on his behalf, I don’t know if it can be used at this time?”

“Holy Wing Heraldry…” Tenisio groaned as his last hope was destroyed. His whole body was softened as if his bones were extracted.

Looking at the cardinal heraldry, Solanton and others looked at Eliza with even more reverence in their eyes. Eliza realized it and put away the heraldry with a smile. She did not look at Tenisio who was taken away or the flattery Solanton, but her gaze was fixed on Chen Rui, “Um… Richard, is your injury okay?”

Seeing Eliza’s casual smile, Chen Rui suddenly had a familiar feeling. Some kind of blackhearted attribute seems to be lurking behind that innocence and cuteness. Whoever treats this young lady as a fool is the real idiot.

Chen Rui panted and replied, “I’m just a little exhausted. Thanks to Sir Paul just now, otherwise I’d already…”

Paul nodded slightly at Chen Rui. Eliza’s big eyes glimmered, “Your beast taming skill is indeed amazing. You can completely tame the young thunderbird, and you made it launch a fatal blow that defeated Lodan at a critical moment. According to our agreement, you are now officially a Reserve Light Knight. I’m your recommender. As long as you pass the 3-year inspection period, you can become a real Light Knight.”

“Thank you, miss!” Chen Rui did a Light Knight courtesy.

“Go and have a good rest. I want to go to the demonic beast trade fair in the afternoon. I happen to lack a guide.”

Chen Rui wanted to say that it was the first time he came to Garden City, but he happened to notice Solanton’s wink, so he immediately nodded knowingly, “Yes.”

Chen Rui was not eligible to participate in the next banquet. Instead, he followed the friar arranged by Solanton to go to the Garden City urgently to familiarize himself with the environment, do his homework in advance in order to prepare for the upcoming ‘guide’ work.

In the afternoon, Chen Rui took Eliza and Joanna to stroll around in the Garden City. He seemed to be a familiar local. Besides the Light Knights’ guards, Paul also followed.

Along the way, Joanna talked to Eliza on her own, ignoring Paul, who was frequently over-courteous. Paul was annoyed, but he played it cool on the surface.

The demonic beast trade fair in Garden City was very lively. There were many varieties of demonic beasts; many of which were untamed, and the prices varied. Chen Rui broadened his horizons as he saw the various demonic beasts of the human world. The 1 that impressed him the most was the griffon. It was fierce and powerful with the body and claws of a lion, the head and wings of an eagle, and it could fly in the air. Humans had mastered the secret technique of taming the griffon, making it the strongest aerial mount.

There were not a lot of griffons in the demonic beast trade fair; most of them were ordinary beasts. 1 of them had reached C-level strength which was equivalent to the Demon King level. Chen Rui estimated that the strength of the griffon was probably above the wyvern of the Demon Realm. Although there was no poison attribute, it was agile and fierce.

In contrast, thunderbirds were rarer. If the griffon was more like a beast, then thunderbird was an out-and-out bird, possessing the [Thunder] talent. It was fiercer than a griffon, second only to the giant dragon in the sky.

The thunderbird’s temperament was so stubborn and hard to be tamed. Many people showed surprised expressions when they saw the young thunderbird on Chen Rui’s shoulder; some even approached him to ask for the price.

The thunderbird generally lived in a more special environment. Solanton once said that the young thunderbird was obtained from the Storm Island in the southern sea area of the Yang Shao Empire.

Storm Island was 1 of the most famous dangerous places in the human world. Just the berserk hurricane that surrounded the island all year round made people stop by. The Storm Island contained countless dangers and many powerful existences. Compared with 1 of the ultimate creatures, the thunderbirds and the like could only be regarded as normal beasts. The name of this creature was Titan.

Titan was a kind of giant creature, also known as Giant Titan, with infinite power. It could directly use its power to compete with powerful giant dragons. In addition to powerful close combat power, Giant Titan also had powerful long-range magic attacks. They were born with [Thunder] talent. There were also a small number of talented ones that could control frost and storms. Giant Titan’s will was extremely firm and would not be affected by any mental debuff magic such as [Flashing], [Paralyze], [Terror] and so on.

Legend has it that there were countless treasures and wealth as well as another mysterious and powerful creature on Storm Island. There were different opinions. For countless years, there had been countless explorers to Storm Island, but only a few survived. Even some Saint powerhouses never returned.

Leaving aside the legend, there were some special resources near Storm Island. The young thunderbird was accidentally caught by a mercenary team when they ventured to pick a rare thunderweed on the outer edge of the Storm Island. It then was sold at a high price to Solanton at Garden City.

“Richard, your thunderbird doesn’t seem to have a restraint seal?” Eliza asked in surprise.

Chen Rui immediately corrected, “Ms. Eliza, this is not my thunderbird. This is a gift from Sir Solanton to miss.”

“It’s yours now.” Eliza smiled cutely, “My beast taming skill is actually very amateur, but as an enthusiast, I can feel that even if this thunderbird is by my side, you are still its real master. So I’ll give it to you. In fact, compared with thunderbird, I am more interested in you…”


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This sentence was easy to be misunderstood, but Eliza quickly went on to say, “I heard Pastor Mana said that you are a child of a major family. Your purpose of venturing out here was to train for the right of inheritance, but you seem to have the soul language of elf and the secret technique of controlling the beast. I am very curious. Who… are you really?”

Chen Rui was secretly wary. He had a wry smile on the surface, “Everyone has their own secrets. What I can confess to Miss is that the soul language was obtained by an accidental encounter. This is actually the reason for my best beast taming skill. If it weren’t for the power of this kind of spiritual communication, it would be impossible to control the thunderbird with my beast taming skill with my strength, even if it’s just a young bird.”

“It turns out to be like this.” Eliza nodded, “But your beast taming skill is very special. Some details are particularly worth learning and referencing. In short, Pastor Solanton’s vision is no doubt good. You’re a Reserve Light Knight full of potential. If you want, I can recommend you to the Light Knight branch of the Yang Shao Capital to learn from Sir Rumman, the Light Knight Captain. If you have an outstanding performance, you can become a formal Light Knight in less than 3 years. With your potential and expertise, you will definitely become the backbone knight of the Yang Shao branch and may have the opportunity to enter the White Cliff in the future.”

In the future? Unfortunately, I want to go in now… Chen Rui faintly heard Eliza’s intention to recruit talents for the faction. He strongly felt that this girl should not be underestimated. He showed a contemplative expression on the surface, but he finally shook his head, “Thank you for your kindness, miss. But my ambition is not to become a life-long clergy, I just want to become a follower of the Divinity Temple Knight, and then take back what belongs to me with my own hands.”

“Oh, I see.” Eliza showed a regretful expression, then she regained her cheerfulness, “It’s okay, but you have let me down. Knight Richard, I’ll punish you… to tell me the story about how you got the soul language!”

Chen Rui was about to speak when Joanna pulled Eliza, “Eliza, we’re almost done here. Let’s go to the busiest neighborhood. Don’t you still want to buy that?”

Eliza was stunned. When she looked at Joanna’s wink, she realized it and said, “It turns out to be that thing… Well, Richard, now you take us to the busiest commercial district! Uh… Sir Paul, and Uncle Wesley, you guys go back and rest first.”

Paul frowned and looked at Joanna, “What do you want to buy? Maybe I will go with you all. There are so many people in Garden City. How can there be no protection?”

“We are going to buy women’s personal products. Do you have to come along?” Joanna said coldly.

Eliza also gave Paul a weird look. Paul suddenly couldn’t stand it anymore, so he had to ask Chen Rui to pay attention to safety and other matters, then he turned away angrily with Knight Guard Wesley and others.

After Paul and others left, Eliza and Joanna showed knowing smiles at the same time. This was the first time Joanna showed a smile. Her gentle smile is very moving. No wonder Student Samuel is willing to go to train at the Demon Realm for her.

As Chen Rui thought of what Samuel had said before, he had a thought and deliberately said, “Ladies, the largest commercial district in Garden City is in the east of the city. We should go this way.”

“Richard, I warn you now that you can’t tell anyone what you see or hear later!” Eliza suddenly changed into a fierce expression, “Otherwise, I will not only deprive you of your Reserve Light Knight qualification, but I will also put you in the Tribunal of the church!”

“Understood!” Chen Rui nodded quickly, and he added, “I swear by Light God!”

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