Deity Hero: Me! Gaining Disciples Makes Me Stronger! - Chapter 188

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“Xuan Shi is like this. He follows his heart in his lessons, and it’s all up to fate. Even the principal won’t care about him. There’s nothing much we can do here.”


Hearing those words, she pondered silently. She had never seen a teacher so casual before, but how could the principal not care about that at all!


Just what kind of secret was there in Xuan Yi’s Pill Dao Lesson? She must find it out.


She had always been stubborn. Since she had decided on something, she would do it persistently.


However, Xuan Yi did not return to the Small World at all. After she returned, it was as if she had forgotten about it. She rarely went to the Grass Spirit Hall. The four of them were almost filled with resentment.


This week, the four of them had come together. Initially, they did not have much hope, so when they passed by the Grass Spirit Hall, they only glanced at it casually.


It was at that moment that the four of them were shocked!


There were actually two people in the Grass Spirit Hall!


There were actually students in the class!


One of them was a beautiful girl dressed in a red robe. No one had seen her before, so it was likely that she was a new student specially recruited by some teacher.


As for the other one, she was dressed in white and was extraordinarily handsome. Clearly, she was the teacher Xuan Yi that the four of them had been waiting for so long!


The four of them hurriedly went in and found their own seats to sit down. They flipped open their notes and acted as if they were listening to the lecture seriously.


She was naturally Cai Ling’er.


What she was puzzled about was that there were only a few people in Xuan Yi’s public lecture?


Were the people from the Alchemy Palace blind?


Only four people actually came to listen to the lecture. One of the female students had a face full of disbelief.


Shaking her head, Cai Ling’er looked at Xuan Yi, who had a faint smile on his face and sighed in her heart.


If no one came to attend the lecture, they would definitely regret it a few years later!


Those who were able to attend mystic one’s lecture should be the fates of the entire Dao of Alchemy Palace. The fates were already placed in front of them. If they were unable to grasp it, who was to blame?


Cai Ling’er had long been prepared. She had seen Xuan Yi’s pill refinement before, so she quickly entered a state of mind. The other three were also well aware of the difference between mystic one and the other. Without hesitation, they immersed themselves in the lecture, leaving only the woman behind.


She fell into a state of shock.


Xuan Yi’s knowledge of pill refinement was indeed marvelous. It was different from the mainstream pill refinement techniques. The strange thing was that it was actually simple and easy to understand. It was as if he had reduced complexity to simplicity, allowing people to easily understand his meaning.


However, these pill refinement techniques had never been used by anyone before!


Could it really work?


After the class ended, Xuan Yi brought the satisfied Cai Ling’er away. The other three were still thinking about the wonderful concepts ;earnt on the lesson.


The remaining girl left with a face full of questions. She frowned and went back.


Her notes recorded a lot of unheard-of knowledge about the Dao of alchemy.


Three days later, the people of the Dao of Alchemy Palace were surprised to find that after a few weeks of silence, the level of the three people who had improved in a straight line in the Dao of Alchemy had actually increased again!


In addition, there was also a woman who had recently been mixed up with the three of them, and her Dao of Alchemy had also improved significantly.


The Pill Dao residence was in an uproar!


Another week later, Xuan Yi brought Cai Ling’er to the Grass Spirit Hall again. This time, other than the four of them, there were also many students who were interested in exploring the matter. When they saw Xuan Yi standing in the teacher’s position, their faces were filled with shock!


Initially, these people wanted to follow the four of them and explore the secrets of the pill.


They hadn’t attended the lecture of a young teacher.


There was still a public lecture by Ren Shi Today!


Immediately, a few people left, but there were even some whose eyes flickered as they gritted their teeth and chose to stay.


The lecture ended very quickly, and everyone left with different expressions.


Three days later, news began to spread. Their alchemy skills had all improved considerably.


The Dao of Alchemy Manor was shocked. With such first-rate alchemy skills, everyone’s alchemy skills would definitely improve.


This week, the Grass Spirit Hall was crowded with people, and the threshold was almost broken. Xuan Yi smiled faintly and went to class as usual. Everyone listened in rapture, wishing that time would pass a little slower.


A week passed very quickly. Everyone tasted the sweetness and went straight to the grass spirit hall. However, after waiting for a long time, Xuan Yi still didn’t appear.


After asking around, everyone found out that Xuan Shi had already brought his disciple out to travel.


Some of the students who heard the news and especially rushed back from the outside world immediately beat their chests and stomped their feet while lamenting endlessly.


There was once a great opportunity placed in front of them, but they did not cherish it. If the heavens gave them another chance, they would definitely grasp it tightly.


Xuan Yi brought his six disciples out to travel, completely unconcerned about the great commotion of the Dao of Alchemy Palace.


What he valued most at the moment was the freshmen tournament and the tournament of the Five Great Academies of the South Continent after the new year.


As for practicing martial arts, one could not achieve much by cultivating behind closed doors. If one wanted to make a difference, one would have to travel from place to place in order to hone one’s Invincible Dao Heart.


Xuan Yi had high hopes for them.


Starting from his travels, Xuan Yi was destined to stir up trouble in the south continent.


Xuan Yi brought one of the remaining disciples of the Middle Saint Academy and traveled around the southern region. He had even set foot in the top few regions.


Everything happened within half a year, during which everyone interacted with Xuan Yi Day and night, and they had gained a lot.


Half a year ago, only Jian Chen had comprehended sword intent.


Half a year later, all six of them had sword intent in their bodies, and released terrifying power.


Jian Chen had even taken a step forward in the process, reaching the peak of the first level of sword intent.


After this period of martial arts study, even the mischievous Yu Linglong had been subdued by the evildoers and valiant ones who had selected her. Everyone did not dare to disobey Xuan Yi’s orders.


If it was in the past, or even the other teachers of the Middle Saint Academy, would they be able to achieve so much in just a short period of time?


It was impossible!


Even the Saint Yu Clan, the overlord of the domain clan, and the strength of the sage couldn’t do it.


Xuan Yi smiled in satisfaction.


His cultivation was currently at the intermediate stage of the cult master realm. He possessed two domains and was at the peak of the fourth level of sword intent. In terms of combat strength, he was already comparable to the sage.


With such powerful strength and such profound sword Dao cultivation, there was almost no one in the entire south continent who could match up to him.


Having comprehended sword Dao to his realm, using half a year’s time to teach his disciples to comprehend sword intent might be as difficult as ascending to the heavens for others.


However, for Xuan Yi, this was a normal operation.


Xuan Yi brought them to train. He first started from the large domains that were beyond the top 100 and allowed them to enter. After a period of time, he would bring them back and hand them over to 10 points. Then, he would switch them to the large domains that were at the top of the rankings.


Unless it was a serious threat to their lives, Xuan Yi would not make a move.


With Xuan Yi’s strength that could fight against the sage, he could sweep through the great regions that were beyond the top twenty.


If he really made a move, it would be earth-shattering. The entire force would be certainly be wiped out!

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