Deity Hero: Me! Gaining Disciples Makes Me Stronger! - Chapter 187

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Chapter 187: Cai Ling’er’s Apprenticeship

During this period of time, Cai Ling’er had been studying diligently. Her martial path was improving, and her alchemy path was also improving.

She remained a grade four alchemist.

She went to ask the President of the Alchemist Association, but he only told her to relax for a while and be careful not to go crazy.

With Xuan Yi leading far ahead, how could Cai Ling’er relax? After refining, she walked out of the pill tower. Her small face was tense, and her expression were solemn.

After Xuan Yi destroyed the two major forces and helped the Xuan Family Stand Up, he left the Heaven region. It was said that he went to the holy region.

Cai Ling’er had an opinion. The President of the Alchemist Association was on good terms with the Cai Family. Cai Ling’er had learned alchemy from him, so she naturally knew. If nothing unexpected happened, Xuan Yi should be a cult master now.

Other people thought that Xuan Yi was young, so they subconsciously looked down on him.

But Cai Ling’er, who knew how powerful Xuan Yi was, did not behave that way.

She understood how strong Xuan Yi was, and how terrifying his alchemy was. He had left the president of the Heaven Region’s alchemy association behind by a large margin, and even had his own unique alchemy skills.

These skills were different from the mainstream alchemy techniques.

But if she learned them, be it the success rate of the pills or the utilization rate of the spirit materials, they would all have a huge increase.

Cai Ling’er’s eyes rolled as a thought arose in her mind.

If only she could learn pill refinement from Xuan Yi, that would be great.

“My good sister, just agree with that.”

In the Cai Family’s backyard, Cai Lianyi had a helpless expression on her face. Being hugged by Sister Zijia and looked at with that pitiful expression, she felt angry and amused.

Back then, when she could not compete with Xuan Yi in pill refinement and was crushed by Xuan Yi in martial arts, she ran back to complain.

After a short while, she begged to look for Xuan Yi, saying that she wanted to look for Xuan Yi to acknowledge him as her master.

How could the Cai Family allow her to go over?

“Nothing will happen. Xuan Yi is so strong, so powerful. Even the cult master is no match for him.”

Cai Ling’er shook her head slightly. Xuan Yi was fighting at the cult master realm. Above the cult master realm, there were saints. Xuan Yi naturally wasn’t afraid of having a master. However, if Cai Ling’er went to the holy region rashly, no one would even know if she died.

“Forget it, don’t argue. I’ll write a letter to ask Xuan Yi. If he agrees, you can go.”

In response, Cai Ling’er’s eyes lit up, and she immediately jumped up.

Cai Lianyi shook her head and laughed.

If Xuan Yi had agreed in advance, then Ling’er would have gone to the Holy Region. With Xuan Yi’s protective personality, she probably wouldn’t have been in any danger.

After Shu Xin finished writing, he used a special secret technique and sent it to the refined Saint Academy.

Xuan Yi pulled Shu Xin along with him as he tore through the air, and a strange expression appeared on his face.

Back then, when he was refining pills for the first time, this lass was unwilling to accept it and even wanted to bet with him. In the blink of an eye, she actually wanted to acknowledge him as her teacher?

Xuan Yi pondered for quite a moment.

His relationship with the Cai Family had actually been pretty good all along.

Even when Cai Ling’er was defeated back then, and her sister Cai Lianyi came looking for him, it was just a proper sparring session. In fact, the two of them didn’t even get to know each other without fighting, and their relationship could be considered pretty good.

When they reached the mystic realm, the Cai Family insisted on protecting Xuan Yi.

The head of the Cai Family even crossed thousands of miles and personally went out to fight against the two big families. He stated that he would take Xuan Yi away and they would leave.

Although Xuan Yi didn’t really need him, he was somewhat touched by the actions of the Cai Family.

Therefore, after the Xuan Family occupied the two territories, the Xuan Family and the Cai Family formed an alliance, and they were on good terms for generations.

And Cai Lianyi was able to write such a letter. Presumably, she was also troubled by that lass.

Since that was the case, she could only agree.

Xuan Yi felt that he could not teach Cai Ling’er with his cultivation at the level four and the strength of a Grade 5 pill.

Thus, Xuan Yi nodded and made a recovery on the letter. With a slight wave of his hand, the secret technique was automatically activated. The letter tore through the air and fled to the heavenly domain.

Three days later, Cai Ling’er’s face was filled with curiosity. Happily, she came to the middle Saint Academy and asked for Xuan Yi by name.

Xuan Yi picked up the girl and brought her towards the direction of the martial arts mansion.

Cai Ling’er was somewhat stunned.

According to the information he got from the Alchemy Guild leader, Xuan Yi was clearly recommended by the guild leader to come to the Middle Saint Academy and become an alchemy teacher.

She had heard from the president that the refined Saint Academy was divided into two academies.

The Martial Dao Palace and the Alchemy Dao Palace.

Xuan Yi should be in the Alchemy Dao Palace, but the direction he was heading in now was all the hallmarks of the Martial Dao Palace.


“What is it?”

Xuan Yi smiled and glanced at her, guessing her thoughts.

“I’m a tutor of the Alchemy Dao Palace, but who said I can’t be a tutor of the Martial Dao Palace?”

One of the top five academies in the south continent, the middle Saint Academy, could also be a teacher.

After this, Cai Ling’er’s eyes lit up.

“I want to be a teacher of the martial arts palace!”

She knew that Xuan Yi’s martial arts attainments were even stronger. Now that Xuan Yi was a teacher of both manors, she might as well be a teacher of the martial arts palace.

This way, not only could she completely cure Xuan Yi of his martial arts, but she could also follow Xuan Yi at all times and drain his alchemy path.

Xuan Yi smilingly shook his head. He stretched out his hand and helped Cai Ling’er, who was kneeling on the ground, up.

“Alright, I’ll allow you to acknowledge me as your master. From today onwards, you’ll be my sixth disciple in the martial arts mansion.”

Cai Ling’er could not contain her joy. She was learning martial arts and alchemy at the same time with a monster like Xuan Yi.

Was she going to become the second Xuan Yi?

She, Cai Ling’er, was finally going to take off!

As a teacher, she specially recruited Cai Ling’er into the martial arts school.

The last time she entered the Small World, there should have been another public lecture a week later. However, Xuan Yi felt that not many people were listening, so he simply entered the Small World. After coming out, that public lecture had long passed, so Xuan Yi did not pay much attention to it.

He did not know at all how many people had missed because of him.

Along with them was that woman’s good friend. She had originally known that Xuan Yi was actually that mysterious great opportunity, and her heart was shaken.

According to her understanding, this Xuan Yi had never heard of him before in the Alchemy Palace. He must be a new teacher.

At the same time, Xuan Yi also came to the Martial Dao Palace. Moreover, among the many teachers, the number of students following him was the smallest. It was claimed that he was incomparably young, almost as old as the students.

At such an age, anyone’s reaction would be that this Xuan Yi must have used a backdoor to get in.

However, the improvement in the alchemy skills of the three of them was real.

She had already guessed the identity of the two instructors of the Middle Saint Academy.

Being able to serve in the middle Saint Academy was already enough to make people proud.

No one who used a backdoor could receive such an honor.

She was certain that Xuan Yi definitely had real talent!

Three days after she received the news, she rushed in on time. In the end, just like the other three, she looked at each other in dismay.

She was a little surprised.

However, the three of them already had experience. One of the boys waved his hand and asked her to return.

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