Dating My Scumbag Ex's Uncle - Chapter 94

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Chapter 94: Privacy

I was not surprised that Jing Tian was the last because he was the youngest of the 7 brothers. As for why he didn’t take over the Jing Family’s legitimate business and chose to join the underworld, I didn’t ask for details either. I was sure he would tell me in time.

“But what about my mother?” That was the issue I was most interested in.

My little uncle wiped his hands with napkin. “Our family has deep roots in the underworld. So your mother received a lot of attention since she was young. When she was 15, she already had many suitors and Shi Li was one of them. He was also the most determined of the suitors. Our two families were closest in terms of status.”

I was stunned.

“Yes, even the underworld cares about family status and background. Almost everyone assume Shi Li and your mother will end up together but your mother got to know your father instead.” My little uncle shook his head.

I was about to shake my head too when something didn’t sit right with me. “Little uncle, that Shi Feng looks at least 10 years older than me. If his father is determined to marry my mother, where did Shi Feng come from? Did Shi Li get some other girl pregnant, Shi Feng is an illegitimate child?”

I thought my little uncle was definitely spinning yarn for me but to my surprise, he nodded, “Yes, he’s an illegitimate son!” I almost choked and widened my eyes at him.

My little uncle nodded seriously. “Shi Feng is an illegitimate child. When Shi Li pursued your mother, he was in his 20s and your mother was only in her teens. Even though he was determined to marry your mother, it didn’t mean he could be a monk while he wait for her. Men are creatures of desire, you’ll understand when you get older. We have needs too.” Then realizing this wasn’t a good topic to discuss with me, my little uncle quickly changed the subject, “In short, Shi Feng is Shi Li’s illegitimate child. It was not until you were born that he was brought home by Shi Li. Shi Feng’s mother also naturally became Mrs. Shi but she died after a few years. Some said she couldn’t weather the pressure of her position. Shi Li never remarried. Even though women paraded around him, he never had another illegitimate child. So this Shi Feng is definitely going to inherit the Shi Family.”

Then my little uncle glanced at Jing Tian in warning. Jing Feng calmly took a sip of the soup, not taking it to heart at all.

I bit on a small meatball and nodded. “He doesn’t even have the ability to keep his hands clean. Naturally my mother would not marry him. Little uncle, you mustn’t follow his example!”

My little uncle snorted and ignored me. He glared at Jing Tian instead. Unlike my little uncle, I knew Jing Tian would not disappoint me!

“Little uncle, do we have other relatives?” I asked curiously.

My little uncle sighed, “You do have a cousin who was 5 years older than you, his name is Tong Zhou. He was killed with your eldest uncle. If Little Zhou is still around, perhaps he’d be married already.”

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“But isn’t my eldest uncle only missing?” I asked carefully.

“If he’s still alive, why hasn’t he reached out to me? So many years have passed. There’s only 1 possibility.” My little uncle sighed sadly. “Nanxing, you are the Tong Family’s only child so you have to bear the legacy. Study hard and get into M University. Make your parents and the Tong Family proud!” My little uncle tapped me heavily on my shoulders.

The pain caused me to grimace. “Little uncle, that’s where you’re wrong! Little uncle, when you get married, I’ll have many more younger brothers and sisters!”

My little uncle yelled, “Stop planning my future for me! Plus, this responsibility is yours, stop running away from it!”

“I think I get it now. Little uncle, you don’t me to get into a relationship early because you’re worried that I will abandon you? Then you’ll have to shoulder the responsibility of the entire Tong Family yourself.” I gasped.

My little uncle rubbed his nose. “Am I such an irresponsible person?”

“Yes!” It was Jing Tian who answered.

I laughed.

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