Cultivation! My Augmented Statuses Have Unlimited Duration - Chapter 165

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Chapter 165: Wish List?

“Elder He, this isn’t a place for fighting. Please be magnanimous.”

The conflict between Elder He and Pavilion Master Sun made many people shudder in fear.

Which Nascent Soul cultivators did not value their reputation?

Now that Elder He’s disciple had been attacked, there were already quite a few times when he wanted to kill the other party. However, Pavilion Master Sun stood in front of him and was suppressed several times in front of everyone. It could be said that he had been greatly embarrassed and was badly offended.

With the conflict between these two, even if they directly fought on the spot, no one would be surprised.

However, the conflict of two Nascent Souls was not so simple. If they really fought, everyone present would inevitably be affected.

Previously, in the battle between several Golden Core cultivators in Cloud Stream City, they had directly razed a city to the ground.

Nascent Soul was far stronger than Golden Core. That destructive power could even be called a natural disaster.

If a Nascent Soul cultivator attacked with their full strength, the Medicine Garden Mystic Realm might suffer great losses.

This mystic realm was related to the benefits of the entire cultivation world of the Great Mountain Region. Perhaps it was a huge opportunity that could raise the entire Great Mountain Region to a higher level.

Therefore, they could fight anywhere but here. When the matter was about to blow up, someone still came out to speak.

It was an elder who held authority in the Hundred Tempering Mountain. They valued this mystic realm and had large transactions with the Immortal Ascension Pavilion all year round. Both parties had a good relationship, so they came out to ease the atmosphere.

With this interruption, the Immortal Ascension Pavilion’s Pavilion Master seized the opportunity and used some unknown method to escape from Elder He’s palm, appearing beside Huangfu Tai and the others.

“Young Master Chu, can you release Elder Jin first?”

The Hundred Tempering Mountain Elder asked Chu Yunxuan. For a Golden Core cultivator to be suppressed here like this was too ugly.

As the successor to the Valley Master, Chu Yunxuan had to consider more things when faced with problems. No matter when, he could not act excessively. He thought for a moment before speaking.

“I can release her, but you must give our Scripture Storage Valley an explanation for what happened today. Otherwise, my seal will land on the entrance of the Immortal Ascension Pavilion!”

His words were undoubtedly very unyielding.

This was the attitude that all four great sects, including the Scripture Storage Valley, had towards the outside. They could not be provoked, so they had to tell others from all aspects that they were the boss of the region.

However, Pavilion Master Sun, who was opposite him, felt uncomfortable when he heard this. It was one thing to be suppressed by Elder He in front of the higher-ups of the other sects.

But now, he was being threatened by a person of the younger generation. This caused him to feel extremely displeased.

However, the situation was not in his favor. The other party was a top sect in the Great Mountain Region. Unless the headquarters sent out a large number of cultivators, how could he, a mere branch, be their match?

If the headquarters took action, it would be an invasion by external forces. The nature of the situation would change.

How could the other sects in the cultivation world of the Great Mountain Region sit idle?

There was no choice but to endure it!

“Hmph! Of course.” Chu Yunxuan nodded and put away the seal after hearing his answer.

“Jiang Li, tell me what happened.” Elder He held back his anger and walked to Jiang Li’s side.

In such a situation where both sides were confronting each other, naturally, whoever spoke first would have the advantage. At the critical moment, they could even control the rhythm, so he naturally could not let the other party have the opportunity to speak first.

Of course, Jiang Li could let the other party slander him first, then use evidence and words to turn the tables and slap their faces. It would look more satisfying and more righteous.

However, they were the ones with the advantage now. Was it not comfortable to bully others? Why did he have to mistreat himself?

Thus, he started from the encounter at the Misty Mountain Range and exaggerated everything.

Actually, this was not a big issue.

Everyone was a competitor in the competition. Huangfu Tai made the first move, and Jiang Li retaliated. There was only the difference between winning and losing, and there was no right or wrong.

The problem was that after leaving the competition venue, even if the Immortal Ascension Pavilion wanted to retrieve the artifacts, they should have used the sect’s channels to negotiate the price and not directly pull a Core Formation realm cultivator over to threaten him. This method was a big taboo.

Taking a step back, if they had succeeded and took the artifacts back, they could bring Jiang Li back to his sect and apologize to them.

Looking at it this way, after solving the problem of the younger generation, they did not injure anyone during the process and even came to apologize after the incident.

Ordinary people could not find much fault with it.

However, this Core Formation elder was not capable enough to catch him. While he was still chasing after Jiang Li, he was hit by a group of cultivators who rushed over to help.

The key was that their backing was not as strong as the other party. If they could still explain it clearly, it would be strange.

Under Jiang Li’s words, the matter did not become too outrageous.

He did not want his sect to start a war with the Immortal Ascension Pavilion. That would not be beneficial to him.

Jiang Li only said that after the other party tricked him into coming here, they wanted to kill him because they could not take back the artifacts. In the current situation, there was no one to deny what he was saying.

His words were reasonable and convincing.

If they did not have killing intent, why would Jiang Li be willing to pay a huge price at such a critical moment during the competition period and burn his blood essence to escape?

Then, it was the victim’s defense. At this time, the acting skills and talking skills of the people from the Immortal Ascension Pavilion could be of use.

If the four of them cooperated seamlessly, they might really be able to turn the tables and cook up a great story.

But now, the four victims were also Jiang Li’s own puppets.

This caused their defense to be extremely weak. When Pavilion Master Sun heard what they said, his expression darkened.

He did not know that his subordinate was actually so stupid to not even know how to lie.

The result of a face-to-face confrontation was that Jiang Li stood on the high ground of justice and received the support of most of the other sects.

Of course, the reason why the other sects were so supportive was because the few leaders from Shu Mountain spoke up for Jiang Li.

It was very normal for two top sects to stand together and cause a lopsided situation.

“Pavilion Master Sun, looks like the truth is already clear. You can’t take these people away. However, we can make the decision to return their corpses to you.”

Elder He sneered and immediately wanted to kill again. His attitude was very obvious. If his disciple suffered a loss, others would not have a good time either.

The cultivators from the other sects did not say anything else. Instead, they felt that the Immortal Ascension Pavilion deserved it.

The Immortal Ascension Pavilion had just exposed a serious problem. They had gone to the headquarters outside the Great Mountain Region to seek external help. This was akin to stirring up everyone’s displeasure.

This matter had not even been resolved, and now this situation had developed to the point where their foreign aid tried to kill a local genius. Whether or not it was instigated by someone, this was a very vile act.

“Elder He, wait a moment. Although they are in the wrong, their crimes do not warrant death.”

“How about this? Brother Jiang Li, if you have anything you need, feel free to tell me. My Immortal Ascension Pavilion will definitely satisfy you as compensation. Please forgive their recklessness.”

“If you like those artifacts, you can keep them. If you don’t need them, we will redeem them at a high price.”

Pavilion Master Sun stopped Elder He again, and then he forced a smile on his face before turning around and starting to convince Jiang Li.

It had to be said that Pavilion Master Sun’s move was very clever.

Jiang Li was the victim of this matter. He could not deal with Elder He, so it was the same outcome if Jiang Li willingly forgave him.

How big of an appetite could a Qi Refinement realm cultivator have? Jiang Li had probably never seen such valuable artifacts in his life.

Even if he allowed Jiang Li to speak freely, it was nothing to the wealthy Immortal Ascension Pavilion.

Elder He looked at Jiang Li. He trusted this disciple of his who was rather opinionated. After all, the victim was Jiang Li, and Elder He was willing to accept his decision.

Jiang Li pretended to think for a moment, and then he nodded and indicated that he was willing to accept the compensation in exchange for appeasement.

In fact, this development was a pleasant surprise to him.

Normally, the sects would negotiate with each other. If there was compensation, they would directly give it to the sect. How could there be any involvement of the disciple?

However, Jiang Li was Elder He’s disciple and was very valued, which was why he had such an opportunity.

“Pavilion Master Sun, since you said that, I will not dare to disagree.” Jiang Li smiled and cupped his hands politely.

“Alright, what do you want?”

Hall Master Sun was overjoyed and wanted to quickly settle the matter.

“Since Pavilion Master Sun is so polite, it would be too untactful for me to refuse.”

“However, I can’t think of anything in this short period of time. How about this? In four hours, I’ll make a list. Pavilion Master can send someone to come take it.”

“The sun is shining brightly here. It’s not good for our skin to be exposed to the sun for too long. Thank you for your help, Seniors. This junior is extremely grateful.”

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“Master, Senior Brother, let’s go back.”

Jiang Li threw out the Dragon Imprisoning Lock and tied up the four of them. Then, he thanked all the seniors present and stood behind Elder He.

Together with Elder He and Chu Yunxuan, they flew back to the encampment.

Four hours! A list?!

Pavilion Master Sun’s expression instantly darkened. How could this junior be so shameless? Couldn’t he be a little more polite?

The attack this time was not out of Jiang Li’s control. It was still in line with his interests.

On the way back.

“You were really too careless this time. Why didn’t you come find us after your seclusion? You ran around by yourself.”

“How long have you been cultivating? If you want to go out alone next time, you should at least wait until you reach the Foundation Establishment realm.”

“Junior Brother Jiang, recuperate well in the next few days. Don’t be too pressured about the competition. Just work hard and don’t force yourself.”

When Jiang Li and the others returned, Elder He and Chu Yunxuan instructed him to be more careful in the future, to be more wary of this dangerous world, and so on.

There was also the matter of the competition. Their emotions were filled with worry and pity, but they constantly consoled Jiang Li.

Regarding this, Jiang Li could only silently accept their concern, and then he said, “Alright, alright, I understand, I understand.”

After all, to ordinary cultivators who relied on the Beast Blood Diagram, the difference in whether or not they had beast blood tattoos was too great.

He had lost a large amount of blood essence as well. Furthermore, it was uncertain if he could recover his blood essence in the next few days.

Under such circumstances, a 20% reduction in his battle strength was the best situation. The originally certain victory in the Qi Refinement realm arena was now filled with worries.

Jiang Li could only smile and reassure them, saying that his Qi Refinement cultivation was also very strong.

He could not tell others that not only was he not weak, he could even fight a Core Formation cultivator now.

This kind of thing was too shocking. He had to slowly display his strength.

When they returned to the sect, Jiang Li’s four unlucky ‘good friends’ were locked up by the sect disciples.

When those senior brothers heard about this, they even planned to teach them a lesson.

However, they were stopped by Jiang Li who acted quite benevolently. It was fine as long as they were placed under house arrest and not treated too badly.

What a joke! These few brothers of his had only been with him for less than two hours and they had already been met with life and death crises. If they were to be punished personally, that would be terrible.

Subsequently, Jiang Li pulled a group of senior brothers and sisters who were close to him to discuss the wish list that he had to give the Immortal Ascension Pavilion.

If there was anything they wanted, there was no need to stand on ceremony with them.

There was also Senior Sister Little Four and Yan Hong, who had not come to the competition venue. He specially called them with the communication spirit stone. After a round of discussion, they directly produce a huge list written on both sides of the paper.

There were all kinds of things that Jiang Li had never heard of.

Senior Sister Little Four wanted all kinds of precious spiritual herbs and spiritual materials. This extremely talented newbie alchemist had too many pills that she wanted to try making but could not.

After that, he prepared all sorts of small gifts for Shenshan Qiuhua. Jiang Li directly prepared the gifts needed for the hundredth time they met.

Yan Hong was even more daring. He requested to fill up their store’s shelves and let their store escape the situation of being run by debt.

There was also Senior Sister Qi Yu’s Four Deity Soup and Rootless Rain.

Shen Ruoshi wanted the Floating Soil and Waterless Dust.

Ma Donggui wanted the Black Lightning Rock…

After they finished saying what they wanted, Jiang Li secretly sneered. Now that there was a big boss paying the bill, they were still too polite.

Then, Jiang Li started to write crazily.

First, there were all kinds of medicine to replenish his blood essence, then there were all kinds of spirit pills to gain more statuses.

Next were all the spiritual plant seeds that Jiang Li knew the name of, as well as some special materials needed to grow the Spiritual Root, Nine Nether Wood. There were also various items that could be used to fill a market but did not have any obvious characteristics. This was the preparation for the ghost market.

In the end, he also requested to go to the Immortal Ascension Pavilion’s treasure vault and choose a few items to take away.

Due to the influence of some books and works in his previous life, Jiang Li had a trace of anticipation towards the treasure vault, library, ancestral hall, junk pile, and even the junkyard and cliffs.

Although he had been to many places like the Scripture Storage Pavilion, the outer sect trading area, and the ghost market, he had not really found anything heaven-defying that could change his fate.

However, no matter how poor the treasure vault of the Immortal Ascension Pavilion was, it should not disappoint them.

Jiang Li happened to know the cultivator from the Immortal Ascension Pavilion who came to collect the list. It was the plump deacon, Fu Zhong.

Perhaps they had found out that Fu Zhong was the guide when Jiang Li first started his cultivation journey, and they hoped that Jiang Li could be a little gentler on account of their relationship.

In the end, when Fu Zhong saw the list, his narrowed eyes widened like balloons.

When Jiang Li told him that there was still the other side of this piece of paper, Fu Zhong almost had a heart attack and could not walk out of the Scripture Storage Valley’s encampment.

Speaking of which, this was the ransom of a Core Formation cultivator, two Foundation Establishment cultivators, one Qi Refinement cultivator with a deep background. There were also several Profound-rank artifacts included in this transaction.

In that case, the conditions Jiang Li offered could not be considered to be excessive at all.

Jiang Li pondered over those artifacts. Apart from the storage bag, he planned to return them all to Huangfu Tai.

These things were no longer of much use to him. It was better to give them to Huangfu Tai. Perhaps they could be of use and he could exchange them for more items.

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