Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 2970

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“I’ve used two strands of Profound Sword Qi. Only half of the power of my soul remains.” Jian Chen searched through his Space Ring before fishing out a few pills that helped the soul recover and eating them all. He made his way back to the Burial Moon Cavern under the identity of the sixth elder.

The many disciples of the Moon God Hall had no idea that the three great elders who watched over the place had already been silently killed off.

In the depths of the Burial Moon Cavern, Yun Wufeng stared at the ceiling numbly. Everything he had been through during the past few years and everything the Moon God Hall had experienced flowed through his head, together with all the torture and pain he had experienced while locked up here. He experienced a multitude of emotions.

At this moment, a series of footsteps rang out without any attempt to hide them, which seemed ear-splitting in the silent Burial Moon Cavern.

Yun Wufeng drooped his head subconsciously and immediately spotted Jian Chen striding over. His old eyes flared up with light once again.

“You’ve done it?” Yun Wufeng asked. His voice was rather hoarse. When he said that, he felt rather saddened inside.

“The three great elders watching over the Moon God Hall have all died already. I can free you from the binds of the Nether Ghost Vine at ease now,” Jian Chen said indifferently.

Yun Wufeng let out a deep sigh. He struggled to hide his sorrow. After all, there were acquaintances of many years among the great elders that had just died.

Now that he learnt these people had already passed away, Yun Wufeng experienced indescribably sadness.

“Senior, think about the Nether Ghost Vine, as well as fairy Hao Yue’s fate. Do these people deserve your grief? In my opinion, they’ve been let off lightly with just death. Let alone me, even if it were fairy Hao Yue here in person, she never would have spared those people either if she was powerful enough,” Jian Chen said. He crouched down beside Yun Wufeng, about to destroy the Nether Ghost Vine.

The Nether Ghost Vine was an item of evil, and because of its unique characteristics, its defences were extremely tough. If he tried to destroy it by force, it would be very difficult to cut through unless he crushed it with absolute strength.

But since the Nether Ghost Vine could even keep the mid Chaotic Prime Yun Wufeng trapped, it went without saying that it was obviously of a similar level or higher.

As a result, it would be impossible for Jian Chen to cut through it in a short amount of time. He was forced to exploit its weaknesses.

“Sigh, fair enough. Those people had it coming.” That was what he said, but Yun Wufeng was still rather depressed and in low spirits. He did not have the joy and excitement that came with almost breaking free at all.

Jian Chen arrived behind Yun Wufeng and used a secret technique to burn Chaotic Force, forming Chaotic Flames and incinerating the Nether Ghost Vine.

For plants that leaned towards evil and the yin element like the Nether Ghost Vine, fire was their greatest weakness, let alone the Chaotic Flames in Jian Chen’s hands.

The Chaotic Flames were nowhere close to being true Chaotic Flames, but with Jian Chen’s level of cultivation with Chaotic Force, they were still far more powerful than regular flames.

Immediately, the Nether Ghost Vine began to twist violently under the Chaotic Flames. The cry of an infant seemed to ring out.

At its current level, the Nether Ghost Vine had clearly developed a basic level of intelligence already. The Chaotic Flames caused it great pain.

But despite that, the vine wrapped around Yun Wufeng showed no signs of backing away. Instead, it constricted around him even tighter. At the same time, the Nether Ghost Vine gushed out with coldness in an attempt to contend with the Chaotic Flames.

Yun Wufeng shut his eyes, and his face twisted and distorted unnaturally. The Nether Ghost Vine’s full-powered resistance caused him unprecedented pain too.

Just as Jian Chen tried his best to help Yun Wufeng break free, a small-scale, silver spaceship shaped like a water droplet shot through the vast space outside the Ice Pole Plane as a streak of silver light. It swept through the dark space and directly entered the city of the Ice Pole Plane, approaching the Moon God Hall.

Soon afterwards, the spaceship stopped right in front of the majestic entrance of the Moon God Hall. As the door opened, a short, skinny old man emerged in a set of silver robes.

Many disciples immediately rushed out of the Moon God Hall, with even a few Infinite Prime elders mixed among them. They all arrived before the old man and said politely, “Greetings, great elder. Welcome back, great elder!”

“Alright, you can all return!” the old man said indifferently. He came off as a little cold.

He was the leader of the great elders, Yue Wuguang, a Seventh Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime!

In the Moon God Hall, Yue Wuguang was truly an existence that stood above everyone else. He possessed paramount authority.

“Yes, great elder!” The disciples all backed away.

Yue Wuguang stowed the spaceship away and entered the Moon God Hall, but he did not return to his own place of cultivation. Instead, he directly visited the great elder who was skilled in alchemy.

“Old Liu, are you done with my pills yet?” Yue Wuguang called out from quite far away, but he received no reply.

But he did not mind. He directly entered great elder Liu’s alchemy room.

All he saw was flames surging out of the earth, and great elder Liu’s patch of pills were still being refined. Nothing had been touched at all. Great elder Liu was nowhere to be seen.

“Hmm? There’s the smell of blood!” However, as soon as he entered the alchemy room, Yue Wuguang suddenly frowned, and his eyes narrowed. He discovered some traces of blood that had already dried due to the high temperature in a corner of the room.

Yue Wuguang’s face immediately changed. He soon unleashed the senses of his soul and enveloped great elder Liu’s entire place of cultivation. He found nothing, so he rushed off to another great elder’s place, Hong Moqing’s cultivation grounds.

There, Yue Wuguang also found some blood that had not dried yet. He could determine with a single glance that the blood came from Hong Moqing.

“Oh no!” Discovering traces of blood in the residences of two great elders immediately gave Yue Wuguang an ominous feeling. In the next moment, he rushed off to the residence of the third great elder as quickly as possible.

The situation there was obviously no different from the other two. The three great elders watching over the Moon God Hall had all vanished. There were traces of blood in all of their residences.

Suddenly, the soil burst open, and a part of the Nether Ghost Vine’s roots emerged, waving about madly in the air and producing an infant’s cry.

Seeing that part of the Nether Ghost Vine, Yue Wuguang’s face immediately sank. Killing intent flooded out. “Something has actually happened in the Burial Moon Cavern. Just who is so bold!?” Yue Wuguang let out an explosive bellow, and his tremendous presence as a late Chaotic Prime suddenly erupted. He seemed to turn into a huge storm of energy as he rushed off to the Burial Moon Cavern.

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