Can't Take My Eyes Off You - Chapter 1278

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Chapter 1278: I Don’t Believe It

Jiang Yao did not believe it. She really did not believe it. Why would they suddenly tell her that her parents were not her parents—they were her adoptive parents? She was not their biological child. They had picked her up from the mountains.

She was a child who others had abandoned. The family that had raised her for 20 years and loved her for more than that was not her real family. It was just a borrowed home.

All the love that she thought she had was not something that she should have. It was all borrowed from the Jiang family.

“Yaoyao, we haven’t verified whether Mrs. Sun is your biological mother. Even though Mrs. Sun’s name is Xie Qiuran, after my investigation, I suspect that she is living in place of her twin sister. Your mother may be the real Xie Qiuran—Madam Cheng.”

Lu Xingzhi said, “Yaoyao, it doesn’t matter if you are your family’s biological child or not—they still loved and doted on you. They did not fake that for you. Yaoyao, Mrs. Sun’s family of three has been to see your family. Right now, they are waiting for you to go back and deal with this matter. The most important thing right now is to find out if Mrs. Sun and Madam Cheng’s identities have changed.”

Lu Xingzhi’s voice gradually softened. “Even if Mrs. Sun is your biological mother, she has not been kind to you. If you hate her, then don’t acknowledge her. No one will blame you. That way, you can make your parents feel at ease.”

No matter what Lu Xingzhi said, Jiang Yao was still very sad. That news was like a storm to her.

That news also made her feel a strong sense of guilt.

She was not her parents’ biological child, but they still loved her. No, it was indulgence and love.

She could not be so insensible as to make a fuss with her family. Perhaps she was insensible. Did her parents ever regret picking her up and bringing her home?

All of that, of course, could not withstand the slightest bit of scrutiny in the face of truth.

Before she was reborn, she must have let her parents down, right?

She did not dare to think about how those people would criticize her behind her back when she did not return home for many years.

It was probably because the Jiang family raised an ingrate daughter. After she got married, she did not acknowledge her family and did not even know how to raise a family.

Perhaps it was because her parents were unlucky to have picked up a daughter they had raised for nothing? In the end, it was like they did not have a child at all.

Whenever it was the New Year and a festival, every family would bustle with activity. So, what did her parents think of her?

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Did they also blame her? Did they regret raising her?

“I won’t acknowledge Mrs. Sun. When I get home, I’ll tell my parents that I’ll always be their child. Even if I’m not their biological child, I will still be theirs. I’ll pretend that I don’t know about this. I’ll pretend that they are my birth parents! I don’t want to call other people my parents. They’re the only parents I have.” Jiang Yao sobbed softly.

Lu Xingzhi patted her head. “Nonsense. You have two fathers and two mothers, the Jiang family and the Lu family.”

Jiang Yao sniffed and nodded pitifully.

She had already stopped crying, but when she looked up and met Lu Xingzhi’s eyes, the grievance in her heart inexplicably surged again. “I hate the Sun family. I also hate that crazy man’s family.”

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