Can you mend my broken heart?

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Romance

Chapters: 542

Last update: 2 months ago

3.75 /5

She just had this one thing to say....I knew the road I took was difficult from the start,I will take my chances and silently depart,I just have one question though,Can you mend my broken heart?Tears were streaming down her cheeks. But even in pain she still looked beautiful. Her hair was messy with strands falling all over her face. She was a nobody for him, but her tears were shaking him to the core. The moment he saw her wiping her tears with her sleeves he felt a lump in his throat. "Why is she affecting me so much?", he wondered. And in the next moment, he called the flight attendant and asked for some water and tissues for the damsel in distress.He was himself surprised with his own actions. He was a man of few words who considered women 'morally repugnant'.'Chivalry' was so not him.He quickly pulled her to his side. He took out his handkerchief immediately and tried dabbing on her wound with utmost care like she was the most fragile thing on the world. Although the wound was not that serious, she had bled quite a bit and he was really worried to see that. When he dabbed in the area where the cut was bit deep, she winced in pain and grabbed his arm. Seeing her like this he literally felt bad and cursed himself for letting her leave alone. He had no idea that such a thing would happen to her.He wrapped his left arm around her waist and brought her close to inspect her wound properly. The moment he pulled her close, her heart skipped a beat. His musky smell and his touch was too much for her to handle. For a moment she just wanted to surrender herself, but she quickly realized that she was falling for him. So she immediately took a step back and said,"It's ok, I will take care of it".-------------------------------------------People say love is blind but they should also know that love is patient and love is kind.The story depicts an intense love triangle between Akira the main female lead, Vikram her childhood family friend and Raymond her boss. Akira is a self-made woman who had lost her parents at quite a young age and Vikram was not only her best friend but her family and her everything. He loved her unconditionally. His love was the patient and kind one.Raymond was a game developer and had a startup in which Akira joins as an intern and love is about to blossom in between them. After a bad breakup and baggage of the past, her broken heart finds comfort in his arms and thus develops the love which is blind and oblivious to what is happening around.The love blossoms like a newborn baby's laughter. The anticipation, hesitation, the hunger, the charm, the want, the touch, the game of hide and seek. You get the taste of the whole panorama like its happening right in front of you.But things are not going to be easy as Vikram owns the conglomerate which is financing Raymond's startup. The guy whose love was once patient and kind turns into a demonic form which was in no way correlated with gentleness.To what extent will he go to get back the love that he thinks is his right? To what extent the bridges will break and tear people apart? Only time can tell.P.S. Daily update - 1-2 storiesWeekend update - 3 storiesWeekend Mass Release - 4-5 stories

Can you mend my broken heart?