Breeding Dragons From Today - Chapter 331

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Holy’s eyes were wide open, and its mouth was wide open. It was so shocked that it could not speak.

However, Hope did not pay attention to its shock. Instead, it went straight into the fruit forest to play, and it kept laughing happily.

After playing for a while, it seemed to be a little tired. It began to feel sleepy, and its eyelids kept dropping.

Its small head swayed left and right, trying to find a comfortable nest.

Joelson was also a little troubled. The Life Dragon in the system interface did not have a dragon nest.

Suddenly, Hope’s eyes lit up. As if it had discovered something, it flew over quickly.

It flew in front of a very young sapling and sniffed around the sapling. A satisfied expression appeared on its face. It laid down comfortably beside the sapling and closed its gem-like eyes.

Not long after, it let out a cute snore.

Hope had fallen asleep.

Amidst the light snoring, Hope’s body emitted a layer of light. The sapling also emitted a similar fluorescence.

However, the former was much stronger than the latter.

The two rays of light gathered together and became brighter and brighter.

In the next moment, the sapling began to grow.

It kept on sprouting new branches, growing taller and thicker, and growing leaves.

In less than ten minutes, the sapling had grown into an uncle that few people could hold hands with. The dense crown of the tree formed the shape of a big hand, carefully holding up hope to make it sleep more comfortably.

And the growth of the big tree was still continuing.

Seeing this scene, a ray of light shot out from Joelson’s eyes.

This small tree was nothing else but a small root that he had cut off from the Tree of Life in the Elf Forest.

After planting it in the pasture space, this root unexpectedly survived. However, it had never grown and looked like it was malnourished.

He did not expect hope to stay by the side of the sapling and let the Tree of Life begin to grow at an extremely fast speed.

Joelson knew that this must be the power of the law of life!

In half a day, the growth of the Tree of Life had slowed down, but it had also become a supertree that only a dozen people could hug.

The crown of the tree sank into the clouds, making it extremely magnificent.

There was a small hollow under the tree and clear spring water surged up.

Joelson hurried forward and took a sip, his eyes suddenly revealing a hint of surprise.

Spring Water of Life!

It was indeed the Spring Water of Life!

Leas had once said that the Spring Water of Life was condensed from the life force emitted by the Tree of Life.

Although the Tree of Life in the pasture space was still quite a distance away from the Tree of Life in the elven forest, which had grown for who knew how many tens of thousands of years, it still had the ability to produce the Spring of Life.

Having its own Spring of Life, then…

The Dark Demon Dragon’s injuries finally had a chance to be healed.

Moreover, in the future, if Joelson suffered any serious injuries in battle, he could use the Spring of Life to heal.

This was definitely a huge piece of good news.

Joelson looked at Hope with joy. This little guy seemed to have grown up a little.

The Tree of Life and it seemed to be a relationship that helped each other, helping each other and growing together.

Joelson was so happy that he wanted to laugh but he did not want to wake up Hope. He could only suppress his joy.

However, in the next moment, Hope was still woken up.

It was not Joelson who made any noise, but the Dragon God Arena!



Two dragon roars suddenly burst out in the Dragon God Arena, waking up Hope.

Joelson looked over in surprise. He had absolute control over everything in the space of the ranch.

The reason why the Du Lu, Steel Dragon, and Lightning could transform into ancient dragons was because of the Dragon God Arena.

What about now?

Which dragon was it again?

Joelson was a little confused. There seemed to be no other dragons in the ranch that had the same strength as the three dragons.

Other than the Dark Demon Dragon, the Dark Demon Dragon had never entered the Dragon God Arena, so how could it be blessed by the ancient dragon bloodline of the Dragon God Arena?

In the next second, he understood.

In the Dragon God Arena, two dragon flags rose into the sky, fluttering in the wind.

They were the dragon flags that represented Du Lu and the steel dragon!

Joelson understood that this time, it was probably because of him.

He had once used Du Lu and the steel dragon’s heart blood to strengthen his body with the secret technique of dragon blood, and he also had the ancient dragon bloodline in his body!


Although the power of the ancient dragon bloodline had been scattered by him and completely merged into his own bloodline.

But along with the transformation of Du Lu and the steel dragon, it still attracted the blessing of the Ancient Dragon God!

It was different from the ancient dragon phantom that appeared before.

This time, a fiery red stream of light and a dark golden stream of light flew out from the two dragon flags. The two streams of light were extremely dazzling, like two suns!

The appearance of the two streams of light seemed to have awakened an extremely ancient existence.


A vast and majestic dragon roar was emitted from within the Dragon God Arena.

In an instant, all the dragon flags within the Dragon God Arena fluttered as dragon roars were emitted. It was as if they were expressing their respect towards the majestic dragon roar.

All the dragon flags within the Dragon God Arena flew out with a stream of light. The color of the stream of light was different but it was equally dazzling!

All the streams of light suddenly rushed into Joelson’s body and began to fuse.

As the fusion began, Joelson’s eyes turned into a beautiful golden color. A dragon horn seemed to be growing out from the top of his head, and there were faint dragon scales on his skin.

But soon, the dragon horn and dragon scales disappeared.

Instead, the surface of Joelson’s body was covered with a layer of golden light similar to the light in his pupils.

The golden light was not very strong. On the contrary, it was very weak.

However, it constantly emitted an unexplainable dignity and majesty.

It was as if the current Joelson had become some supreme existence!

The Dark Demon Dragon that occupied a corner of the ranch looked at the scene happening on Joelson’s body. Its eyes flickered and it let out a low roar. The roar became louder and louder.

It was the same for Holy and Hope.

This scene was happening in the runic land.

The many dragons in the runic land suddenly sensed something and turned their heads in the same direction. They raised their heads and let out a high-pitched roar.

After that, all the dragons lowered their bodies and lowered their heads.

They expressed their respect towards the birth of a supreme existence.

Ancient Dragon God!

After an unknown amount of time, the dragon’s roar gradually died down.

The fusion of Joelson was also complete.

At this moment, Joelson’s pupils and body were emitting a sparkling golden light. His originally handsome face became even more eye-catching.

His slender figure became even more perfect. Every curve of his body seemed to be the masterpiece of the creator.

Even if he did not move, he still exuded an extremely noble and dignified aura.

Joelson opened his eyes, and the golden light in his pupils and body gradually faded away.

Only Hope and Holy that came close to him proved that what had just happened had really happened.

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