Breeding Dragons From Today - Chapter 330

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Since those two demigods could pass through the spatial rift…

He should be able to pass through the spatial rift where they came from. Perhaps he would be able to enter other planes as well.

Of course, there was also the possibility of unimaginable danger.

The possibility of the latter was smaller.

Joelson only thought for a moment before making up his mind.


If he couldn’t even bear the slightest risk, then there was no need for him to leave the central plane.

Wouldn’t it be better to continue being his Platinum Throne and enjoy the admiration of countless people?

Before leaving, Joelson first returned to the ranching space, preparing to use up all the lucky draws he had accumulated.

First, it was the lucky draw of the ordinary dragon pool.

“Congratulations to the rancher for obtaining an Electric Dragon Egg x1.”

“Congratulations to the rancher for obtaining an Ice Dragon Egg x1.”

“Congratulations to the rancher for obtaining a Fire Dragon Egg x1.”

After three lucky draws, three dragon eggs of different colors appeared in front of him.

There was no surprise. He had already obtained all ten elemental dragons. No matter how he drew, he could only obtain a duplicate dragon egg.

However, he was not disappointed.

Du Lu was once an ordinary fire elemental dragon. Now, Du Lu had surpassed the Dark Demon Dragon and became the strongest combat force under him.

Next, it might be time to make good use of the mountain of life.

He thought to himself.

The good news was that there were a few hatchlings. Two of them were cute female dragon whelps, which made up for the fact that almost all of them were males.

Joelson named the three small dragons Electric Charge, Iceberg, and Rainier.

The first two were female dragon whelps, Rainier was a boy, and Rainier was also from a volcano that Joelson knew of.

After sending all the dragon whelps into the dragon nursery and giving them to Enny to take care of, Joelson was ready to carry out his second top-tier dragon pool lottery.

The last time he drew the Dragon of Fate, he didn’t know what he would get this time.

The chaotic dragon pool kept rolling, and the light of fate dispersed the fog.

After mastering the laws of fate, Joelson became more and more confident in the arrangement of fate.

He had a feeling that the top-tier dragon he drew this time was definitely related to his future path. Perhaps it could play an unexpected role, or maybe.

Finally, a dragon egg slowly appeared.

Joelson’s eyes focused.

What he got was…

“Congratulations to the rancher for obtaining the Life Dragon Egg x1.”

It was actually a life dragon?

It was another supreme law, the law of life.

A look of surprise appeared in Joelson’s eyes.

A small green dragon let out a cute and tender voice as it walked out of the dragon egg.

Its eyes were as clear as a lake in summer. Anyone who looked at it would think of words like ‘newborn,’ ‘hope,’ ‘life force,’ and so on.

The Life Dragon’s strength had also reached the peak of the divine domain.

It was just one step away from reaching the god-level!

It possessed power close to that of a god when it was born. As expected of a top-tier dragon that was born to grasp supreme laws. Its talent was so good that it made everyone jealous.

The Life Dragon walked in front of Joelson and looked at him with curiosity and confusion.

When he looked at the Life Dragon, Joelson felt that a strange power was rapidly growing in his body.

On the spirit tree in his mind, in the place where the twelve types of divine crystals hung, between the destruction and fate divine crystals, another branch grew. It flickered with a water-green luster and represented the power of all life in the world.

Just as the life law crystals appeared, the life force in Joelson’s body expanded by several hundred times.

A surge of blood and aura surged. This strange power was rapidly transforming his body.

Joelson’s body, which had been strengthened with Du Lu and the Steel Dragon’s heart blood, was already extremely powerful, comparable to a giant dragon.

Ordinary attacks could break through his defense and injure him but they could also quickly heal.

However, there was still a small gap between him and a deity-level physical body that wouldn’t rot even if his soul existed.

After all, he hadn’t truly advanced to the deity level. He only had the power to kill demigods.

But now, Joelson could clearly sense that his body was growing stronger at a terrifying speed.



Surpassing a demigod!

In a short period of time, the strength of his body had already surpassed that of an ordinary demigod. Based on his experience of killing many demigods, his current body was close to the peak of the demigod level!

In addition, his vitality was especially strong!

As for how strong it was, Joelson wasn’t sure.

But he knew.

Before the huge amount of vitality in his body was exhausted, unless he was completely wiped out in an instant, no one could easily kill him even if he stood still.

There was no doubt about this, and it made Joelson’s overall strength rise another huge step.

“In the future.”

Joelson held the life dragon in his arms, thought for a moment and said, “Your name shall be Hope.”


The life dragon cried out happily as if it liked this name very much.

It played with Joelson for a while, then flew out of Joelson’s arms and curiously looked at everything in the space of the ranch.

At this time, there was only Holy and Dark Demon Dragon in the space of the ranch.

When Hope’s gaze fell on the Dark Demon Dragon, this magic dragon, who had been firmly occupying the position of the leader of the dragon army under Joelson’s command for a long time, revealed a nervous expression for the first time.

Even when it was facing the transformed Du Lu, it did not show such an expression.

This was the suppression of the same species that only the supreme bloodline showed.

Holy seemed to have discovered a new continent. It blinked its eyes in surprise and could not wait to pounce on it.

It said a lot to Hope.

Its chubby body danced, and it seemed to be expressing something. It looked very simple and honest.

However, no matter how he looked at it, he felt that this smart guy was looking for protection from a big shot!

Perhaps it was the holy aura that made Hope feel good. The two little guys chatted happily and soon became friends.

Holy raised his head and looked in the direction of the Dark Demon Dragon. He put his paw on Hope’s shoulder as if to say, “I have a new helper. Just wait and see. After a while, you won’t be able to be arrogant anymore.”

In order to please Hope, Holy enthusiastically led Hope around the ranch space.

He also shamelessly took out a large number of fruits from Curtis’s dragon nest and piled them in front of Hope. He patted his chest and generously said, “Eat, it’s my treat!”

Joelson was amused by this.

Holy could be said to be the happy fruit in the ranch space.

Hope looked at the fruit that was almost piled up into a small hill in front of him and appeared very happy.

However, he did not eat it. Instead, after cheering, he pounced on it.

The next moment, the pile of fruits made a magical change.

The fruits quickly grew roots and sprouted in a few seconds, turning into a lush forest of fruit trees.

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