Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO - Chapter 1694

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Chapter 1694: Seemingly A Love Rival

Fei Rui nodded initially, then shook his head again when Gu Mengmeng apologized. He lightly patted Gu Mengmeng’s shoulders and showed her a smile.

He did not say anything but Gu Mengmeng seemed to understand, he was saying ‘It’s alright, don’t worry’.

This child who makes people’s hearts ache always had this look of being unwilling to blame anyone.

Initially, when Lea used huge rocks to block the well opening and had even killed him with the other beasts, he did not even rat on him to Gu Mengmeng. He was even willing to apologize to Lea first so as to prevent a conflict between Gu Mengmeng and Lea.

He never knew that his considerate and warm-hearted behavior had made people’s hearts ache more for him.

As Gu Mengmeng wiped her tears, she shouted, “Lea, Lea!”

A Beast King’s hearing abilities were extraordinary and her partners were even more sensitive to her voice.

So within two breathing moments, Lea, who was originally standing at the main hall attending to the guests, had already hugged Gu Mengmeng’s waist flirtatiously and placed his chin on her shoulders. His slender fingers gently wiped away the tears on Gu Mengmeng’s face and he pursed his lips, saying to her ears, “We were only apart for 10 minutes and you are already crying like this from missing me?”

Gu Mengmeng was not in the mood to flirt with him. She tried to suppress her cries and said, “Help me look at Fei Rui, this child…”

Lea placed both hands on her shoulders and turned her to face him. He bent down so that they were at the same eye level and said, “If you cry like this, how could I be able to look at others? Don’t you know that in any situation, I will always take care of you first.”

Gu Mengmeng immediately rubbed away the tears on her face and looked at him pleadingly, saying, “I’m fine, I am really alright. Help me look at Fei Rui.”

Lea gently kissed her eyes and said, “Okay okay okay, when do I ever reject your requests? Stop crying, I will treat him, yeah?”

Gu Mengmeng nodded, then allowed Lea to hand her over to Elvis’ arms.

Elvis took over and hugged Gu Mengmeng and lightly pinched her hand to console her.

But Lea rolled her eyes at him and said, “When Snake proposed, there were friends and balloons to keep Mengmeng happy. Look at yourself, first you used the bone comb to make her angry and now you use Fei Rui to make her cry… Sigh, if I ever change sides to support Snake, your position as the first partner would really become rocky.”

Elvis smiled bitterly and helplessly as he shook his head.

What could he do? He was also feeling despair!

He had guessed that the bone comb would make Xiao Meng angry but for the sake of ‘being together every lifetime’, he was willing to make this risk.

As for Fei Rui…

Just because he knew that the bone comb would make her angry, he left this ‘surprise’ here to make up for it. How would he be able to expect that the surprise was so great that it made her cry.

Sigh, he really felt so upset!

Lea did not waste too much time on Elvis. After all, Gu Mengmeng had personally said in the Beast World that ‘when her mood is better, she would keep Fei Rui as her male partner’. Fei Rui seemed to be their love rival, how could he let Gu Mengmeng continue to have emotions for him?

Even though there was nothing between them during the time in the Beast World, but Fei Rui had died so dramatically, who knows if Mengmeng would have other emotions for him because of heartache for him?

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