Pain, Pain, Go Away

Pain, Pain, Go Away is a novel by Sugaru Miaki, also known as Fafoo, author of Starting Over and Three Days of Happiness. Unlike Miaki's previous two books, Pain, Pain, Go Away is not a rewrite of any story posted to 2ch, but an entirely original one

Painting of the Nine Immortals

Untolerated by heaven, a boy was restricted by the most powerful spell.He accidentally acquired a painting inhabited by nine souls that claimed to be immortal.Then, the legend of a strong young man who violated heavenly principles against the course

Paladin of the End

A town ruined because of deaths. A child and three undead exist there. The three undead who used to be heroes raised the young boy, Will. Giving him skills, giving him knowledge, pouring all their love into him, the young man was raised that way. He

Pampered Consort of the Fragrant Orchard

Du Xiao Li, the legendary person all look up to, yet couldn't ward off the ridiculousness of fate!Opening her eyes once again, the steady and calm her was still shocked senseless by her own withered little hands, and the leaking and windy rat infeste

Pampered Fei Brimming with Cuteness

Once she crossed through, she actually became the disfavored third WangFei?Once she woke up, her family's WangYe actually staged a man and a woman' play in front of her face?Fine! In that case, she would also give her support: 365 seconds! I'll let y

Pampered Poisonous Royal Wife

The Capital's girls look on with hatred, " You're just a country girl without any knowledge. Do you have Cloud Shop's clothes? Do you have Brilliant Treasure Pavillion's jewellery? Do you even know how eminent and domineering the famous Yue Wang is?M

Pampering Big Cat Wife

Expressing love with words? Oh, Lu You and Tang Wan were really old-fashioned.Look at her curve her tiger mouth and still don't eat him into the belly! She is famous in heaven for being a greedy tiger. For the sake of finding a partner for the marath

Pampering you to the bone: Good Morning, young Master Jue

[ this article is sweet and pampering, and it's all over. I recommend this new article: Cheating Daddy: Mommy, LET'S ELOPE! ]"BASTARD! Let go of me... " Xia Weiyang glared at the person who had forced her into a corner."Yes, I said that I would never

Pandemonium of a Lazy Soul

Due to being asked by quite a few readers, I am posting this novel in Royal Road as well. It will be posted under my username Darkorb. I will provide the link once my story is approved on the site.------------------------------------------------A Sou

Pandora’s Box

Owing to the murder here, the tenants in the rental house either died or moved, and only Murong Sixuan stayed here. The news of the murder quickly spread by word of mouth. Therefore, no new tenants dared to come in here. After the murder, Sixuan had

Panties Reincarnation. I’m a Pair of Panties, so What?

While playing a mobile game the main character is hit by a shooting star and reincarnated into another world. He finds that the star granted the wish he made, but not in the way he intended.

Paradis de Fou

In a world of sword and magic, it is the strongest who rules. The wealthiest and charismatic who command and the most talented who lead. But, is it the truth?Is it the Reality?Walk with Jed, the first of the Truth-Seekers, who makes the world dance a

Paradise of Demonic Gods

"Obtaining the topmost degree of talent in sword arts in the world requires giving up 72 years of lifespan, which leaves you with only five more years of your life. At the same time, you will never be able to feel love, kinship, and friendship, and y

Paragon of Destruction

When Arran decides to become a mage, he quickly discovers that magic can be more dangerous than he had ever imagined. Soon, he finds himself hunted for powers he never knew he had.Helped by a mysterious mage with secret motives, he sets off on a jour

Parallel World Pharmacy

A young pharmacologist and researcher in Japan died from overworking, and was reincarnated in a Medieval Parallel Europe. He was reincarnated as a 10 year old apprentice to a famous Royal Court pharmacist, had attained an inhuman skills of ability to

Paranormal World (The Semi-Physical World)

There are many things in this world that we have yet to discover. However, what we never encounter doesn't mean it never existed. Most of the time, legends are not just mere legends, and traditions that lasted for generations has its untold cause.

Part-Time Taoist Priest

One day, out of the blue, Xie Lingya became the owner of a small Taoist temple.There was a bustling shopping street on the left, a public square on the right, and a vegetable market behind it, but the temple itself was forgotten, forlorn and dirt po

Past Promises

She was a Queen and he was a King but why he's the only one got reincarnated while she became a ghost?King: "They say you want the throne and I shall kill you for treason, do you have any reasons for me to spare you?"Queen: "My dear, you are not only

Pastoral Honey Pet: Farmer’s Hot Little Lady

She was sold to a poor's house by her grandmother, for twenty-two silvers she's to be the wife of the Ye brothers. Unwilling, she ran away that night. She fell and inexplicably was re born again with the same name and surname.

Path of Evolution

On that day, the world we knew came crashing down.80% of the entire human population was wiped out.The ones who survived mourned. But it would have been better if those who had died, remained dead.But all hope was not lost, as a Strange Black watch w

Path of Medicine With a System

One day, Zhang Fan, a poor medical student, receives a medical system from the future. This turns him into a new shining star in the medical field. Along the way, he must face medical corruption, competition, and infighting from other doctors, and ev

Path of the Lilies

Ever since she was a child, Ye Jiao was treated as trash in Chen Kingdom. Suffering from countless beatings and endless humiliation, Ye Jiao endured the harsh life without being able to do anything. Only a rare few cared for her and showed her warmth

Path of the Tyrant King

Long ago a boy was born to a powerful clan, he was on track to inherit his grandfather's mantle, but alas he fell in love with the wrong person.What happened next was only karma, he was beaten and flogged to death by his kinsmen and with a single bre

Path to Heaven

Wei Suo, a low level cultivator from the Spirit Peak City was scammed in a transaction. He ended up purchasing a damaged low level magical treasure. However, this worthless damaged magical treasure had an artifact spirit that already lived for severa

Peach Passion

Embarrassing! She wanted to curse. He's a stalker! Now, what is he up to?! Remembering the "wolf" on the train, Xiang Ti was so ashamed. She just wanted to dig a hole and hide! Admittedly, this man was the most outstanding and attractive she'd ever e

Peach Pit Landlord

Li Yuan was struggling at the bottom of society, however out of the blue a peach pit appeared. He did not know that at that moment, the peach pit will completely transform his life.With this peach pit, Li Yuan not only strengthened his body, but also

Peerless Battle Spirit

Qin Nan, the young master of the Qin Clan, was known as Linshui City's number one genius. However, his life abruptly turned upside down when his innate talent was deemed a waste. Follow Qin Nan as he battles through betrayals and disdain of others, m

Peerless Demonic Lord

Down and out influential family disciple, Qin Shi.To wash away his humiliation, he did not hesitate to fall into the path of a demon.Abandoning his body and turning into a demon, he slaughters all immortal gods.To see, in this world where Immortals a

Peerless Genius System

After breaking up with his girlfriend, he accidentally acquired a genius system and rose from there against the heavens, becoming invincible..

Peerless Martial God

Do not judge others in ignorance within my presence.Those who think to harm someone should be ready to be harmed.Those who are open and respectful shall receive my kindness and respect.Those who plot against me are seeking their own death.This is tru

Peerless Martial God 2

After the continent of the nine clouds, the continent of the gods, Lin Feng, a proud cultivator, journeys to exciting new worlds. There is more trouble on the horizon, will he be strong enough? Wait and see

Peerless War God

3,000 years later, with the immense memories and hatred from his past life, he was reborn! In this life, Chen Xiao swore to take back everything he lost.Three thousand years ago, Chen Xiao was the strongest of the Wind Moon Continent's top ten Martia

Pen Down A Marriage

what happens when you run really low on luck and get intimately entangled with a perfect on the outside and ruthless on the inside man? Well, sparks fly but not the kind you imagine in cute fluffy love stories.Already an orphan, Xia Xi Jin has been s

Perfect Feast

Liu Yang, a grassroot cadre of Chinese bureaucracy, by sheer coincidence entered the bed of a beautiful boss and thus starts the colorful stellar journey of our hero. He accompanies charming police women, exquisite nurses, graceful flight hostess, ri

Perfect for me

He proposed to me with chocolates and said he will love me forever. Going along the road of a soon to be wed couple I was happy. Though I was extremely lonely since he was hardly home. On the day of our wedding I was happy then I was broken shell of

Perfect Match, Secret Marriage

Six years ago, she left the country brokenhearted and pregnant, after a one night stand. Now, she's back due to her grandmother's deteriorating health and trying to avoid all problems and problematic people from her past. Sadly, that becomes much har