A no-name Master who had resigned from the world of martial arts was 100 years old. That old master had forgotten enemies whom he had been killed, even now their relatives or disciples were plotting revenge on him. Even some big nations offered a big

Naguri Tamer no Isekai Seikatsu ~ Kōeinanoni zen’ei de tatakau mamono tsukai ~

Kaito Arihara, a high school student who has never been liked by animals by nature, is caught up in a magic circle that suddenly appears around her classmate Chisato Shishihara, who he met by chance on his way home from school.Kaito, who has been blo

Naked Sword Art

Dual Cultivation is an art. The more you focus on doing the art, the worse it becomes. Only when doing it becomes part of the art itself, does one truly experience it to its fullest.You will know you understand only when you can't tell the singer fro

Nano Machine

Cursed his whole life with only misfortune and hardships, Cheon Yeo Woon, who ranks lowest in the war of the Grand Prince Succession is about to have his world turned upside own when a 'descendant' from a future suddenley appears and installs nano ma

Nano Machine (Retranslated Version)

Cursed his whole life with only misfortune and hardships, Cheon Yeo Woon, who ranks lowest in the war of the Grand Prince Succession is about to have his world turned upside own when a 'descendant' from a future suddenley appears and installs nano ma

Naruto Hiden

Naruto Hiden (NARUTO -- , Literally meaning: Naruto Secret Chronicles) is a light novel series which explores the stories of various characters after the conclusion of the original manga. Though each book is illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto, they are

Naruto In The World of Beautiful CEO

Naruto Uzumaki, a mysterious man who leading a good and peaceful life, selling a ramen on a small stall beside the market area of Zhonghai City. Everything seems fine until he save a certain beauty from her fate of being rape. What will happen? Who i

Naruto is Reincarnated

After facing off the last of the tsutsuki clan members a forbidden seal activates on the last descendant's body sending Naruto back into the past before his change began. Naruto is back in the academy with a few days remaining before the academy grad

Naruto System Within Naruto

Linley Riku lived his life as a total MADAO.... leaching off from everyone he could..... His love was anime Manga and all types of fan-fictions but his most favorite one that would kill if he missed something from it was Naruto.... One day as he was

Naruto the Shadow

Born as a shadow and died as a shadow. Reborn into the Narutoverse as our favorite knucklehead, watch as the MC lives through this 2nd life to experience what he missed.

Naruto Unlimited the True Power of a Gamer

naruto is banished from kanoha and is reincarnated as a dude from our worldyears later he is forced to return but not without a special powerwith the knowledge of the future and the power to summon anything related to gamesmc will take this world by

Naruto: The clan that got lost in history

Malika walked into her room and another portal opened." They always appear at random... sigh..."Her journey had just began and slowly she gets to know many people, save lives and founds our her actual identity and roots.*****************

National School Prince Is A Girl

On the surface, she's a gay high school boy. In reality, she's the hacker known as Z, who hunts criminals on the Internet. A girl dressed in men's clothes; a master at playing games, punishing evil, and having the highest skill in seducing girls. Whe

Natsume Yuujinchou

A collection of short stories set in the Natsume Yuujinchou manga universe. Volume 1: 1. The Mysterious Story of Lamp Hall 2. The Ayakashi's Tune 3. The Ayakashi's Dream Road Volume 2: Kogitsune no Tabi ()

Necromancers Guide to Magic

This is the story of a Necromancer who was cast into the world of Harry Potter. Taking over the body of a 11 year old first entering into Hogwarts.Authors Description"Give me a body, I can pay you a, ah, bone dragon."

Necropolis Immortal

A hundred thousand years ago, there was a great war between cultivators. Immortals fell by the tens of thousands, the path of cultivation itself was severed, and after the dust settled, tombs forested the world.A hundred thousand years after the last

NEET Receives a Dating Sim Game Leveling System

A 30-year-old NEET is reincarnated into the body of an otaku that choked to death on instant noodles. As he comes to grips with his new life, he realizes that this world is subtly different from Earth. The denizens of this world are far better lookin

Nejimaki Seirei Senki – Tenkyou no Alderamin

The Katjvarna Empire, in a state of war with the adjacent Kioka Republic. In that region, due to certain circumstances, there was a certain youth unwillingly preparing to take the High Grade Military Officer Exam. His name, Ikta. Disliker of war, laz

Nerd Mode On!

Jay (Luke) Xaiver is an not so ordinary middle schooler, with dark brown hair, bright silver-blue eyes, in 11th grade, his height is 184cm! But he acts different when he takes off his glasses! When he has his glasses on, he is a very quiet and ridicu

Nero, My Existence is Perfect

Nero begins his new life in a different world, in a body that does not belong to him. Along with a system he still needs to learn and understand it.

Neta Chara

1.34 million user with Horikawa Kento, a 35 years old man was transported into a different world with online game skills. His character is a 15 years old boy with absurd skill. [handsome], [well protected], [womanizer], [sexual prodigy]. In order to

Nether King's Genius Wife

Qin Jing just crossed the time into a strange world and became the second noble daughter of the big family. She found that the nable daughter turned out to be a weakness who can casually bully. Not only was she sent to marry a ghost, but also suffere

Netherworld Investigator

Beneath the peaceful faade of the modern world, an undercurrent of shocking crimes roils in the underbelly of society. Follow Song Yang, the last Traditional Coroner of China, as he navigates through this underworld of violence and debauchery, and us

Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta?

Our naive protagonist proposed to a female character in an online game, only to find out that this player is actually a guy. Traumatized by that, he decided to never trust a girl online, but now, two years later, a female player is proposing to him.

Netooku Otoko no Tanoshii Isekai Boueki

Ayase Jirou, is someone who makes a living by net auctioning things he purchased from people who don't need them anymore, in other words, a Picker. One day he found a large antique mirror from an old bag's cellar which was given to him for free. That

Netorare Pilgrimage of the Saint

NTR to protect peace.To this end, during a certain ceremony, the lover Tsubaki is ordered to be a sex slave of the Demon Lord's Army. Her mission would send her on a pilgrim to devote her body to each official of the army.Initially, the protagonists

Netori System

In a modern world full of powerful beings a System is given to every human when they are born. Each System is different based on the System's special abilities and title. The origin of these Systems is unknown and remains a mystery.One high school bo

Never Die Extra

Extras die every day in various ways in the game [Yo-Ma Great War 3].He was an extra when he reincarnated into the game.I'll never die. Never."Let's get started."Evan had come to a conclusion. He tapped his cheeks as a way of signaling to himself tha

Never Forget Me

Book 1. She had lost her memory of him, but he never forgot her. So, he decides to make her remember. Will she remember or will they build a life together with the new her?This is a 4 volume book set. I hope you enjoy all 4 booksIf you like my book b

Never Judge

"Y-y-you're the heir of Reyes Group?" Ian managed to stutter out."Yes. And I would prefer no one in Mor Co. figured it out. If I know Marco's efficiency by the time we get back to the office my appointment as an assistant to the President of Mor Co.

Never Marry a Man With Two Tintins

This is the story of a person who transmigrated into a world with a radically different worldview.So different, in fact, that he is considered a female in that world!Cheng Nuo: What? Why did you say that I'm female?Author: You only have one Tintin. T

New Age Of Summoners

In a world where Summoning of a spirit is done through a dream when they are 15 years old. Follow Ajax who fights his way through anything and enjoy the book.

New Earth- The Dungeon of Madness

After being betrayed, framed and kicked down to the ground, our protagonist was sentenced to life imprisonment. But a few days later, a global disaster occurred, people from all nations migrated to underground refuges.As a prisoner, he thought his li

New Game Plus! ~The Struggles of a Popular VRMMO Livestreamer~

A popular Sword and Magics VRMMO that countless livestreamer play, Dragon's Krone. Of the many streamers, The No. 1 Most Viewed Player, Edogawa Ran, is so popular that he is even sponsored by a major corporation. But in real life, Ran had Zero friend

New Life : A Second Chance

Kylie was a normal girl, living a normal life. Nothing outstanding about her, but nothing terrible either. She was one of those normal people, lost in crowd of people and living a life of normalcy. Grew up, stable job, got married, had kids. The only

New Life in Another World

After several events Rayner decides to go to another world to live a more exciting life