Assassin's Chronicle - Chapter 93

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Hurry up! I saw the old Phillip, I saw the old Phillip! Feller was in a panic and rushed into the hotel . He had sweat all over his forehead . He shouted, Someone sold us out . We gotta leave now!
Anfey and Christian were looking at different assignments from Mercenary Union when they heard Feller . Their faces changed immediately . Anfey yelled, Don’t panic . This is Blackwater City in the Country of Mercenaries . I dare old Phillip would hurt us here .
Anfey, you don’t know how hot-tempered that old Phillip is . He would not care! Christian shouted .
We’d better leave now! Suzanna said .
We have been running away for a long time . Where else can we go? Let’s fight him until we die! Blavi said with his eyes wide open .
Are you serious? How can we battle with a master swordsman? Christian said .
Don’t worry . Suzanna is a senior swordswoman . We have so many mages too . I think we can do it, Blavi said .
Anfey did not say anything . He hesitated for a second before he pulled out his sword and walked outside . His action had said enough about what he was going to do .
Clark was shocked when he heard old Phillip was coming . He knew who Phillip was and understood the reason Anfey and his legion were so afraid of him . He was so worried when he heard Anfey’s legion talking about going into battle against Phillip . He thought to himself, These poor kids! What can a senior swordsman do? There was a huge difference between a senior swordsman and a master swordsman . The magic attacks from mages were just like tickling Phillip . It would not take much for Phillip to kill all of them .
Seeing Anfey rushing out of the hotel, Clark shouted in instinct, Wait! Don’t do anything stupid . I have a secret chamber here . You guys can hide there for now .
Chamber? Anfey suddenly turned around and threw himself on the cashier counter, shouting excitedly, Where is the chamber? It looked like he had been pushed into a corner to go out to fight with Phillip . He did not have other options . If he had any chance to survive, he would not let it go .
Clark was still not sure who sold Anfey and his legion out . Phillip had already come, which meant he got accurate information, maybe even knew about this inn .
Come with me, Clark said and then ran out from behind the cashier counter . He had already had an idea in this short period time . He thought he could ask Anfey and his legion to hide in his chamber, and then he would handle Phillip himself . If Phillip wanted to make a scene here, he would let Phillip know who he was and ask him to back off . Of course, there was a prerequisite for this to happen: that is, Phillip did not see Anfey and his legion, otherwise someone like him would not be able to stop Phillip .
Clark rushed into the storage room . The storage room, where stored all kinds of wines and other goods, was not big . Clark moved a heavy wine barrel at the corner of the left wall . There was a black stone underneath . He grabbed the stone and pulled it . A secret door slowly rose on the left wall .
Clark ducked in first . Hurry, come with me .
Anfey suddenly stopped right at the door, while Suzanna had walked two steps down below the door . Suzanna stood right between Anfey and Clark .
Clark took the torch off the hallway wall, walked downstairs in front of everyone, then noticed no one had followed him . He turned around and yelled, What are you doing? Come . Hurry up .
Do you know us? Anfey asked calmly .
I… Clark realized he was set up . He looked down and thought a little bit before he said anything . I do not know you .
Really? Anfey said .
Please don’t misunderstand me . I do not mean to hurt you . You have to trust me . I swear I do not want to hurt you . Clark was worried and tried to explain .
I know you did not want to hurt us, otherwise you would not warn of survival of the fittest, but I want to know how you recognized us? Anfey said .
I saw your magic images . Clark said .
Which magic union sent out those magic images? Anfey asked .
It’s the magic union in the Country of Mercenaries, Clark said .
Suzanna, take him down . Anfey shook his head .
Suzanna slowly took out her sword . Clark yelled, Don’t kill me . The intense combat power will attract the patrol’s attention .
We will be fine . I can just tell them we were cheated by an innkeeper and fought with him out of spite . I think it is you who will have to explain to the patrol . Magic unions are independent in each country . Some of them are even hostile towards others . How could magic images sent from the magic union in Maho Empire arrive here? Phillip should not have any influence over the Country of Mercenaries . I do not want to hear your lies anymore, Mr . Clark, Anfey said .
Clark did not say anything, but smiled bitterly . He had mixed feelings about it . To be honest, he was so worried about Anfey and his legion’s safety that he exposed his hidden identity . How could Anfey and his legion take advantage of his kindness?
Feller, take a few people with you to check around . Don’t miss any place that looks suspicious . I will find it out no matter what . Anfey gave the order .
Don’t move! Clark yelled . Some areas are protected by magic arrays . If you move the wrong stuff, it might explode .
Explode? I did not know you are a man of sacrifice . They are all mages . They know how to control magic arrays . You don’t have to worry about it . Do you want to tell me what you are? Anfey smiled .
Don’t do this to me . I am just a nobody . Clark smiled bitterly .
Are you saying you do not have the authority to make a decision? Anfey saw Clark passively agree, so he knew he had guessed right . He thought a little bit and said, You can tell your supervisor that I would like to see him in private . You don’t have to worry about it . Niya is the daughter of Professor Saul . We are all students of his . We would not do anything to harm the country’s safety . After learning about the invasion from Shansa Empire, everybody wanted to go back to fight for the country . I thought we could help more if we stay here .
How do you know we are working for the king? Clark’s face changed .
There are only a few types of people who are interested in us and also know about us . I just took a guess . Can you take a message to your supervisor? We have common interests that we could talk about, Anfey said slowly .
I am nobody, Clark restated, with a bitter smile on his face .
Is one day enough? Anfey acted like he did not realize he had put Clark in an awkward situation . He pushed him even further . Clark hesitated a little bit and nodded . He was just a liaison for the contacts . He was in charge of passing the information inside the organization but did not have any authority to make any decision . His experience was far less than the frontier spies . He had freaked out when Anfey had discovered his identity .
Ok, let me know when you know about it, Anfey said .
* * * *
When Anfey and Suzanna walked into Hagan’s room, he was engaged in various jars . He stood up quickly when he saw Anfey and Suzanna coming in . Suzanna, here you are . Anfey, how are you?
Hagan, what are you doing? Suzanna smiled .
Didn’t you give me a few pieces of wyvern magic crystals? I am thinking of making you a magic sword, Hagan said .
Anfey did not pay attention to who was greeted first by Hagan . He simply glanced around and asked, Hagan, how is your alchemy?
What about it? Do you think I am not good enough? Then don’t invite me to your mercenary! Hagan got mad quickly again when he heard Anfey’s question .
Don’t get mad . I only wanted to give you something . I was just afraid you would make some mistakes when you transform them into something else, Anfey said .
Hagan sneered, What is it?
Anfey took a few things out of his Dimensional Ring and passed them to Hagan . Hagan looked closely at them for a while and asked in surprise, Is this a manticore’s tooth?
Yes, can you make me a few blasting arrows with it? Anfey asked .
Sure, Hagan nodded without any hesitation .
You can let Feller know if you need other materials . He can purchase them for you, Anfey said .
Thank you, but I am an alchemist, not a blacksmith . I need ingredients instead of materials, Hagan corrected Anfey’s inappropriate terms . Vonmerge can help me collect ingredients . He is familiar with Blackwater, but…
Money is not a problem . Don’t worry about it, Anfey smiled .
That is great, Hagan nodded . He got mad quick but forgot about it in a second as well .
I have two more items . Do you think you can make a suit of leather armor for Suzanna? Anfey took out the unicorn and manticore furs from the Dimensional ring .
Manticore’s fur, hmm, is this unicorn’s fur? Hagan suddenly raised his voice . He threw himself onto the furs and touched them gently with excitement on his face .
Anfey waited a second and asked quietly, Can you make leather armor?
Of course! Hagan unwillingly moved his eyes away from the furs .
Which one is better for leather armor? Anfey asked .
The unicorn’s . Suzanna needs armor that can protect her from magic power . Hagan stared at Anfey . Do you have any other good stuff? Take them all out together .
And this one . I need a short-shaft spear . Anfey took out the manticore’s tail stinger .
Spear? I am afraid it would take too long to make . Do you want its paralyzing effects on the spear? Even if I could make a spear for you, you would be disappointed anyway, Hagan said slowly .
Why? Anfey asked .
A manticore is a senior magic beast and very hard to catch . However, countless of them throughout history have been killed by human beings . Weapons with paralyzing effects are everywhere in the world nowadays . In fact, its paralyzing effects will disappear in two or three years after their death . It could also be affected by the amount of usage . It will be a regular spear by the time I finish making it .
So… Anfey was disappointed .
If you do not want a spear, I can break the tail stinger and make it into a knife quick . Aren’t you a swordsman? A knife should be helpful, Hagan said .
Knife? Anfey’s eyes lit up with excitement . He hurriedly nodded . Sure, I will have a knife .

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