Assassin's Chronicle - Chapter 91

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Stop, stop! We are friends . Let’s talk . Vonmerge noticed something went wrong and tried to mediate the dispute .
What is inside? Hagan was so worried that his face turned red .
It is nothing to do with you, Anfey said flatly .
But… Hagan tried to argue .
Alright, alright . Vonmerge quickly covered Hagan’s mouth . Commander, you know Hagan’s temper . Please forgive him .
You guys can stay and get to know each other first . Suzanna, can you come out for a second, Anfey turned around and walked out of the room .
Seeing Suzanna following Anfey out, Vonmerge and Hagan’s eyes were as big as saucers . They had followed Suzanna for a year and gone to a lot of places together . They knew about Suzanna . Suzanna looked petite and soft outside, but she was a strong and tough woman . She had her own ideas about things and did things assertively . They had never seen Suzanna so obedient .
In the hallway, Anfey paused for a moment and asked in low voice, Suzanna, how long have you known them?
Almost a year and a half, Suzanna answered .
Do you know them well? Anfey asked .
Yes, Suzanna said .
What kind of people are they? Anfey asked .
Generally speaking, they are not bad . Vonmerge likes joking around . Hagan is hot tempered, but they are nice people . Suzanna smiled .
Suzanna, Hagan has already noticed the presence of little unicorn . Can you tell him to keep our secret . He cannot tell anyone, especially Vonmerge . Vonmerge looks like he has a big mouth . If he knew about it, he would let others know about little unicorn, Anfey said .
Anfey learned from Suzanna and Christian that there were few people in history who had received the loyalty of unicorns . Those few people all were very influential and had strong combat powers, which guaranteed their success and safety in battle . Anfey was not as good as them in terms of combat power and influence . Therefore, he had to be careful and cautious .
Yes, I will call him over and let him know now, Suzanna said .
You do not have to do it now . We have to do something to distract Vonmerge, otherwise he could try to get the secret from Hagan . Hagan looks very honest . Suzanna, are you sure they will be helpful for us? Anfey frowned .
Anfey, Hagan is an alchemist . He will be very helpful for us . Vonmerge is just a junior swordsman, but he is very social and has the ability to connect with others quickly . Our legion needs someone like him, Suzanna said sincerely . She had not been with Anfey and his legion long . She had traveled with Vonmerge and Hagan for more than a year . However, the strength of the bond between people was not determined by the length of time they had been together . She had experienced life-threatening moments with Anfey and his legion and shared a major secret with them . Therefore, she could analyze Vonmerge and Hagan’s personalities and qualities in front of Anfey, but would not tell Vonmerge any secret of Anfey’s legion .
Anfey nodded while Suzanna continued, If you want to distract Vonmerge, I have an idea, but I have to borrow your arm .
Borrow my arm? What do you mean? Anfey had maintained a serious face for the discussion .
Suzanna heaved a slight sigh . Never mind, I will go in first . She opened the door and walked inside .
Anfey was quite confused . He was in thought for a while before he turned around to Blavi and asked, Is everything alright?
Yes, Blavi said .
Can you watch up here for a minute? I need go downstairs, Anfey said .
Everyone seemed more friendly towards each other in the room . Vonmerge did help lighten up the conversation . Suzanna walked into the room and stood next to Christian . She whispered to him, I will borrow your arm . Suzanna held Christian’s arm before he could realize what was happening .
Vonmerge had liked Suzanna for a long time . Suzanna knew how Vonmerge thought about her, but she did not feel the same way about him . Suzanna had had bad experiences since she was little . In her mind, a guy who was not as good as her should be able to face tough times with her together and help her . Vonmerge could not do any of those things, at least not when they travelled together . Suzanna took care of everyone when they travelled together .
Vonmerge had been watching Suzanna out of the corner of his eye . When he suddenly saw Suzanna holding Christian’s arm, his face became pale . His voice became hoarse .
Meanwhile, Anfey had walked down to the first floor . The owner saw Anfey walking downstairs by himself, so he stood up and smiled . Dear guest, how can I help you?
I just need some fresh air . I will walk around a little . I am good . Thank you . Anfey smiled as he looked around . Sir, your business must be good . Anfey laid his eyes on the blackboard opposite the cashier table . A lot of things had been written on the blackboard, and they all started with magic crystal . Anfey looked at them closely .
Not bad . It just helps make ends meet . The owner smiled . My dear guest, are you interested in magic crystals? Do you want to buy or sell?
We are going to form a mercenary legion soon, so I want to learn more about the magic crystals . Sir, you can call me Anfey, Anfey said .
Anfey, nice to meet you . My name is Clark . He walked out from behind the cashier’s counter and stood next to Anfey . These prices are updated . I ask my employees to go to Mercenary Union and Commercial Union to copy all kinds of military assignments and prices down every morning .
Why don’t you have the price for senior magic beast crystals? Anfey asked flatly .
Senior magic beast crystals? Anyone who has senior magic crystals would not stay in my hotel, Clark answered, and he felt a little embarrassed about it .
Ok, does the price list need to be updated every day? It is a lot of work, Anfey said .
What can we do? Too much competition among the hotels . All the hotels in Blackwater City have to update the price list every day for the convenience of their guests so they do not have to go to Mercenary Union to accept any assignment on their own . They only need to pass me the crystal plate and I will send my employees to do it for them .
How about registering a mercenary? Anfey asked .
Hmm, we cannot help with that . Mercenary Union will check on it, so we cannot help you with that, Clark said .
A few big guys walked by the hotel . They all looked drunk . One of them looked at the hotel and suddenly picked up a stone and threw it at the hotel . The stone flew by Clark and hit the wall . The guys laughed wildly and wobbled away .
Clark’s face was still peaceful, like nothing had happened . Anfey was a person who liked to fight for justice . He thought for a second and smiled . Are they in four super mercenary groups?
Definitely not, they are nobodies, Clark sneered . Anfey could tell from that sneer that Clark was actually mad . However, he was really good at hiding his emotions .
How come they dare to act so obnoxiously? Anfey asked .
They used to stay in my inn . They are members of Giant mercenary . Back then, A Red Rock mercenary was staying in my inn as well . They were a lot stronger than Giant mercenary . Later, Red Rock mercenary took an assignment to acquire a dead body of Thunder Eagle . They went into the Forest of Death for it . Giant mercenary left the hotel after them . Clark sighed . Red Rock mercenary never came back to the inn . Their belongs were still kept here . Well, when Giant mercenary came back, they got six or seven top Thunder Eagle magic crystals . I bet Red Rock mercenary was ambushed by them, because they could not get so many Thunder eagle magic crystals on their own . Those two mercenaries argued a few times in the inn previously . Every time the kids in Red Rock mercenary were more mature and let it go . Poor kids!
Anfey squinted his eyes, picturing Red Rock mercenary working together and finally killing a few Thunder Eagles . They must have been exhausted from the fighting . Some of them might have been wounded or killed . Before they could get out of their sadness and retrieve their magic crystals, Giant mercenary came up behind them and killed them . They not only took their lives, but also the magic crystals . Forest of Death was such a chaotic place .
No wonder Hui Wei said Forest of Death was far more horrible than any magic beast .
You should have told others about it . People would condemn Red Rock mercenary for what they have done, Anfey said .
Condemn? Clark shook his head . The survival of the fittest is the rule of Forest of Death . Someday if you take your mercenary to the Forest of Death, you have to keep that rule in mind .
Thank you for your advice . Anfey smiled and then walked upstairs . Seeing what a few guys in Giant mercenary had done to Clark, Anfey knew what he needed to do . When the stone flew by Clark, most people would be shocked or dodge away, but Clark was calm and did not move his body a bit . This did not seem to match the weak combat power Clark had .
Anfey, don’t you want to see the assignments of Mercenary Union? Clark asked .
No, not yet, Anfey said .
Clark watched Anfey disappear around the corner . He slowly went back to the cashier’s counter . There were a few magic images under the table, with Anfey’s image on top of stack .

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