Assassin's Chronicle - Chapter 11

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Chapter 11: An Eventful Night

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"Saul did not meet up with Basdack . It ruined our plan . Luckily, Eddie tracked him down . We still have a chance to make it up!" a very thin old man said gloomily .


"Very difficult," another old man commented . "Don’t forget, Saul is a top archmage and has power we cannot even think of! If it’s in the city of Basdack… we might have a slight chance, but right now… probably isn’t a good idea!" That old man shook his head . It was obvious they could not act without doubt or hesitation, considering it was Saul .


"Layton, you practiced in the Magic Beast Forest for three years, but I think… your vision and risk-taking skills have not improved at all . "


The gloomy-looking old man sneered . "Archmage? So what? I used to challenge master swordsmen when I was only a medium-level swordsman . I did it, didn’t I? Levels are not everything, wisdom matters!"


Layton’s face turned purple with rage . Words lingered infuriatingly on his tongue .


Golden light shone on a young man standing at the door . He cleared his throat and said, "Sir, I think Mr . Layton’s concerns are right . If something goes wrong and affects our whole scheme, it would do more harm than good . " That young man looked sincere and respectful, but he had no respect for that old man . Of course, the old man did kill a master swordsman, but not in a fair fight . He killed the whole family of the master swordsman and disguised himself as a family member lying among the dead bodies . He attacked the master swordsman by surprise when he was still in shock from seeing the bloody scene .


It might gain some respect if it was mentioned only once . It would get very annoying if it was talked about all the time .


"Eddie, there is no place for you to talk . Get out!" The gloomy-looking old man yelled .


"Yes, sir," Eddie answered in a low pitch, then turned himself away . The moment he stepped outside of the door, a ferocious look appeared on his face . His face returned to normal after he walked out of the room . He continued to walk along the corridor and went downstairs .


The gloomy-looking old man said, "Tanane, you go first… Everybody, relax . My plan will work without a doubt . "


"Alvin, what are you doing here? Anything urgent?" Eddie stopped a man in a black jumpsuit who was rushing into the building’s entrance


"Mr . Eddie, I recognized the middle aged man standing next to Saul . He is Ernest!" Alvin said hastily .


"Who?" Eddie was shocked .


"It’s Ernest! Master Swordsman Ernest!!"


"Are you sure?"


"Yes!" Alvin breathed heavily as he said, "Where is my master? I need to report to him immediately!"


"He’s in the lab . Ok, I will take you there . " Eddie’s eyes were moving fast .


"Thank you, Mr . Eddie . "


"No worries, we are together . " Eddie smiled while he was talking to Alvin . He showed the way and Alvin followed him leniently .


"It’s right here . " Eddie moved to the side, "Alvin, you did a good job, your master will definitely reward you for it . Don’t forget about me at that time . "


"Mr . Eddie, you must be joking . " Alvin pushed the lab door open with a bright smile on his face . No one was in the lab and only two candles flickered . The moment Alvin was shocked by what he saw, his mouth was covered by Eddie . He felt a tremendous pain from his back . Alvin slid down to the ground after a few attempts to struggle .


"Stupid, go, you will never come back…" Eddie said grimly .


The gloomy-looking old man had set up the lab upstairs . "It’s done! There is no chance for Saul if Layton and I are fighting against him together . Saul will be taken off guard if he is in deep sorrow . Do you all understand?"


"Yes, sir . " It didn’t really matter whether or not they agreed to fight against Archmage Saul . They had to obey their leader’s order .


Saul, Ernest and Anfey returned to their hotel after walking around for quite a long time . There was no doubt that Saul had been taking good care of Anfey . Even though he had decided to personally craft a space ring for Anfey when they got back, he bought a substitute ring at a magic shop which cost him over 50 gold coins .


It seemed that Anfey liked the ring a lot, as he kept staring at it . In fact, he was thinking about Yagor’s space ring he had hidden since he did not know what to do with it . Anfey wouldn’t know how much joy it would bring him until he returned to the deserted island .


"Anfey, are you tired?" Saul smiled at Anfey . Saul was happy to see Anfey really liked his gift .


"No, Professor," Anfey responded with a smile . "Professor, can I borrow a silver coin?"


Saul took out a few gold coins without hesitation and asked curiously, "What do you want to buy?"


Anfey shook his head . "I don’t need that much . One silver coin is enough . "


"Take them if the archmage is giving them to you," Ernest suggested . He snickered . This dumb kid would have passed out if he knew that ring cost over 50 gold coins . Luckily, Saul sent Anfey to do something else while he was buying the ring, so Anfey did not see how much Saul paid for the ring . Everyone believed themselves to be correct . However, Ernest would be the most shocked by who Anfey really was .


"Then… I will borrow a gold coin . " Anfey reached towards one of the gold coins and picked it up with two fingers .


"Stupid…" Ernest didn’t know whether or not he should be happy . Ernest knew Anfey was simple and kind . He still could not help cursing when he saw Anfey did not take those free gold coins .


Saul did not say anything . He put away the rest of the gold coins . There was no doubt that Saul was rich, but he never showed this generosity in front of his other students . Anfey was the exception .


Anfey walked quickly towards a stand that sold magic tools across the street . He looked at those crafts at the stand . Saul and Ernest gave each other a wry smile . Those crafts on the stand were not comparable with the ones in a famous store . They were almost like toys for kids . The ones in the famous stores could actually perform magic and save lives when they were needed!


"Sir, you have good eyes . This is the best one at my stand!" The peddler was showing him the items . "Sir, look at this bracelet, look at the pure and strong magic flow . It’s only four silver coins . Look at this one…"


"Here!" Anfey gave the peddler a gold coin .


The peddler was shocked and hesitated for a second, before reaching out with his hand . Anfey put the gold coin in his palm and brushed it lightly with his fingers . It seemed that he did not do it on purpose .


"Sir, what else do you want to buy?" The peddler gave a friendly smile . "Everything here is…" He stopped talking when he noticed Anfey was staring at him . The disdain in Anfey’s eyes turned into killing intent .


The peddler felt uneasy . "Sir, which one would you like to buy? You… Can you say something! You…"


Anfey stared at the peddler for a while, then smiled . "I’m sorry . I thought you were someone else . I was cheated last month by a guy who looked like you . He had an incisor missing, but you do not . I am sorry . "


"No worries . " The peddler smiled . "Sir, which one do you like?"


"This bracelet . " Anfey picked up a bracelet .


"Sir, you have great taste . This bracelet was passed down through generations of my family . Ahh… I wouldn’t sell it if I didn’t need money urgently . " The peddler said with some regret .


"How much is this bracelet?"


"Ten silver coins . "


"What? Didn’t you say four silver coins before?!"


"No, I didn’t, sir! This bracelet is so nice that I would never sell it for just four silver coins . " The peddler scowled . "You must have heard it wrong . It’s ten, not four!"


"Nonsense! I heard four!" Anfey angrily said, "Are you bullying me now? Because I am a newcomer? Ok . I will ask my master to come . He can back me up . "


"Don’t…" That peddler was worried, "Sir, you… you really heard it wrong . Alright, alright, take it . It’s just my bad luck, alright?"


"Just joking . " Anfey laughed, "You can just give me a silver coin back as change . 99 is my lucky number . "


"You… What did you say?" The peddler was lost .


"You can just give me a silver coin back . Didn’t you say you need money? I am just helping you out this time, what do you think?"


"Thank you, I really appreciate it . You are a kind man," the peddler gratefully said . " Sir, you are a nice man!" That peddler took out a silver coin from his inside pocket and carefully passed it to Anfey .


Anfey rubbed the seller’s palm with his fingertips again when he picked up the silver coin . Anfey grinned at the peddler after putting the silver coin away . He hastily walked back to the hotel with the bracelet .


"Professor, does this bracelet look nice?" Anfey showed the bracelet to Saul .


"Yes, very nice . " Saul would not say anything to upset Anfey . "Anfey, what will you do with the bracelet?"


"Professor, you’re allowing me to move in with you after you admit me to the Mage Academy, so I don’t have to stay in the dorm . At the very least, I need to buy you some gifts . "


"Good kid, you are very considerate . " Saul laughed .


Anfey pretended to smile in front of Saul . However, he knew there was nothing worth smiling about at all .


As an assassin, Anfey had a great short-term memory . He could remember everything his eyes captured within a certain period of time, regardless of how important or unimportant it was to him . For example, Anfey walked into a messy room and came out right away . He could correctly tell exactly where everything was at . He would wipe any useless memories from his brain after several hours . Assassins might experience many unexpected situations . It was very possible that some minor things an assassin saw a few seconds earlier, which most people would easily neglect, could save their lives . Short-term memory was the most basic skill assassins needed to learn .


Anfey was suspicious of the peddler . It was confirmed when he saw the movements of the peddler’s sly eyes . Anfey had seen this pair of eyes three times in two hours . One time was when he walked out of the hotel room . Another time was at the magic store . The last time was across from the hotel!


Anfey had a very simple but effective way to test out any suspect . It was to create an opportunity to look at the suspect’s eyes . The eyes would tell if the suspect was scheming something . Anfey might be scolded for being a psycho if the suspect was innocent . However, it was better to be scolded than to make mistakes and fall into another’s trap .


The peddler’s pam felt dry when Anfey first touched his hand . Then Anfey sent out hostile vibes when he stared at the seller . The peddler’s hand was wet, along with the silver coin, the second time Anfey touched his hand, after he mentioned calling Saul over . People’s hands would become wet only under three circumstances . One was when exercising . Second was the weather . The third was nervousness . The first two possibilities were eliminated, so what was the peddler nervous about?


It would be an eventful night today… Anfey secretly moved his fingers a little bit . This was his habit .

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