All My Beasts are Legendary - Chapter 249

Chapter 249: A Black Stone and Everyone Arrived

“They came so fast?”

Ye Xuan frowned.

He flew over and landed on the island, intending to look for the treasure aura that the Tidal Treasure Snail had detected.

He suddenly found through the Tidal Treasure Snail’s Real-Time Map that some Beast Tamers from the Silver Blood Clan, the Eternal Night Clan, the Gold Horn Clan, and the Silver Horn Clan were approaching him.

And these Beast Tamers were not coming together in the same direction.

Instead, they were coming from everywhere, but with the same goal to kill him.

These Beast Tamers traveled fast.

They were only three miles away from him in a short time.

“Everyone, speed up. Tighten the encirclement. Don’t forget to set up a trap.”

The Beast Tamers from the Silver Blood Clan and other clans already stopped being cautious when Ye Xuan had detected their motions.

They traveled extremely fast.

They dashed directly to the island where Ye Xuan was.

Those Beast Tamers from various clans were all extremely excited.

They had been chasing Ye Xuan for a long time. And finally, they caught him here.

They made up their mind that they would not let Ye Xuan escape again this time, no matter what it would cost them.

“Keep your beasts a little more away from here. I will make my Vanity Spider build a web.”

“You go first. I’ll make my Poisonous Centipede create a toxic fog in this area.”

“Me too. Let’s go a little bit further. I will make my beast plant some Twisting Seeds in this sea area.”

At the same time, the Beast Tamers from all clans, who had been fully prepared, were sending squads out while approaching Ye Xuan.

And those squads were setting up traps nearby.

Some of those traps were easy to detect. They were just there. Everyone knew they were traps.

However, you would have to bypass them if you wanted to travel farther.

And other traps were invisible.

Even though Ye Xuan had the Tidal Treasure Snail’s Real-Time Map, he would not be able to find them out without a thorough check.

“Looks, this fight is inevitable.”

Seeing so many Beast Tamers approaching him through the Real-Time Map, Ye Xuan instantly realized one thing.

He realized would not be able to run away this time.

After all, no matter how strong his Big Dream Sleeping Rock was, even though it could kill a lot of people.

It would still be hard for the Big Dream Sleeping Rock to take him out of here.

Beast Tamers were strong indeed.

But Beast Tamers themselves were their forever weakest point.

That was why Ye Xuan had never given up cultivating Martial Arts Techniques.

He had seen few effects by then.

But over time, as his beasts reverse nurtured him more and more.

He would absolutely gain success in the Warrior Path.

And he did not expect a lot.

He only wished he could protect himself. That was all.

At the same time, Ye Xuan looked very calm in the face of so many Beast Tamers’ attacks.

Because he had imagined such a fight and developed his plan in his head already.

He let Lil Wan stop on his shoulder very calmly after a brief pause.

Then he told her to take him to the center of the island.


Ye Xuan looked over while flying to the center. He saw there were still more than twenty Silver-level Fierce Sea Dragon Crocodile Beasts alive on the island.

Clinging together, they were having crazy sex.

At the same time, there was an unusual atmosphere spreading on the island.

As the atmosphere spread, even Ye Xuan felt he saw illusions before his eyes, too.

And he was aroused. He could not help it.


Feeling that atmosphere, Ye Xuan glanced at the Evil Fiery Red Luan preening itself on a big rock with an innocent face. Then he cursed to himself.

That dude had good strength indeed.

But what was happening at the moment was quite annoying.

He decided he would not call it out again unless it were his last resort.

He did not even have a girlfriend yet. He could in no way deal with such a situation.


Ye Xuan threw a look at Lil Wan, who was standing on his shoulder.

He felt even this little darling’s face was flushing.

“It’s here?”

Lil Wan flew fast. She took Ye Xuan to the center of the island quickly.

They arrived at where the two Gold-level Fierce Sea Dragon Crocodile Beasts had been sleeping.

Ye Xuan saw a giant black stone more than six feet high as soon as they arrived there.

The treasure aura that the Tidal Treasure Snail had detected earlier was right from the giant stone.

And the two Fierce Sea Dragon Crocodile Beasts had been resting nearby.

“What the hell is that?”

Gazing at the giant stone in front of him, Ye Xuan wondered.

He went closer to the giant stone.

Then he perceived a deterrence from it.

That deterrence was even a little stronger than what he could give off by maneuvering his Mind Energy.


Ye Xuan shifted his consciousness to try to use his Mind Energy to lift the giant stone.

However, he was quite embarrassed.

The giant stone seemed to be heavy, and he could not lift it.

It did not even move a little bit.


However, at this moment, the Tyrannosaurus, which had perceived the aura of the stone earlier and came here with Ye Xuan, dashed forward as soon as it saw the stone. It opened its mouth wide to pick the stone up.

Then it turned around to show Ye Xuan the stone in its mouth.

As if it was showing off.

“Enough is enough.”

Ye Xuan’s face fell.

Did his beast mock him? That was literally beyond his imagination.

He certainly would not put up with it.

He shifted his consciousness to take the Tyrannosaurus back into its World of Dragons.

“Let’s go.”

After that, Ye Xuan looked at the Fierce Sea Dragon Crocodile Beasts in the distance. Those twenty-odd Fierce Sea Dragon Crocodile Beasts had finished their thing. They were lying on their stomachs on the ground, exhausted and motionless.

Then he let Lil Wan take him to the highest mountain peak on the island.

At the same time, he did not forget to take all of his beasts back into the Beast Lairs.


Ye Xuan and Lil Wan landed at the highest mountain peak on the island in a second.

This mountain peak was the highest on the island, but it was only about three hundred feet high.

That being said, Ye Xuan looked around from the peak.

And he could already see the Beast Tamers from all clans approaching him.

By then, those Beast Tamers had all sent their beasts out.

Ye Xuan looked over and saw numerous beasts, following their owners, approaching him from all directions.

There were so many of them that they even covered the entire sky. He guessed there were two or even three thousand.

It would be a lot in sight, even if they were human beings.

Not to mention those were beasts.

Few beasts, especially Silver-level ones, were so small as Lil Wan or the Tidal Treasure Snail.

The higher level they were on, the bigger size they would usually be.

Many of the beasts approaching Ye Xuan were more than twenty feet long.

And there were even many larger ones, like more than thirty feet long or more than sixty feet long.

Of course, none of them was as large as the Tyrannosaurus.

“I am really flattered.”

At the peak, Ye Xuan was quite helpless to see so many beasts.

“Is that Ye Xuan?”

“Yes, exactly. It’s him!”

“This dude is really arrogant. We are already so close to him, but he isn’t going to do anything to break the encirclement?”

In the distance, the Beast Tamers from all clans were surprised to see Ye Xuan fly to that peak and look at them from there.

Actually, more than surprised, they were extremely shocked.

They could not figure out why Ye Xuan was not even trying to hide when he had found about their approach.

Instead, he was standing at that peak as if he was expecting them.


At this moment, the leaders of those clans all waved their hands to tell their teams to stop.

They were still more than two miles away from the peak where Ye Xuan was.

But to be cautious, they stopped advancing.

“Get ready. Keep one-third of your beasts around you, just in case Ye Xuan will launch any surprise attack. Send all of the other beasts out!”

“Remember! Don’t mind Ye Xuan’s beasts. We only have one goal, which is Ye Xuan!”

Soon, when the orders had been given.

The Beast Tamers sent all of their beasts out.

“What happened?”

“How come they are all here?”

“Shoot! Could Ye Xuan be here?”

Somewhere far away from the island where Ye Xuan was, Huo Tong and Qian Ziyun were together. They turned pale at the sight of so many Beast Tamers and so many beasts. They got so nervous that they did not even dare breathe.

Hundreds of Beast Tamers and two or three thousand beasts were heading for the island in the distance together. What were they going to do?

Except for Ye Xuan, they could think of anyone or anything else that could have created such a big disturbance.


However, while they were wondering that.

Primo, standing on the Thunderous Mechanical Gear, suddenly dashed to them from far away.

“Two Ceruleans?”

Primo showed a hideous smile while dashing over when he had glanced at them.

Compared to the clans living on other planets, there was one thing extraordinary about the Ceruleans.

What was so special about them was that they were not special at all.

The other clans had horns on their heads, marks on their foreheads, or blood or hair of a different color. But the Ceruleans were not like that.

Therefore, Primo knew immediately that Huo Tong and Qian Ziyun were from the Cerulean Planet.

“A Silver Blood? A Gold-level monster?”

At the sight of the Thunderous Mechanical Gear that Primo was standing on, Huo Tong and Qian Ziyun instantly turned pale.

“Let’s get out of here!”

They exchanged a look. Then they both decided to leave the trial grounds of the sea world right away.

In fact, they had been hiding from Beast Tamers from other clans and looking for Ye Xuan the whole time.

They only wanted to figure out what Ye Xuan was going through.

As to their trial tasks, they actually finished them a long time ago.

That was why they could go back anytime.

However, to their surprise, they happened to see such an unexpected thing before they were about to leave.

Hundreds of Beast Tamers from all clans were directing two or three thousand beasts to attack Ye Xuan.

And a Gold-level Beast Tamer from the Silver Blood Clan came a long way for the battlefield.

They felt desperate after they had seen that.

In such circumstances, even if there were ten Ye Xuan, what could they do? Not to mention that there was only one Ye Xuan.