After Transmigrating as a Demon, I've Been Adopted by Angels! - Chapter 210

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Chapter 210: Rescue the Team

Toru laid on the ground in silence.

In fact, he had already woken up when dragon king number one touched him.

However, he was shocked by dragon king number one’s words.

Toru’s eyes had been gouged out, so he could not see dragon king number one’s expression.

However, he could tell from the voice that dragon king number one’s grief was not fake.

However, he also felt anger in his heart.


The senior he had once respected was actually his father!

Then, why did his father abandon him in the first place?

Toru wanted to question dragon king number one, but the words were stuck in his throat.

Toru felt a strong hatred for dragon king number one for abandoning him.

This was because… that had caused him endless suffering when he was young.

However, he had to admit that dragon king number one had indeed fulfilled his responsibility as a father.

He could only quietly listen to dragon king number one talking to himself.

Dragon king number one seemed to have noticed Toru waking up and was rather proud to talk about what he had just done.

“Toru, you don’t know. I’ve dealt with the dragon king number two and his accomplices who bullied you. Those dragon warriors you hate will never appear in front of you again.

“As for Gabrielle, I’ll leave her to you. I’ll definitely cure you, don’t worry.

“Let the place that hurt you suffer the wrath of hell…”


Slowly, Toru became more and more shocked.

It turned out that the first dragon king had betrayed the Dragon Race and followed the demon because of him.

The surprise that the demon in his mind had mentioned was actually the first dragon king.

Toru felt a warm feeling in his heart.

Then, he felt a burning sensation on his back.

It was the demon’s breath.

Toru could hear the continuous explosions coming from afar.

This explosion was louder than any previous ones.

It was like thunder, shaking the ground violently.

Toru did not see that dragon king number one had already activated the magic array on the ground.

Endless demonic energy poured into Toru’s body from the magic array.

Then, the space power generated by the explosion actually carried the dead angels and the power of the Dragon Race into the direction of the magic array.

At this time, the Dragon Queen looked at the angel, and the vice-captain, who were lying on the ground, and was furious.

The angel had obviously been hit in the head from behind.

Her brains were splattered everywhere.

She could not be any more dead.

“Look at this neat technique… it’s actually done by the Dragon Race!”

“Another traitor has appeared in the Dragon Race.”

“Who is it!”

The angel’s wound had been cleaned up. However, it was impossible to tell who the murderer was just by looking at the wound.

However, Sarafini discovered a detail.

Beside the vice-captain’s hand, there was a small, crooked character.

That was the text that the Dragon Race and the angel had sent earlier.

“Raphael is in danger, save him!”

The Queen of the Dragon Race could still sense the energy fluctuations in the central square.

However, she did not hesitate for long and quickly flew toward Raphael’s direction.

This was because Sarafini discovered that there was a strong space explosion on Raphael’s side, and it was a big explosion.

If Raphael was hit by that explosion, he would most likely die on the spot.

Sarafini could not accept this outcome.

If Raphael died again, the relationship between the dragons and heaven would most likely deteriorate to an irreparable state.

While Paradise Island was in chaos, Davis was very relaxed.

Lilia laid in Davis’ arms and hugged Davis’ back as she asked, “Davis, did that monster fall for the trap?”

Davis revealed a confident smile as he calmly said, “There’s a high probability.

“Even if it fails, I have nothing to lose.”

Lilia praised him and said, “That makes sense. If that plan succeeds, we can get rid of that monkey monster.”

After saying that, due to the numbness and itchiness in her body, Lilia gently twisted in Davis’ arms.

Her hand also tightly grabbed Davis’ back.

Davis nodded.

“Yes, I’m worried that there are other monsters in that forest. That’s why I used this safe method to eliminate it.”

Davis felt a little scared when he said this.

If he did not have the ability to teleport, the monster from before would have already killed him.

He did not know how many trump cards a monster with the strength of a seraph had.

What was more terrifying was that the monster also had a certain level of intelligence.

Davis did not want to take the risk again.

“Lilia, hold on to me!”

After saying that, Davis flew toward the monkey-shaped monster while Lilia cried out in surprise.

Although Davis was not good at flying, but when he was flying from a high altitude to the ground, due to the gravity, his flying speed was quite fast.

The sound of the wind whistled in his ears.

The air passed through the surface of Davis’ body, causing the temperature on the surface of his skin to drop rapidly.


Davis held Lilia in his arms, who was extremely hot.

The temperature of Lilia’s body made Davis feel very comfortable, making up for the heat he lost.

Lilia was in human form, and there were no scales on her skin.

The air was already very cold at a height of hundreds of thousands of meters.

Under the strong wind, she was shivering from the cold.

Lilia’s hair stood on end.

Her lips were purple.

Her white and red skin was also pale from the cold.

Even the desire in her body weakened a little.


“What’s wrong with you?”

Lilia lowered her head and said with some grievance, “I feel very cold. My hands and feet are numb. It’s all because of you…”

She felt that Davis was rubbing against her body to keep warm. When she could not help it, she took the opportunity to complain.

Davis touched Lilia’s nose and said gently, “If you’re afraid of the cold, you could have said it earlier.”

Lilia turned her face to the side and whispered, “It’s rare for me to be hugged by you. I really cherish this experience. I don’t want to ruin the atmosphere.”

Then, Lilia looked at Davis and said, “After all, I can’t let you hug me forever in the future…”

Davis looked at the silent Lilia and lowered his head to kiss Lilia.

Then, he smiled and said, “These are not problems.

“Lilia, release the demonic power in your body.”

“Okay.” Lilia obediently followed suit and released the demonic power in her body.

“That’s it. Relax, and don’t resist my power.”


Davis similarly released the demonic power in his body and fused his demonic power with Lilia’s.

Then, Davis released an SS rank demonic spell, Possession of Black Flames.

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