After Transmigrating as a Demon, I've Been Adopted by Angels! - Chapter 209

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Uriel pressed on and said, “Then, can we go forth and rescue Raphael now? We don’t know when the messenger will come back. We can’t just wait here, right?”


The vice-captain heard Uriel’s words and bowed to persuade him.


“Please don’t be anxious, archangel. Now is not the best time. When that position weakens a little and when the holy power inside and outside is reconnected, we can contact archangel Raphael to carry out the rescue.


“It seems that the situation has turned for the better. However, if we act rashly, we might lose everything.”


After Uriel heard the vice-captain’s words, he glared at him.


At the same time, Uriel was waiting for that opportunity to come.



In the central square of Paradise Island, the buildings there had become ruins.


Toru and Gabrielle were lying quietly on the ground.


Gabrielle was on the verge of death, while Toru was still waiting for the surprise that the mysterious demon had mentioned.


At this time, at the edge of the central square, dragon king number one dragged his body covered in blood and shakily headed toward Toru.


As the most powerful dragon among the dragons besides the Dragon Queen, Sarafini, the number one dragon king had already killed dragon king number two, as well as all the dragon warriors in dragon king number two’s team.


Moreover, he was seriously injured because of this.


There was no blood on his body, but his spirit was very weak.


Most of his clothes were damaged.


During the battle between dragon king number one and dragon king number two, dragon king number one’s internal organs were injured by dragon king number two’s sneak attack.


At this moment, dragon king number one still had the dragon power unique to dragon king number two in his body.


The dragon power was constantly eroding dragon king number one’s body and devouring his power.


However, his expression at this moment was very relaxed.


“Fortunately, I made it.”


However, when dragon king number one looked in Toru’s direction, he saw Toru and Gabrielle, who were covered in blood.


Apparently, a big battle had taken place on the spot.


As a result of that big battle was that Toru and Gabrielle were both injured.


When dragon king number one saw that scene, his heart tightened.


Ignoring his injuries, he sped up and ran in Toru’s direction.


On the way, dragon king number one fell to the ground due to his injuries.


However, he quickly got up and ran toward Toru.


Toru’s head was facing away from dragon king number one.


Hence, dragon king number one could not see Toru’s face clearly.


He could only see the back of Toru’s body, so he could not see Toru’s injuries clearly.


However, dragon king number one saw Gabrielle’s miserable state.


Both of her feet were missing


Her right eye had also exploded.


Moreover, the aura that appeared on Gabrielle’s body was also very weak.


Dragon king number one’s heart sank.


Just by looking at Gabrielle’s injuries, he knew that Toru and Gabrielle’s battle was fierce.


Toru’s strength had been weakened by the Dragon Queen, so his strength could not be compared to Gabrielle’s.


If Gabrielle was injured like that, then Toru must have been seriously injured?


Dragon king number one felt a sudden pain in his heart, and at the same time, he felt a slight sense of suffocation.


Dragon king number one could not help but quicken his pace.


However, a hand covered in blood grabbed the leg of dragon king number one’s pants.


“Save me… that traitor Toru actually crippled my eyes and hands! Dragon king number two, you must make a decision for me. Killing that bastard Toru will definitely make dragon king number one completely decadent…”


It turned out that Gabrielle had mistaken the number one dragon king for the number two dragon king.


When the number one dragon king heard Gabrielle’s words, his face instantly turned livid.


He had guessed the whole story from Gabrielle’s words.


It was probably that pretentious Gabrielle who was looking for trouble with Toru, but ended up being defeated by Toru instead.


The number one dragon king felt somewhat gratified.


At the same time, the number one dragon king was also furious.


Gabrielle had actually used this chaotic moment to exact a personal vendetta!


The number one dragon king shook off Gabrielle’s men with all his might, and then kicked Gabrielle’s abdomen like a piece of trash.


With one kick, Gabrielle slid a few hundred meters away from the number one dragon king.


This time, Gabrielle did not even have the strength to speak.


Dragon king number one’s casual kick broke her ribs and spine.


Now, she was lying on the ground like a dead dog.


Due to the friction with the ground, Gabrielle’s upper body turned several times along the broken spine, causing her body to look like twisted steel.


However, her tough dragon body did not collapse because of this.


Gabrielle just kept spitting out dark red blood.


Her nose, ears, and the rest of her left eye were all oozing horrible blood.


It was the symbol of internal organs being broken and thrown away.


The ground where Gabrielle glided was covered with her blood.


Dragon king number one ignored Gabrielle and continued to walk toward Toru.


He was only a dozen steps away from Toru.


In the blink of an eye, he had arrived in front of Toru.




Toru, who had fallen into a coma again, mumbled.


Part of his injury had recovered, but he could barely make a sound.


When dragon king number one heard Toru address him father, he was delighted.


However, he knew very well that Toru was probably talking in his sleep.


Toru had often called out father when he was sleeping soundly when he was young.


However, Toru then made a violent cough.


The cough was clearly accompanied by the sound of vomiting blood.


The sound was intermittent and it made dragon king number one’s scalp tingle.


The first dragon king saw a large pool of blood on the ground where Toru was lying.


His heart felt like it was being cut by a knife.




That damned Gabrielle had actually injured Toru to this extent.


It was unforgivable!


However, the most important thing now was to treat Toru first.


The first dragon king trembled as he turned Toru over.


The first thing he saw was Toru’s two bloody eye sockets.


Toru’s big, bright eyes had disappeared.


On Toru’s neck, there was a hideous stamp mark and a bloody hole that was still dripping with blood.


However, the rest of Toru’s body was not fatally injured.


“My poor son…”


Seeing Toru’s injury, dragon king number one’s heart ached so much that tears streamed down his face.


Dragon king number one quickly injected pure dragon power into Toru’s body to delay Toru’s injuries.


At the same time, his hands moved non-stop as he drew a magic array on the ground.


That magic array was only in its embryonic form and did not have any energy fluctuations.


Dragon king number one muttered, “Soon, soon… Toru, my good son, when the sacrifice is ready, I will be able to save you. If I can’t accept your Dragon Race, I won’t stay! No matter what price I have to pay, I will save you!”

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