After Transmigrating as a Demon, I've Been Adopted by Angels! - Chapter 208

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Chapter 208: Turning the Tables

The Dragon Queen was proficient in the power of space.

At the moment, if nothing unexpected happened, they would not be in danger this time.

Raphael had been fascinated by the transparent power.

The power of space outside kept contracting.

The power of space also became stronger due to contracting.

The transparent power did not weaken much.

However, the power of light within could not withstand it and shrank inward.

Raphael saw the problem at a glance.

His power alone was not enough to fight against the power of space in the outside world.

Now, the balance was starting to fall.

If the balance was completely broken, they would be swallowed by the concentrated power of space.

Raphael could not accept that outcome.

“There’s no time to explain. Everyone, quickly release your powers and transfer them to that boundary.”

When the angels and dragon warriors heard Raphael’s words, none of them raised any objections.

That was because they had also seen the shrinking boundary.

If they were to play tricks now, they would only be harming others.

Almost everyone released their powers to help Raphael resist the power of space outside.

Even those who were slightly injured contributed a little.

The space where Raphael was instantly lit up with gold and red light.

The light illuminated the space like a fiery red sun.

With the addition of these powers, the balance there was temporarily maintained.

Raphael heaved a sigh of relief.

He then observed the transparent power of the boundary.

However, he discovered that within that transparent power, there seemed to be the shadow of Davis.

Looking at that, the image of Davis kept appearing in Raphael’s mind.

Raphael shook his head.

However, that feeling became even stronger.

This made Raphael very surprised.

Could it be that he had some thoughts about Davis?

Raphael was puzzled.

His attention was completely focused on the space power outside and the transparent power.

However, he did not notice that the blood in his body from Davis was undergoing some unnoticeable changes.

The transparent boundary, after being squeezed by the power coming from both sides, began to absorb the power as well.

The process was very slow.

That was why Raphael and the others did not notice it.

They only thought that the increase in power consumption was due to the increase in the power of space in the outside world.

The transparent boundary continued to absorb the power from both sides and the power was constantly condensing.

It soon assimilated into the same power.

“Look, the power of space in the outside world seems to have weakened.”

“That’s indeed the case. Why?”

“Do you even need to ask? Of course, it’s because Sir Raphael’s strategy worked. Even if it’s the spatial power, it’s not infinite. As long as we persevere for a while longer, we will definitely welcome the final victory.”

After the angels cheered, the dragon warriors also began to discuss.

“It really worked, as expected of the archangel. He actually thought of such a strange strategy in such a short period of time.”

“It really worked. I can’t believe it! I apologize for what I said before.”

“Everyone, put in more effort and get out of this damn place as soon as possible.”

The angels and dragon warriors spontaneously released more power.

Raphael felt that something was wrong.

Other than shrinking some distance from the inside at the beginning, the boundary was almost unchanged.

It was like a solid wall.

Although Raphael was suspicious, he could not see through it.

Hence, Raphael also tried harder to release the power in his body.

Then, Raphael saw a scene that made him very happy.

A ray of light suddenly penetrated into the originally airtight darkness outside.

That ray of light was particularly dazzling against the darkness beside it.

It was like the sun breaking through the dark clouds, carrying with it a shocking power.

After the first ray of light appeared, immediately after, the second and third ray of light followed suit.

Soon, over a hundred tiny rays of light broke through the darkness and rushed in from the outside world.

After the appearance of the hundred rays of light, the trapped angels and dragon warriors all became excited.

After being trapped for so long, that ray of light finally gave them hope of escaping.

“Look, there’s light there. It seems that the power of space outside has weakened a lot.”

“We’re about to escape. What a rush!”

“Light will eventually defeat darkness!”

The angels and dragon warriors became restless.

Seeing the hope of escaping, everyone was excited.

Even Raphael, who had maintained his dignified image, smiled.

The weakening of the power of the outer space did not seem to require the help of the Dragon Queen to escape.

As the number of light beams increased, Raphael also discovered something that made him happy.

Those light beams were still coming in with the divine power from the outside world.

Raphael thought that if there were more cracks in the darkness, it would be wider.

Perhaps, he could use the divine power connected to the outside world to tell Uriel what was going on inside.

Only if Uriel joined in the tug-of-war would they be able to escape faster.

The injured were still waiting for her help.

If he wanted to save the injured, he could only wait until he got out and let the angels who were proficient in the power of space remove the power of space from the injured. Only then could he lead the healing team to treat the injured.

Now, as long as he waited for the power of space to subside to a certain extent, he could contact Uriel and suppress the power of space together.

Raphael’s idea was very good.

However, Uriel and the others who were watching outside were terrified.

The vice-captain Uriel had sent to deliver the letter had not returned for a long time.

Uriel felt that it was a little strange, but he did not send anyone to confirm it.

This was because the current situation was quite critical.

The light rays around the square field had produced a great curvature.

It looked much more exaggerated than air under the high temperature.

Moreover, the black sphere that Uriel had seen earlier had also disappeared at this moment.

“Quickly tell me, what happened in the square space force field that you mentioned?

“Why did it become like this?”

Uriel’s tone was very urgent.

As that spatial field was abnormal, Uriel suddenly felt that Raphael’s life force had decreased a lot.

This caused Uriel to no longer be able to quietly wait for Raphael to destroy that spatial field.

When the vice-captain standing beside Uriel heard Uriel’s question, he respectfully said, “Sir archangel, that spatial field has shrunk to its limit, and the power of space within it has also weakened considerably.

“I speculate that some changes have occurred within that spatial field, causing the spatial field to change ahead of time.”

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