Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens! - Chapter 1840

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Chapter 1840 “Sinner (3)”

But Gu Ya on the other hand doesn’t know anything, hence her inability to grasp why someone who schemes to get into the man’s bed would openly expose her own character. Wouldn’t that be the equivalent of pushing the monarch away by shooting her own foot?

“Afterwards?” Heavenly acted like he didn’t see Gu Ya’s shocked gaze and continued to ask.

Ji Sky’s heart quivered: “I… I injured the madam. If Your Monarchness wishes to punish me then I fully accept my fault… I only ask that I not be casted away and driven out of the Monarch Manor.”

The frown on Heavenly’s face grew deeper and deeper until his brain seemingly exploded over that statement.

He hurt my wife Ning’er?

The woman I loved for most of my life, she got hurt by the hands of my own men?

Tightly clenching his fist, the man’s energy surged and wrapped around the hand as he shot it over to Ji Sky’s chest.

No one stopped the monarch there, nor did they plead for the elder’s case.

He’s got to take this punch! Whether it was for his impulses of that day, or for him hurting the monarch’s wife, he must take this in order to repent. And if he didn’t endure this punch, well, the consequences may be the expulsion from the Monarch Manor. Being driven out was far worse than taking a hit, that proves Ji Sky wouldn’t be driven out already and be forced to leave.

“Do you believe you should suffer this punch?” Heavenly’s voice sounded harsh and serious as he lashed out.

Climbing up from the ground, Elder Sky wipes the blood from the corner of his mouth: “I deserved this.”

“I want you to remember that no one is to believed without evidence. Such a mistake will not be tolerated again. Regardless of what they say, a judgement must be made only after a proper investigation. Out of Song’s case and the fact that you did out of worry for her, plus your long years of service to the Monarch Manor, I will overlook this one time. If there’s a second, I won’t show the same mercy!”

If it hadn’t been for Di Ling Yan tugging at his sleeve next to himself, plus Song’s pleading gaze….

Maybe this punch wouldn’t have been so light.

But since he had no intention of evicting the elder, Ji Sky had to bear the punch for the reason of hurting his beloved wife.

“Yes,” Ji Sky sighed a breath of relief as he knelt in respect, “thank you monarch.”

That punch was indeed not very heavy, only causing the senior a few minor injuries on the organ. A mere healing pill would suffice.

The corners of Gu Ya’s mouth were a little stiff then. She didn’t miss the part where Ji Sky called Bai Ning the madam of the manor.

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When did this woman become the mistress of the Monarch Manor? In just a few months and the monarch already accepted her?

“Monarch!” Gu Ya panicked, causing her elegant face to turn colorless, “You really want this woman as your wife? Do you know who she is? Know her past? And she’s a married woman, how can she be fit for the position of being the mistress of the Monarch Manor?”

Heavenly’s attention slowly receded from Elder Sky’s figure and shifted over to Gu Ya after that outcry.

“Elders, you have all heard it for yourself on this woman’s ambition. She and her daughter are both coming with ill intent, do you not see that? The two of them intends to share a single husband, would that arrangement turn the entire Monarch Manor upside down?!”

By this point Heavenly’s gaze wasn’t that of indifference anymore, it’s that of a storm ready to blow.

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