Adopting and Raising the Male Lead and the Villain - Chapter 281

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Because the discussion that day had proven fruitless, Li Jinyuan stopped going to work, not even doing anything to raise his publicity.

Every time Zhong Yuhuan went downstairs, she would see Li Jinyuan sitting on the sofa alone, playing games on his phone. He was playing really badly too, and without earbuds, so from time to time, there would be sounds of his teammates’ cursing at how trash he was.

It was both pitiful and funny.

Zhong Yuhuan: “…”

Has Li Jinyuan’s childishness advanced to this extent?!

Not working just because of a refusal!

Zhong Yuhuan walked over, trying to persuade him again, “Are you really not considering Huo Chengming?”

Li Jinyuan didn’t even bother raising his head. “No way.”

“Everyone’s family. What’s there to dislike about each other?”

Li Jinyuan lifted his head. “When we were in middle school he thought that my hands were too short and I felt that he was mentally weak.”

Zhong Yuhuan: ???

When did this happen? Haven’t they always been very good brothers, affectionate and harmonious?

Huo Chengming came downstairs. “Huanhuan, we should leave.”

Zhong Yuhuan replied, “Ah, okay.”

But after replying to Huo Chengming, Zhong Yuhuan still felt bad, so she thought about it and asked, “When does the show start filming?”

“Next month.”

Zhong Yuhuan exhaled but still didn’t readily agree.

She needed to weigh the pros and cons again.

Zhong Yuhuan turned and walked out with Huo Chengming.

Li Jinyuan saw her leave without replying and was immediately stunned.

Watching her walk away, the game sounded again. Li Jinyuan lowered his head and saw that his team was being destroyed.

Li Jinyuan got rid of the warm expression on his face and started another round. For this round, he was completely different from when Zhong Yuhuan was home. Li Jinyuan beat them up so hard that the other side cried and shouted for their parents. Someone on the other side even opened their microphone, continuously whispering, “Older bro, please show mercy.”

Li Jinyuan coldly turned off the voice chat, using his ultimate skills to kill his opponents.


Although Zhong Yuhuan didn’t agree, Huo Chengming still paid attention to it.

For the first episode of《Time Travel》, only Li Jinyuan and Zhong Yuhuan had agreed to join the show, and they wouldn’t have brought him in if he hadn’t forcefully inserted himself.

So, Huo Chengming had long ordered his secretary to pay attention to this reality show called《Top Speed》.

The turbulent undercurrent seemed to have suddenly disappeared and everything appeared to be normal. Nothing stood out about Huo Chengming’s actions and Li Jinyuan seemed to have become obsessed with some game.

Zhong Yuhuan would often hear his teammates criticize him for being so noob. Li Jinyuan wouldn’t refute them and would continue to silently fight. He never mentioned his work either, as pitiful as someone who was abandoned by their teammates to die…

Zhong Yuhuan didn’t like it at all.

On the other side.

Ling Lan formally signed with Wen Yongchen’s agency.

She didn’t know that the movie resource in Wen Yongchen’s hands was from Zhong Yuhuan. She looked at the signboard of the agency in front of her, filled with anticipation for the future.

… Someday, she will take back everything that originally belonged to her!

In the blink of an eye, it was the weekend again.

The two episodes of《Time Travel》had already been broadcasted.

Grandpa Ding told them to go to Yuelan villa for a meal. When they were all in the car, Zhong Yuhuan couldn’t help but ask, “Li Jinyuan, are you angry?”

Li Jinyuan shook his head. “I’m not angry. Why does Huanhuan think that?”

“You haven’t gone out recently…” Zhong Yuhuan was pretty worried about his job. She had once heard Han Yingying say that exposure was crucial in the circle. It was why so many female stars were afraid of having children because once they left the screen, they would disappear from the news and their popularity would plummet.

Li Jinyuan smiled. “Brother Wei suggested that I rest. It’s just as well that I want to stay at home to accompany Huanhuan. I’m worried that if I work too much outside and rarely return home, Huanhuan will forget about me.”

“How could I?” Zhong Yuhuan pursed her lips.

Li Jinyuan didn’t say anything related to the reality show, only saying that brother Wei suggested for him to rest.

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