Absolute Choice

Jue Dui Xuan Xiang 绝对选项

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Martial Arts , Fantasy , Comedy , Action

Chapters: 613

Last update: 6 months ago

3.4 /5

When the Absolute Choice appears, if he doesn't make a choice, time will continue to be stopped.If he makes a choice but is unable to complete the task in the choice, time will reverse and the Absolute Choice will restart.Option 1: Single-handedly kill the demon world's Great Demon King using your strengthOption 2: Use three lines to capture the thousand year old virgin's heartShi Xiaobai chose option 1 and was fancily killed thousands of times; he chose option 2 and was rejected thousands of times in a variety of ways.Absolute Choice (Already picked 3210 times): "Choose, Boy!"Shi Xiaobai: "I choose death!"Shi Xiaobai killed himself in anger and though that he was free.Absolute Choice (Already picked 3211 times): "Choose, Boy!"Shi Xiaobai: ""

Absolute Choice