Abe the Wizard - Chapter 1210

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Chapter 1210: Sources of the Rune

The battle fort built on the frontline was still fighting hard against the resource point the Nation of God established. Whether it was to use up some spare time, or to declare authority, the two sides always fought against each other in several minor conflicts.

Today, two law-defying wizards saw that two trading items were in the most obvious locations. There was the “super healing potion,” which was supposed to be twice as effective as the original “power potion.” it cost 200 light stones. The cost was the same as the “super mana potion,” which was twice as effective as the mana potions.

One law-defying wizard spoke to his staff, “Did Grandmaster Bennett release a new potion?”

The working staff laughed, “Yes, this is Grandmaster Bennet’s way of taking care of those who came back from the frontline. Sorry to say, there are only 400 bottles of either bottle here.”

As a matter of fact, Abel could harvest the light stones faster than this, but he wanted to help out the class holders fighting on the frontline first. This was a special service from him, basically. He wanted to sell the potions appear Wizard Union wouldn’t take all of them before the class holders could get their share.

The law-defying wizards took out all the light stones he harvested, “Ha! Grandmaster Bennett is really taking care of us!”

It wasn’t just him. In fact, all the class holders with light stones were doing their bit to trade potions. As a matter of fact, the prices of the two super potions would always be very expensive. It wasn’t like the Wizard Union distributed plenty themselves since there weren’t many left after they were spending extra portions to assist in the war that was taking place.

Abel had potions that were much more effective than their original counterparts. As expensive as they were, they were definitely life-saving. While the portion was enough for the working staff, there were about several hundred law-defying wizards and several thousand advanced wizards.

Now, the mana-canceling potion worked like a double-edged sword. It worked for both sacred knights and wizards, so the Wizard Union made it a priority to make sure that they had all the ones produced. It was understandable from Abel’s perspective, so he obviously wasn’t going to give the Wizard Union any trouble for it. He figured that the Wizard Union would just pay the right amount of light stones to trade for him, so the price wasn’t a big concern. While, maybe it was, as it should be more profitable if he was trading with the class holders.

After sorting through the ingredients that were brewed, Abel used the teleportation gate to head back into the dark world. This time, he was not heading back to Harrogath for the boss fight. He was using his waypoint to arrive at the Fire River of the Mana Gathering Fort so he could teleport to the hell furnace. He realized that something was wrong as soon as he was there. He was a divine spirit there, and his senses were sharper because of it.

Today, the altar of the hell furnace just stopped absorbing energy. All the energy that was absorbed up to this point was fixed onto one little dot. Abel was standing right in front of the altar as he carefully observed the small dot. It was a very small dot before, but it was now occupied by a very powerful energy. It had been about a year since he realized what was wrong with the altar, and he did his calculations to make sure that he was arriving when the altar was ready for collection. He knew that this was originally a for making runes. Although the altar was already filled with energy, it didn’t have Mephistophles’s soul stone and the hell furnace. He wasn’t sure how the runes were crafted.

Abe slapped his head quickly, “Right, I’m a divine spirit now. I don’t need to ask anyone.”

He was a divine spirit on four of the continents inside the dark world. However, apart from the high elves and the blue howling rabbits living over at the Blood Moor, there were not a lot of living beings that he could compare himself with. He was having some problem figuring out what was different about him as a divine spirit.

Also, since he was not as strong as a real divine spirit, he wasn’t sure if he should even keep staying in his divine spirit mode.

Abel stood in front of the altar and began enchanting, “Just, uh, do what you’re supposed to do, altar. I say-”

As soon as the words “I say” were spoken, heaven and the earth began roaring. These were the words spoken by a divine spirit, and the commandments were draining something out of the environment. There were always some conditions required to fulfill a commandment. Sometimes, it would be in the form of energy, while sometimes it would be the environment nearby and sometimes the divine spirit stored up inside the body of the divine spirits.

Abel spoke the words without spending any divine energy or even energy inside his world stone fragment. The spirit he was using was technically not violating any of the rules that belonged to this world. DIvine spirits lose energy when they violate the world they were in. If he violated the rules, he might just use up all the energy that was stored inside his world stone fragment.

A white light was flashing on the offering altar. A rainbow light started popping up next. Under such a powerful formation, a rune was licked out of the offering altar. Before it landed somewhere else, Abel snatched it with his power of Will and grabbed it. This war a 22# um. It wasn’t the best in terms of its rarity, but he was still quite pleased to have received it.

Last time, he did get 500. But 500 wasn’t enough to make one advanced rune. This time, after spending about half a month on the central continent, or one year inside the dark world, he did manage to receive one advanced rune. His rune was now part of his passive income. Based on his previous experience, the offering altar here would give him runes that were between 15# hel and 25# gul. As long as he slowly saved them, he had the change required to make the top-level runes he’d always dreamt of crafting.

A lot of runes started appearing inside Abel’s head, but if he had to pick, he probably wanted the “mystery” armor for his angelic body. There were all kinds of effects the “mystery armor” held, and among these, the “+1 instantaneous movement” would have to be his absolute top pick. With this, he could guarantee to escape no matter what kind of powerful enemies he was fighting against.

For now, Abel was putting the 22# um back into his divine portal bag. He then began inspecting the offering altar with his power of the Will. The altar was sucking up the lava energy once more for the next time. That was actually just what the altar was meant for. It was constructed to provide runes for the underworld. The only reason that the Mephistopheles’s soul stone and the hell furnace hammer were needed were so that only a limited number of people would be allowed here.

Abel was just leaving the hell furnace to enter into the Rogue’s Encampment, where Thief God Milton lived. Abel thought if Milton could learn any combat skills here. Four skills were not a lot for a divine spirit, especially when none of them could be used in combat. He did have a lot to help with that, actually. He had the three-element wizard spells; the summoning druid spells, the summoning techniques, cures, and bone poisoning techniques of the priests; and the summoning, elemental control, and shapeshifting techniques of the druids. He also had his legendary sacred knight Wale to provide defensive spiritual qi, attacking type spiritual qi, and combat skills. He possessed almost all the heritages that were available on the central continent. He might even be able to teach Milton angelic heritage if he mastered it himself first.

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Still, things turned out to be more difficult than Abel anticipated. Most of what he attempted to teach Milton was refused. It had to do with the kind of deity Milton was. When Thief God Milton was, well, just Milton, his lack of resources made it so that he could only pick a few abilities that were suited to him. It wasn’t like he didn’t know any combat techniques (of course he did), but when he became a divine spirit with his own divine body, he didn’t have enough faith power to merge his body with combat skills. He was without any choice but to master a specific set of skills.

It cost too much to add combat-type skills to Milton. Abel made roughly calculated that if he were to add an advanced level melee skill, it would take at least 500 holy crystals in total. For an advanced spell, however, that would just be 1000 holy crystals required for him to merge with the divine body. Now, he was definitely not going to spend that much unless he had a clear direction of what he was doing. He wanted a good reserve of the holy crystals so he could use them at any point. He did have his production of the crystal over at the Blood Moor, but he needed to wait a very long time for it to have any real effect.

Abel was just starting to notice. As powerful as the divine spirit was, it was not without its weaknesses. The best choice, for now, it seemed, was to fuse as many abilities as he could into the divine body as it was forming. Otherwise, if he thought about enhancing it later, it might cost him too much.

Thinking back, however, as effective as the holy crystals for any divine spirit, they would almost all of them would have a shortage. And how many crystals could a newborn god possibly have? After all those years of effort, and all that was gained would not be enough. He still had to pick what few sets of skills he wanted during the last procedure.

After some meaningless experiments, Abel decided to call out his combat squad to commence his new day of going on a quest. The days passed, one after another. His days were just like usual. Large amounts of potions were sent out of the golden castle in exchange for large amounts of light stones. In the night, he would be going into the dark world to continue fighting and training. Perhaps it was because he was rank 25 druid, but most of his friends that used to visit him stopped coming.

On the central continent, there were not a lot of rank 24 and 25 class holders. Most of them were in shutdown training most of the time, anyways, in hopes if they ever got the chance to go into legendary rank. For this reason, precisely, almost everyone had done their best not to disturb Abel’s training. The elves, especially. The elven royal palace even made an official announcement to state that Grandmaster Bennett needed to go to training quietly. They did their bit to pay their respect anonymously.

Now, the elves had been living independently on the central continent. It had to do with the fact that the Moon Goddess was the one taking care of them most of the time. The elves had been too reliant on the Moon Goddess, in a sense. Druids weren’t supposed to be competent fighters, anyways, so the elves had never really been able to elevate their status as they were on the central continent.

When Abel became a rank 25 druid, that was real hope for the entire elven race to see if they could gain some more recognition on the central continent. They were even hoping that maybe Grandmaster Bennett could become a legendary figure. Even Druid Amelia, who was also a rank 25 druid, did not receive the same amount of recognition as he did. The chances of Druid Amelia to reach legendary rank was already quite slim, while Abel still had many, many years ahead of him. In fact, it only took two years to go from being a big druid to a rank 25 big druid.

Because of this, the golden castle had never bothered Abel despite all the guests. The elves didn’t even invite him over to the Holy Birthday this year. It wasn’t because he was important. No, he was too important to waste time on an occasion like this.

Within the Nation of God, Abel killed one preacher each week and used that heritage book to make new preachers that served his angelic body. One million of the hundreds of millions of followers within the Nation of God were lost because of this. While only a fraction, the numbers only kept growing.

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