Abe the Wizard - Chapter 1192

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At first, Abel was planning to drag out his distance with Diablo by moving in a flash with Knight Wale, but Diablo suddenly did an earth-shaking roar, and an even bigger round of flames shot out from its body.

This time it had a range of 800 meters. If Frankenstein did not make a move with Knight Bruce earlier, they would take a big hit.

Abel’s face changed. He knew how scary the round of fire was, but he was not expecting Diablo to follow through immediately.

At that moment, he injected a full recovery potion on himself and knight Wale.

He then waved his hand, and the 5 immortal ravens flew towards Diablo to distract it.

Before the immortal ravens even began to do their tricks, 6 bone prisons emerged and trapped them.

Since they did not have much attack power, breaking a bone prison was almost impossible without Abel’s help. Their only advantage was their immortal ability.

Another bone wall emerged around Abel and Knight Wale. Abel immediately ignited a flash, but it was too late. The bone wall of the dark world could lock up dimensions.

Diablo began to make its way forward, and Abel knew he was doomed once it got closed.

He was no longer thinking about how to win. Diablo had perfect control of the world stone, and the power it showed was almost the pinnacle of horror.

He just needed a little time for knight Wale to break the bone prison, so he needed to distract Diablo in the meantime.

With a gentle wave of his left hand, a body appeared outside of the bone wall and began running.

It was the ancient illusionary system, and it was the first time he used it in a battle.

Diablo saw what was going on, and its world stone immediately began to calculate which body was the actual body of Abel, but it was not easy.

The enemies of the ancients were extremely powerful as well.

As Diablo paused for a moment, Knight Wale broke the bone wall, and Abel began to flash away.

Even with their distance, he was still affected by the energy of Diablo, and he could only move in a flash for 100 meters.

Diablo unleashed a strike on Abel’s illusion body scattered into specs of energy.

It knew it was tricked, so it roared and immediately chased after the real Abel.

Abel realized Diablo was fixed on him no matter how fast he flashed away.

Since he could only move 100 meters at a time, this speed was almost useless against Diablo.

Diablo was just as fast. They had been in a mess, and it had not shown any signs of fatigue.

Diablo would strike from time to time, which Abel and knight wale could only counteract with potions.

Abel knew he would be dead if he brought knight Bruce with him as well.

But the biggest problem now was the enchantments from knight Wale. It could fade at any moment, and they would be in big trouble if it did.

Abel could escape by letting go of knight Wale, but knight Wale would stand no chance by surviving on its own.

It was his first legendary summon. It might not be much in the Dark World after being suppressed, but it was almost invincible in the Central Continent.

At least he would not be able to take down Knight Wale even if Doff the Beamon and Flying Flame were working together.

Abel tried to think of a tactic as he kept flashing.

Diablo had no weak points, and it could attack at an alarming rate. Each spell was extremely fast, and its range was so scary even his flash was useless.

Most importantly, Diablo’s agility was unlike any hell creature.

It was invincible. Who could have possibly taken it down?

“Who could have possibly taken it down?” Abel immediately thought of the angel’s body. It was his only option, but for safety’s sake, he gave it the scroll of the town portal. He would escape to another world soon as things were not working out.

At an instant, he unleashed his angel body, and it emerged behind his human body with 4 pairs of wings.

With the most powerful greats such as the holy sword, holy shield, titan power, Razortail, and Highlord’s wrath, it blocked Diablo.

“Wale, bring my body to a safe place and protect it!” Abel’s voice began to fade from his human body.

He had to focus in front of an enemy like this, so he gathered all his consciousness on his angel body to unleash its full power.

Knight Wale grabbed his human body and ignited a full charge.

Diablo suddenly came to a halt, and the wrath in its heart grew.

Even as a demon without a soul, it knew it was facing an angel from the world stone.

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Diablo roared and immediately chased after Abel’s human body while beams of flames shot towards his angel body.

Although it was not as fast as Diablo at full speed, Diablo needed to attack and move at the same time. The beam of flame brushed against the angel’s body, and Abel felt his body burning, but it only lasted for a few seconds.

He scanned his angel body. Only 1/20 of its health was taken away.

With the +100 recovery rate of the holy shield, it would recover in a few seconds.

The angel body was approaching Diablo, but Diablo would not let it have an easy go.

But the angel body was also specialized in close combat. There was nothing else it could do.

White light flashed on its holy sword as it struck out.

Diablo unleashed a beam of flame to counteract, and the energy of hell gushed towards the angle body.

Abel felt his health began to drop, but there was nothing to worry about with the full recovery potion.

As long as it did not drop to a critical point, he would continue his strike.

Diablo quickly twisted with the power of its world stone, but the speed of the angle body was nothing to mess with. With the support of 4 wings, its speed was almost doubled.

Not to mention, with the 200% attack speed increase of the holy sword and 20% attack speed increase of the Highlord’s wrath, even the world stone did not have the time to make a perfect judgment.

As long as he could leave a scratch on Diablo, it would prove that it was not invincible.

Diablo had given him such a hard time he was almost planning to give up, but how could he ever tolerate stopping his progress in the Dark World.

Once Diablo appeared in the Rogue Encampment, the foundation of his world would be finished.

For a powerful soul no longer bound by hell such as Diablo, there was nothing it wouldn’t do other than the analysis of its world stone.

Abel’s eyes flashed and unleashed 10 combo strikes with his angel body, 2 of which landed on Diablo.

Diablo’s invincible body began to shake, but this time, it was not within the control of its world stone.

It was in that split of a moment where Diablo’s body was shaking out of instinct, Abel’s angel body had another opportunity.

Even though Abel’s angel body’s health had dropped tremendously, it suddenly began to shoot up again with each strike because of the holy sword’s recovery ability.

Diablo knew It could no longer escape from the angel body, so it doubled down in its attack and even used its claws from time to time.

Under the world stone, Diablo knew it had more health than that little angel. It wouldn’t stand a chance if they were just planning to drain each other by stamina.

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