A Madman Who Sells Normality - Chapter 7

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Last Customer- The Excellent Officer

“Miss Bella, even though you won’t remember what I’m saying to you, I really have to thank you for everything you’ve done for me . ” The man said earnestly, when he saw the nurse who took off his bindings .

“Don’t be polite sir . I’m helping you because I’m very interested in what you’ve accomplished . ”

“Yes, but even those thoughts don’t belong to you . ” The man said, without trying to avoid a taboo subject because he knew the woman wouldn’t care about his words . Perhaps the woman had already lost her own awareness .

“He’s going out! Quick, stop him! Quick!! AHHH!” Fassett heard a nearby room immediately start yelling as he was getting a doctor’s diagnosis .

The man passed through the iron door that had already been opened and left the ward in which he had been staying for a long time and walked to the next door’s ward .

“I must leave now sir . My next customer is waiting for me . ” The man took off his hat and bowed to Fassett and then put his hat on again . Then, he turned around walked towards the doors of the mental hospital .

After the man left, they forgot that a patient had previously lived in the room next to Fassett .

“So we meet again sir . I really didn’t think that my next patient would be you . ” The man looked around him . He had left this place for almost ten years .

“Ah, you . It’s you, I know . ” After taking medicine long-term, Fassett’s verbal ability and thinking ability had been greatly damaged .

“At first when I saw your name on my list, I thought, ‘How could you be my patient?’” The man took out a huge list from his handbag .

“You . Catch . Can’t . You . ” Fassett ignored the man and continued to talk to himself .

“Later I realized, sir! You saw too much, you thought too much . You’re more excellent than the average officer .

“Excellent . ” It seemed that Fassett had heard this word somewhere but he couldn’t recall where .

“More than excellent, so much so that you’re no longer considered normal, right?”

“Excellent, excellent, abnormal!” Fassett shook his head while emotionally repeating what he had said .

“Because no one could understand you, you got sent here . ”

“Why . No believe . Me . ” Fassett began to cry .

“If you could just see what a normal police officer saw, you wouldn’t be here today . ” The man took out a gray handkerchief so that Fassett could wipe off the tears on his face and then used the handkerchief to cover his eyes . “If you can’t see, wouldn’t everything get better?”

That night, Fassett’s mother received a call from the mental hospital .

“Madam, I have bad news and good news . I hope you will stay calm and hear me out .

“Because of an accident, your son became blind .

“But please don’t be sad . After becoming blind, his performance calmed down a lot . If he can continue on like this, he will quickly be able to become a normal person and leave the hospital .

“So congratulations madam . You will be able to meet your son soon . ”

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