A Lifetime of Peace and Care - Chapter 41

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LTPC Chapter 41: Warm Life

When you thought you were going to get something, but you ended up losing it, this would result in the most pain . Just as she had thought that she was so close to him, only to be rejected thousands of miles away .

Yi Ran knew that the damage she suffered was nothing compared to the damage he had suffered .

But if, at this time, they couldn’t even frankly face this setback together, it would be nearly impossible to cross this gap in the future .

Yi Ran stared silently at the man in front of her . She felt helpless but had to make some changes for him to see .

"Gu Tingchuan, you once told me that you don’t know how to manage relationships, so you will choose to avoid it . But we also said later that we should cherish this marriage with each other . "

A sense of awareness slowly trickled through Gu Tingchuan‘s heart . His fingers on the coffee cup trembled as he lowered the cup and looked at her heavily .

"This time you’ve encountered these things, but I don't know how to comfort you . In fact . . . I probably said everything I could say, but it didn't seem to help you . "

She smiled mockingly at herself and rested both hands on the table . But, her tone was quite calm . "You’ve been hiding in the studio for more than a few days . . . It seemed that you don't need my company . You’re just fine . "

Gu Tingchuan frowned slightly . It was just that he was too accustomed to dealing with matters by himself . He tended to keep all his emotions in his heart and did not want to tell others . He had never tried to emotionally rely on the people in front of him .

Yi Ran stood there quietly, as quietly as snow melting, gentle and clear, which made Gu Tingchuan's heart tremble .

"I never really felt that you have difficulty connecting with me . Even if we come from different classes, you can at least understand me . . . It’s just that things have changed and this seemed like something that’s hard for us to handle . "

Because he had a proud, reserved, and strong personality .

She thought that they had already reached the stage where they were just like any pair of husband and wife with a tacit understanding of each other . But, it turned out that she was just too happy and had lost her sense of reality .

“I also wanted for us to be able to go out together and relax . Hopefully, your inspiration will come back . But, you didn’t seem to want to, and in the end, no one can really force you . Sorry . I thought that I might be able to help you . ”

She ought to be able to rise up with great enthusiasm and persistently help him . But, when she took a step back, she realized how mentally and physically exhausted she was . Yi Ran really felt that a bit of change was needed in order to make him realize that the dilemma between them was something that they needed to resolve together .

"Gu Tingchuan, I plan to move home and stay for a few days . "

Gu Tingchuan’s expression froze and he lifted his head to look at her . "What did you say…?"

“You need to think calmly about many things, so I’ll give you some time . I believe you can come to a decision,” Yi Ran said, sounding calm . In fact, the more violently he reacted, the better it would be for her .

"Also, I know that it wasn’t personal . . . "

Gu Tingchuan, if you still need me, then find me again .

Yi Ran took one last bite of her omelette and washed it down with the last of her coffee . She silently stood up and walked to the sofa . Without uttering a single word, she simply picked up the small bag that had been arranged earlier and left, closing the door behind her .

The hurried movements at the door quickly disappeared, leaving only silence in its wake . Gu Tingchuan looked at the door for a long time, unable to calm down .

He clearly knew that the anomalies these days were causing too much damage to her and the torment might result in irreversible damage to them . He had meant to tell her that there was a corner of his heart that belonged to her and even if he was suffering, he would also take responsibility for her .

However, Yi Ran was obviously completely disappointed with him .

Gu Tingchuan’s expression was cold as he looked at the breakfast she had prepared for him . But he could not eat half a bite . After thinking for a while, he got up and walked back to the studio . He turned on the lamp attached to the wall .

This was where he had spent the longest time . But everything here, from the computers, projectors, players . . . to the air conditioners, televisions, and even refrigerators, were all just cold machines . How could they compared to a soft, tender concern?

He strode to the table and swept out his arms, scattering all the pens and papers and everything else on to floor . Then, he pulled back the chair and sat down heavily .

Even as a child, Gu Tingchuan had never been good at talking with his family . He had already understood from a young age that there was no use in talking . It would not improve his situation at all .

When he calmly thought about it, he wanted to find a mobile phone to call Yi Ran . But then, a moment later, he saw the small white pill bottle that had fallen to the ground . His assistant had bought it for him a few days ago to alleviate his migraines . He leaned over and pick it up, resting it on the corner of the table .

In these past few days, his mental pressure was so great that he couldn’t fall asleep and had a persistent headache . This feeling was especially strong when he was creating . It was like God was giving him both talents and trials hand in hand .

In the end, Gu Tingchuan had to admit that he had long grown accustomed to Yi Ran being by his side and had became used to their new identity as husband and wife . His wish was not only to indulge and pamper her, but also to be able to talk to her honestly and unreservedly .

He thought with some amusement: When did that girl manage to turn herself into a habit?

When she had turned and wanted to leave, he felt such an inexplicable pain his heart, as if the thread with the sweetest happiness was being severed . It made him want to pour everything out to make her happy, only to realize in the end that there was no other cure . It seemed that he had long fallen in love with her .

As he was thinking about it, Gu Tingchuan heard the doorbell ringing . He hurried out . The moment he opened the door, he almost blurted out, “Yi Ran . ”

Xiao Zhao stood outside with a blank expression on his face . He wasn’t sure if he should enter . When Director Gu turned back indifferently, he closed the door and carefully reminded, “Director Gu, you told me to come here…?”

Gu Tingchuan only said, “En,” and walked slowly to the sofa in the living room . After sitting down, he opened the mobile phone in his hands .

Xiao Zhao came up with his laptop and realized that Director Gu’s condition had improved . Feeling settled in his heart, he said, “Here is your work schedule for today . Do you need to add or revise…”

Before he could finish speaking, Gu Tingchuan interrupted, "There is only one work arrangement for today . "

Xiao Zhao looked at the boss, and suddenly felt a little confused .

Gu Tingchuan’s fingers covered his slightly painful forehead, and he said softly, "Mrs . Gu is back at her mother's house . "

Xiao Zhao did not even bat an eyelid but the corners of his mouth slightly stretched up . He saw the boss adjust his sitting position, his fingers wrapped around his mobile phone . He raised his gaze up to meet Xiao Zhao’s eyes before lowering his gaze to ponder over something .

He was thinking about how to properly redeem himself .

It was time for him to recognize reality . After all, movies were movies, and life . . . had always been life .

. . . . .

The heavy snow stopped for one day, only to begin again the next day . The fluffy snow was incessant and dense, gently falling in thick fragments . The white snow, accompanied by the dim yellow street lights at night, added a touch of peace and romance to the atmosphere .

When Yi Ran suddenly returned home, her parents were surprised . Not to mention, they also heard the matters regarding Yi Yihong . They asked her if she was in trouble with Gu Tingchuan and, in any case, she ought to stay with her husband at this time .

With a completely innocent expression on her face, she told her parents that she came back because Gu Tingchuan was too busy .

After dinner, she received a call from Zhang Rongrong . Because her hospital was understaffed and she worked overtime all day, they hadn’t got together in a while .

“How are things with Director Gu? It seems like the situation’s not too good, ah . ”

Hearing her voice, Yi Ran relaxed . She lowered her voice and mocked herself . “I have absolutely no fluctuations in my heart, and I sometimes even want to laugh . ”

“Pffff . ” Realizing that Yi Ran could still joke, Zhang Rongrong felt relieved . “You need to stay inflexible . If Gu Tingchuan can’t even take the initiative to talk to you then to hell with him!”

Yi Ran touched her nose and told her a little bit of what happened . Zhang Rongrong said solemnly, “Looking at his mental state, he wasn’t intentionally not communicating with you . Whatever his obstacles are, it would be better to unblock them . ”

Yi Ran held the mobile phone with one hand and touched her computer mouse with the other hand . “Then, do you think it’s a little inconsiderate that I left?”

Zhang Rongrong laughed gently and said, “Probably not . Maybe stimulating him will bring about surprising results . Not to mention, it might be able to help alleviate his pent up emotional and psychological state . It’s also a good thing to let him develop the habit of communicating with you . ”

Yi Ran murmured an agreement, but before she could talk, the other party already ordered, “You need to make peace quickly . I have a wedding coming later this year and you must come with Director Gu . Then, everyone will know I’m Mrs . Gu’s girlfriend and afterward, I will have more face . ”

Yi Ran: " . . . "

After they hung up, it didn't take long for her mobile phone to rang again . She felt an inexplicable sense of panic but, once she lowered her head to look at the screen and realized that it was indeed the person she was hoping for, her heart suddenly calmed .

When the phone rang again, Yi Ran picked up the call . After a moment of silence, Gu Tingchuan’s voice came through quietly and softly . “Yi Ran . ”

Her heart trembled slightly, but she couldn’t allow him to see her shaken so she forced herself to calmly say, “What is it?”

Gu Tingchuan’s dark eyes narrowed slightly even as the corners of his mouth curved up in a smile . His voice was stern and serious as he said, “The car I sent is waiting for you downstairs . Come here and we'll talk about it . ”

Yi Ran was surprised and asked him, “Where?”

The man’s eyes held a deep smile . “Get in the car first . Let me leave a little mystery . ”

She didn’t know why but, after listening to Gu Tingchuan’s voice, she could already imagine him gazing out at a distant place, the snow falling heavily around him . His bright countenance gave him an incorporeal brilliance, making people want to keep looking at him and forgetting how to look away .

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