A Hundredfold Training System Instantly Upgrades 999 - Chapter 2521

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Sen Leng's voice fell.
Jiang Chen stepped on the soles of his feet in the void, and the whole person was directly combined with human swords, turning into a golden sword light that broke through the world, and shot out at the Blood Nine Underworld!
The situation in God's Domain is now only understood by the Blood Fiend Sect.
The last time the celestial cosmos expedition to God's Domain was done by the Blood Fiend Sect.
Once the blood evil sect finds an opportunity, it will definitely send the strong to expedition to God's Domain again.
Jiang Chen came to Poxian Universe this time to prevent Poxian Universe from invading God's Domain.
He teamed up with the Immortal Sect of the Blood Sword to continuously create trouble for the Blood Sect Sect, just because he didn't want the Blood Sect Sect to have the opportunity to expedition to God's Domain.
During this period of time, even though he even killed the two Heavenly Journeys of the Blood Demon Sect, which shocked the entire Blood Demon Sect, but he failed to hurt the blood demon's bones.
If he could kill the Mahayana monk Xue Jiu Ming today, he would definitely be able to greatly damage the vitality of the blood evil sect.
after all.
Mahayana monks, even in the cosmos of breaking immortals, are extremely rare in immortal cultivation.
Even the Blood Fiend Sect, who is in the middle reaches of the top ten immortal gates, has only a handful of Mahayana monks.
On the last expedition to God's Domain, the Blood Fiend Sect had already fallen a Mahayana monk.
If he kills the Blood Nine Underworld here again today, the Blood Fiend Sect will lose another Mahayana monk.
Even though the Blood Fiend Sect is the top ten immortal gates of the Poxian Universe, there are also enemies such as the Blood Sword Immortal Sect in the Poxian Universe, requiring a Mahayana monk to sit in.
By the time.
The Blood Fiend Sect might not be able to easily send Mahayana monks to expedition to God's Domain.
Even at all costs, Jiang Chen is determined to kill Xue Jiu Ming here today, how can he let Xue Jiu Ming escape easily?
Jiang Chen walked with the sword, the sword spirit was like a rainbow.
This sword surpassed everything in an instant, as if even the stars in the sky could be cut down.
"Blood magic phase!"
Feeling the shocking sword that pierced the world, Xue Jiu Ming's heart was terrified, and his throat couldn't help but let out a terrifying roar.
With this roar resounding through the world, the blood-colored brilliance of Xue Jiu Ming's body rose to the sky, and then turned into a blood-colored phantom as high as ten thousand feet, welcoming the sword light coming from the sky.
Xue Jiu Ming, who had only recovered 70% of his combat power, had already been wounded and wounded after the previous confrontation with Jiang Chen.
Now even if the blood magic phase was forcibly condensed, it was impossible to resist Jiang Chen's full blow.
Only a crisp sound was heard, the blood magic appearance of Jiu Ming's blood, under the sword of Jiang Chen, it was almost as fragile as paper, and it collapsed when touched.
Where the sword light passed, an unimaginable sword mark stretched down from the top of the blood magic phase, splitting the blood magic direction and the body of the blood nine souls into two halves.
at the same time.
A sorrowful scream also resounded in Xue Jiu Ming's body instantly.
"Ah...boy, wait for me, I will definitely not let you go."
With this screaming scream, I saw an illusory blood shadow, also flew out of Xue Jiu Ming's body, it was the original infant of Xue Jiu Ming.
"Don't worry, you won't have that chance, Yi Jian Huafan!"
Jiang Chen's indifferent voice fell, and immediately slashed out with a sword, without a trace of firework.
But it was such an unremarkable sword that quickly annihilated the **** light on the Nine Blood Nine Ming Yuan Ying.
To the end.
I saw the power of the Yuan Ying above the Blood Nine Underworld Yuan Ying, crashing like a flood bursting a bank, the whole Yuan Ying quickly became illusory and transparent, and finally turned into a little bit of blood to dissipate in the void.
"Mahayana monk, it really is not so easy to kill."

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Jiang Chen also let out a sigh of relief in his heart after a sword slayed the soul infant of Xue Jiu Ming.
This time, if it hadn’t been for Xue Jiu Ming who had suffered severe damage in the process of fighting for the Pill of Transformation, it would be difficult to recover to the peak state in a short time, only 70% of the peak state strength, he wanted to kill the blood Jiu Ming, I am afraid it is really not an easy period. what.
Jiang Chen shook his head, and then he couldn't help but look at the place where Blood Thousand Kills and Blood Innocent Battle were fighting.
The two were originally the Tianjiao figures of the same era of the Blood Fiend Sect, and their talents and strengths were almost the same.
Although Xue Wuhuan has always been cultivated by the blood evil sect, the Blood Thousand Killers have wandered through the stars in the universe over the years, relying on the continuous plundering of resources, and the cultivation base has not fallen at all compared to the blood Wuhuan.
Especially after getting the Weeping Blood Demon Fruit recently, the Blood Thousand Killing even vaguely touched the threshold of the Quasi-Mahayana period.
Even if it was the bloodless arrogant who was the world's first arrogant of the blood evil sect, it was impossible to get any advantage from the hands of the blood thousand kills.
Especially after seeing Xue Jiu Ming fall by Jiang Chen's hand, Xue Wushang was also in panic, and under the panic, he was even more suppressed by Xue Qiansha.
"Blood Thousand Kill, this is what you forced me to, even if it is dead today, I will drag you, a traitor of the blood evil sect, to bury with me!"
The **** voice fell, and a **** jade talisman exuding monster blood appeared out of thin air in the palm of his hand.
Xue Wuhuo didn't hesitate at all, squeezed his palm abruptly, and directly and neatly crushed the blood-colored jade talisman.
The **** jade talisman shattered, and a **** brilliance that overwhelmed the world suddenly rose from the **** jade talisman, and then turned into a **** phantom wearing a crown in the void.
"The leader, I have found traces of the traitor's blood and blood, and I hope the leader can help me."
Xue Wushang looked at the **** phantom in the sky, and couldn't help but quickly said respectfully.
"Blood evil sect leader, blood evil sky!"
Looking at this **** phantom condensed out of thin air, the pupils of Blood Thousand Killing couldn't help but shrank suddenly.
The body of the blood without injury really had the trump card left by the leader of the blood evil sect.
"Blood Thousand Kills, you have finally caught you, a traitor of the Blood Fiend Cult. Let me die."
The Scarlet Void looked down on Blood Thousand Kills indifferently, and a touch of murderous intent instantly spread from his body.
I saw that his **** palms lightly grabbed it at the **** thousand killings.
Although his palm was ordinary, when he stretched it out, it filled the world and completely condensed the void of Blood Thousand Kills.
"Huh! The leader of the blood evil sect, if your deity came in person, I might not have been jealous of you. If you want to touch my Jiang Chen, you have to ask me whether I agree or not. Row!"
Looking at the **** phantom that had been shot in vain, Jiang Chen let out a cold snort, and the Emperor Sword of the Divine Body Vision Man suddenly condensed in an instant.
at the same time.
The human emperor sword in his hand also turned into a golden light, blending into the divine body vision behind it, making the golden sword energy on it explode again.
"The sword and elephant are one, break it for me!"
With a burst of shout in Jiang Chen's mouth, the golden giant sword behind it, as if it had opened up the world, with its invincible power, it slashed towards the blood-colored phantom above the void.

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