A Hero Erratic - Chapter 4

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Unexpected Accidents

When the summer vacation begins, Daming tells his mom that he has found a part-time job . After going out in the morning, he is nowhere to be seen all day .

“Why the kid… . ” his mom is a little confused, “Daming used to sleep at home on holidays . Why does he want to go out to work this time? Anyway, that’s a good sign; Daming has changed a lot recently . ”

Daming gets on an unassuming car, which is prepared by Shihan Lin .

“Good morning, uncle Yan . ”

Uncle Yan is responsible for picking up Daming these days . He is also the housekeeper of Lin’s family, and Shihan’s closest elder . Having been spending some days together, the two become gradually familiar with each other .

“Good morning, Ming . ”

As there’s some distance to Shihan Lin’s house, Daming rambles on with uncle Yan all the way .

“Ming, have you read today’s paper?” uncle Yan asks .

“Not yet . What happened?” Reading paper is not Daming’s habit .

“There’s a monster!”

“What kind of monster?”

“The paper is in the back seat; you can see it yourself . ”


Daming picks up the newspaper and spots the bright red headline:

Godzilla Appears in Mainland China . There is also a photo attached .

In the photo, you can clearly see a huge monster, which is not quite the same as in the movie, but not much different .

“It’s a celestial beast,” says Shijian, grim-faced .

“Huh? Are you sure?” Daming whispers .

“What’s going on?” uncle Yan asks .

“Nothing, I’m just speaking to myself,” Daming explains .

“Its name is Ba, the collateral branch of dragons, one of the celestial beasts . It’s very powerful; I never thought it is still alive,” Shijian continues .

“What are we gonna do?” Daming asks .

“We’ll see . So far, Ba has done nothing bad . But… . ”


“Forget it . Let’s talk later . ”

At Shihan Lin’s house,

Shijian is teaching her cultivation method . Because Daming is told he should not be there when they are practicing, and Shijian can’t stay three feet away from Daming, so Daming is screened off . Gods do not know what they are doing on the other side . “Well, it’s not my business, I might as well meditate . ”

When Daming is ready to meditate, a loud noise comes at the door .

“Master, my lady said no one is allowed to go in!”

“You idiot, Am I stranger?”

“But… . ”

When there is chaos outside, Shijian cries,

“No! Daming, come here . ”

Daming sees that Shihan Lin is nakedly collapsing onto the bed, revealing completely a curvy figure . But there is no time for enjoying her body . Shihan Lin seems unusually pale, vomiting blood .

“What are you doing? Is it necessary to be naked when practicing?” Daming blushes .

“Leave it for now . The noise outside distracts her, so she falls into Qi deviation,” Shijian says hurriedly .

“What shall we do?” Daming asks .

“I need your power to correct her meridians circulation . ”

“Tell me what to do?”

“Help her sit up; put your palms on her back . Then I’ll teach you how to do it . ”

Daming holds her body, feeling very soft; a distinctive aroma of young girl assails Daming’s nerves . It’s the first time in Daming’s life to touch a girl’s body, so his heart is aflutter inevitably . He forces the shook, clearing his head .

“Introduce your genuine Qi into Shihan’s body, just like you excise method . The circulation route is… . ” Shijian gives a lot of acupoints .

Daming has been familiar with acupoints after days of studying . He would say that he might as well change his major to Chinese medicine .

As Daming pushes his Qi, blood spurts out from Shihan Lin’s mouth .

“Be gentle . Girl’s body is not as rough as yours,” Shijian shouts .

Daming went on the rampage in running the Qi before, and he always thinks it’s the right way, so he has been used to the mode when excising . But when his Qi gets into Shihan Lin’s meridians, Daming feels the difference this time .

Daming’s meridians, by comparison, are as broad as river, and genuine Qi is surging in his body . But Shihan’s meridians are like streams, flowing slowly . Of course, she cannot bear Daming’s overwhelming Qi .

Having understood that, Daming pushes his Qi slowly, and gets through Shihan’s blocked meridians finally . After several Qi circulations, her roses appear gradually .

“Ok, that’s it!” just as Shijian finishes, the door slams open .


The calling wakes Daming up, so he brings a sheet to cover Shihan Lin .

“Cousin… . ”

“Lady… . ”

Everyone comes in is stunned .

Shihan Lin gasps weakly, soaked in sweat, with her feet protruding from the sheet, and falls in Daming’s arms, plus the blood on the bed, it’s hard not to be misunderstood .

“You… . ” a handsome young man all dressed with designer brand clothes, points at Daming . But he seems too angry to finish the word “you” .

Daming doesn’t know how to explain this .

“Get out!” Shihan Lin says coldly . She feels better .

“But… . ” the young man still has something to say .

“I said you get out!” her voice is colder .

The servants go out hurriedly, dragging the man out .

Shihan Lin sits up straight; they stare at each other without saying a word .

After a long silence, Shihan Lin says,

“You see it all . ”

“See what? Your body?” thinking of this, Daming blushes again, nodding embarrassedly .


Shihan Lin slaps Daming in the face . She is still very weak and has no power, so Daming doesn’t feel any pain, just stands still .

“Sorry,” she buries her face in hands and cries .

On the way home, Daming begins to understand her feelings .

“She comes from a rich family, so the gap between us is the same as that of cloud and mud, not to mention that I’m an annoying fatty . Now that a fat guy has seen her delicate body; no wonder she reacted like that . ”

“But, why did she apologize to me?” Daming is confused, “Anyway, there is no chance to see her again . ”


Daming’s thought is quickly refuted the next day . Early in the morning, Daming finds his house is surrounded by dozens of black Bentleys .

As previously, Daming is pulled on the car . His parents and elder sister are all scared to death .

In the same villa, but it’s not Shihan Lin to meet him this time .

There stands a majestic middle-aged man and an elegant woman, in whom you can find the resemblance to Shihan Lin . They should be her parents . But why the yesterday’s heckler is also here, dressing up beautifully like a rutting peacock .

A crowd of guards, MIB, are standing behind Daming . Not surprisingly, Daming will be killed by shooting rampage .

“If I’m not mistaken, you are Mr . and Mrs . Lin . What can I do for you?” Daming says quietly .

“You are Daming Wang?” Mr . Lin speaks . He is really a successful man with commanding voice .

Daming nods .

“You and my daughter were classmates in middle school and had no contact after graduation . You met once a few months ago . Since the summer vacation, you have come to my house every day . Besides, you were found yesterday . . . . What did you do to my daughter?” Mr . Lin yells, throwing a book note before Daming, which has all the information of Daming and his relatives .

Rich people are really efficient . He has gotten me taped so soon, even traced my kindergarten .

Daming keeps silent . Mr . Lin goes on .

“It happened a few months ago . My daughter disappeared for three days, and then she was found drifting with you offshore . You suffered severe injury and somehow survived miraculously . What happened in the three days? Did you threaten my daughter to lose her virginity to you with those things? Make it clear!” Something cold is pressed against his head . According to his experience, it’s probably a pistol .

“Are you kidding me? You don’t know your daughter was kidnapped,” Daming blurts out . Seeing from the startled look of the three of them, Daming is sure that they know nothing about it .

“What do you mean?” Mr . Lin looks surprised .

“Now that your daughter never mentions it, neither can a stranger as me . All I can say is, what happened yesterday was a misunderstanding, and if you still don’t believe me, ask the doctor to prove it . ”

“Zijian said… . ” when Mr . Lin is speaking, Daming retorts upon him,

“Don’t care what others say . Sometimes what you see is not true, let alone others . As a tycoon, you should not be so short-sighted, and . . . ” Daming points at the MIB bodyguards behind him .

“Mr . Lin, you are not hiring a crowd of eye candies, are you? If something does happen, don’t they really know?”

Hearing this, Mr . Lin turns a trifle pale . Mrs . Lin immediately stands out to play peacemaker between them,

“I’m sorry, Mr . Wang . We don’t mean to doubt what you say . Shihan is our only daughter, so we care about her very much . ”

“That’s ok . I can understand your love for daughter . But, can you please don’t call me Mr . Wang . I’m just a young man . Mrs . Lin, you can call me Daming or Ming . ”

“You can call us uncle and aunt,” Mrs . Lin says with a smile .

“We work outside all year round, so sometimes we will neglect Shihan . In addition, she always keeps everything to herself, so . . . . ” Mrs . Lin says anxiously .

“Ming, please tell us the story from beginning to end . ”

“Okay . Before I begin, may I know who he is . ” Daming points at the peacock man .

“My name is Zijian Huang, Shihan’s cousin,” the peacock man says, with his chin up .

“Well, would you please get out first?”

“Why?” the peacock man shouts .

“Concerning that it’s something personal to Miss Lin, I don’t think she wants too many people know it . If you want to know, ask Miss Lin for approval . Moreover, you created yesterday’s accident . ” Daming says, rubbing his chin .

“You… . ” Pointing at Daming’s nose, the peacock man can’t utter a word .

“Zijian, you can leave now . ” Mr . Lin says .

“Uncle… . ” the peacock man is about to speak .

“Get out!” Mr . Lin shouts . The peacock man tumbles out of the room, staring at Daming and giving him a burning face of anger .

Mr . Lin also dismisses all the bodyguards .

Daming says everything, from fishing, being kidnapped, the kidnappers’ infighting to explosion, etc . But he hides the things on the island, jumps to drift at sea instead . Anyway, no one will believe it .

“Elder Yan,” Mr . Lin yells after hearing those . Uncle Yan runs in, in a great hurry .

“What’s wrong, my lord?”

“No wonder a deposit was missing a few months ago . It was used to pay ransoms . How can you hold such an important thing back from me?”

Uncle Yan stands speechless .

“I asked him not to tell you,” Shihan Lin says quietly . No one knows when she comes in .

“Shihan… . ” Mrs . Lin cries .

“Why?” Mr . Lin is angry .

“You are too busy . How can I dare to disturb you with such little things?” her tone is very cold .

“You… . ” Mr . Lin raises his hand, but stops it in the air .

Mrs . Lin hugs Shihan tightly .

“Shihan, I admit that you have been neglected these years . We never mean for it to happen . Please don’t do this to us . ” Mrs . Lin is nearly crying her dead off .

Mr . Lin and uncle Yan even can’t hold back their tears . Daming sees that Shihan Lin’s eyes also glistening with tears .

This is parent-child relationship problem . It seems that things will get better after today .

The atmosphere is so touching that Daming thinks he should let them alone, so he quietly turns to leave .

“Stop,” Shihan Lin says .

Daming pauses, “Anything else?”

“Dad, mom, he is my future husband . I’ve slept with him . ” Shihan Lin points at Daming .

Daming passes out .

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