A Guest in a Ghost House - Chapter 38

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Chapter 38 Qi Lin Emerges
I took several steps forward and wanted to ask what was going on, but they unanimously backed away a few paces . A dozen pairs of eyes watched me with a panic-stricken expression . I felt very weird and looked down at myself . Did I look like a monster? Why were they looking at me like that?
He Xiaoru pointed at me and spoke with difficulty, “Oh God! There . . . Therere two ghosts behind you!
I looked around and saw Sister Tan and Xiao Lingdang behind me . I wanted to explain that they didnt have any evil intentions . A thought occurred to me suddenly and I asked them curiously, “Wait, you can see them?”
The crowded nodded their heads . Huang Xiaolongs expression turned to one of satisfaction, “Thanks to my Cattle tears, seeing ghosts is easy!”
I looked at Huang Xiaolong with much curiosity, even after just three days absence, a scholar must be regarded with new eyes . Now it seems a bit more clout .
I vaguely told them about the origin of the two female ghosts, all they had to know was that they were my friends and they wouldn’t hurt us . Upon hearing this, they all calmed down but dared not get close to them .
It was clear that Wu Jian had already adapted well to the ghost scene . He asked Huang Xiaolong for some Cattle tears,applied some to his face and asked, ‘ Have you found Qi Lin?’
Huang Xiaolong still playing with a gadget in his hand, “We were just asking that old guy . ”
I looked around . The old man only revealed half of his body over the grave and looked very angry . However, he didn`t walk up and out of it . He simply stared at Huang Xiaolong’s hand with a little fear .
I looked over at Huang Xiaolong, in his hand was a golden rectangle . It looked like a seal made of copper . I couldn’t see it clearly since he was playing around with it in his hand .
Wu Jian kept asking, “Does he know?” After applying the Cattle tears, he could also see the ghosts that were around him .
Once the tears began to take effect, it looked as if he had entered a state of temporary paralysis .
Before Huang Xiaolong could say anything more, the old guy burst out crying, “I really dont know!”
Wu Jian and I looked at Huang Xiaolong, he scratched his head coyly . He had a feeling that something wrong and explained matter of factly, “This one’s always here . If Qi Lin came by, it’s impossible that he doesn’t know anything . ”
His words made sense, but he sounded a bit too certain about the ghost’s habits .
Sister Tan stepped forward and whispered something to the old man . He then turned around and told us that he really hadn’t lied to us .
I was confused by what had just happened, “What did you say to him? I couldn’t understand anything you said . ”
Xiao Lingdang , who was standing behind her said, “She spoke to him in the ghost language!”
“Oh . ” I replied in an understanding tone . But it seemed Huang Xiaolong wasn’t satisfied with their response . He became visibly angry and yelled, “Nonsense! How do we know that they aren’t lying?”
Before Xiao Lingdang had a chance to explain further, a calm voice said, “You are here . ”
Everyone, including the ghosts turned around to see where the voice was coming from . There was a blurry figure standing under a tree in the distance . She wore a white dress with waist-length raven hair .
The voice sounded familiar, it reminded me of the voice that had come from the phone call with Qi Lin . However, this was obviously a girl and Qi Lin was definitely a man! How could this be happening . . . ? It wasn’t just me either, everyone present was totally blown away . I could hear He Xiaoyong saying, “Is he Qi Lin? No! It can’t be Qi Lin!”
The figure walked toward us slowly . I couldnt help but take a step back, retreating with the sound of crushing pebbles under my foot . Then I thought of something . While looking at the figure in the distance, I asked Sister Tan, who was standing next to me, “Beautiful, do you know what’s going on?”
She didnt answer me, I turned my head and saw that she was also watching the figure with total confusion, perhaps her mind was wandering . I could see her blank eyes and blank face .
Damn it! I could tell that this was a crucial moment to decide what to do!
The white figure was only a few steps from us, and his face was becoming more clear . He had nice cheek bones and was very obviously, a man . So why was he wearing a long dress and sporting long hair?
Qi Lin! said both He Xiaoyong and Huang Lei .
As expected, he was Qi Lin, but he looked like a woman . I looked at Qi Lins chest carefully, it was already protruding a bit, though it was not obvious .
He watched us slowly, and opened his mouth just like a dead man, “You came . ”
He Xiaoyong and everyone else trembled, then Huang Lei stepped forward, “Who are you? Just show us who you really are!
Qi Lin was stunned by Huang Leis bold words . He appeared to be in a daze for no longer than a second, before saying slowly, “You may trade with me . ”
Huang Xiaolong smiled, “How dare you . . . ” but he didnt get a chance to finish his sentence . I felt a jerk on my sleeve and Sister Tan beckoned me to say something .
To be honest, I was getting frightened by Huang Xiaolongs reaction myself, so I stepped forward and interrupted him, “Trade what?”
Qi Lin answered, “My child, find my child and you can keep your lives . ”
Huang Xiaolong felt scorned by what Qi Lin had said . Though I was not frightened by Qi Lin either, I did have to work in the building at midnight . So I spoke to Qi Lin once more, “Dont talk like that! We are willing to help you find your child, but we can’t guarantee that we’ll find him . Maybe you can help by telling us where your kid is?”
His voice became cold, “My kid is at home . If you can’t find my kid, then you will die!”
Home? I was curious about it and ignored the above words, just hear the last sentence .
Qi Lin continued, “You have already been there, inside my house . If you can’t find my child, all of you will die! You will all die!”
Qi Lin gradually disappeared into the night sky .
He had left all of us wondering, had we really been to her house? If so . . . was his home that abandoned toilet?
It seemed, He Xiaoyong had also understood, “The toilet?”
I frowned without saying anything, I had been to taht toilet and it was very clean, it had no gloomy interior . There was no way that a ghost could live there .
However, Huang Xiaolong nodded his head and talked to us seriously, “It must be there! We should go there tomorrow morning . Im sure I can find him . Honestly, if brother Wu Rui hadn’t stopped me, I would have already . . . ” He didnt finish the sentence, but I knew what he meant .
I apologized to Sister Tan, I felt as if she had a wasted her time, but she said it didnt matter . She lived nearby . It was okay as long as I could drive her home .
It was 4 . 00 a . m . now . I was supposed to drive Xiao Lingdang home, but Sister Tan welcomed her to stay the night . So I left Xi Shan’s mass grave with the others . We had prepared the schedule for tomorrow and went home in our separate ways .

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