A Guest in a Ghost House - Chapter 36

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Chapter 36 Qi Lin and the toilet 3
I answered her with cold civility . Even if she wanted to visit the ghost house, I still had to ask sister Huas permission first . What if she went and wasn’t allowed to leave? I had already met He Xiaoru’s parents the last time He Xiaoru had been in an accident . Although they were not too old, the stress from what happened to He Xiaoru made them look older than their age .
I promised He Xiaoru that I would take her to the building after asking sister Hua’s permission, it seems that left her satisfied .
As I was preparing to catch up on my sleep, Wu Jian called me . He was inviting me to dinner in one of the best hotels in our county . I was shocked to hear it, “Why are you inviting me to such wonderful place?” I asked . “Just come! Youll understand when you get here . ” Thats all he told me before he hung up .
I was not far from the hotel, so I immediately began heading in that direction . I figured he had found out that there was something wrong with the man who picked up the trash and he needed my help . Of course by that, I mean he needed the ghost house’s help . I really couldn’t think of another reason he would ask me to the hotel .
When I entered the private dining room, I stood there frozen . On the table were many luxurious and flavorful dishes, and the waiters were still serving more food .
Wu Jian was sitting at the table with a cigarette in his mouth . Upon seeing me enter, he drew on his cigarette and said, “Take a seat, just be yourself . ”
I sat on a chair that the waiter had pulled out for me and took a good look at all the delectable food in front of me . ‘Wow Wu Jian, you must be getting paid pretty damn well to afford all this!’
He flicked off the ash of his cigarette, “Not my treat this time, it’s all him . ” He gestured with his head towards someone .
I looked behind him to see a man walking out of the bathroom, shaking water off from his hands . No way . Please don’t tell it’s the master! Nope, not the Ma in north China and Mao in south China guy! Please, don’t let it be him .
He came up to me and hugged me while I was mentally confirming that it really was him, “Brother Rui, I haven’t seen you for a long time! I missed you so much!”
I doubt he genuinely wanted to embrace me, it was more likely that he wanted to wipe his hands dry on my clothes . There was no denying it, this man was Huang Xiaolong, the so-called master .
He went back to his seat and pointed to the flavorful dishes, “Come on, just help yourself . Waiter! Would you please bring us another bottle of wine?”
I looked at Wu Jian quizzically, he didn’t even turn to glance at me once, he was just taking advantage of the opportunity to eat as much as he could .
Huang Xiaolong smiled at me, “I was shameful last time, but since then, I have studied harder than ever . I’ve graduated now and I’m strong enough to defeat any kind of ghosts . ”
I nodded my head but didnt believe him at all, I had gotten a really bad impression from him the last time, how could it be possible that he had graduated to become a master in just a few days? I didnt believe it for a second .
Nevertheless, the food here was delicious . Though the flavor was not perfect, their ingredients were top notch .
Afterwards, Huang Xiaolong picked his teeth and talked to us, “Brother Rui, I heard a few things about your situation . Wu Jian said that if you agree to it, I will be happy to wreck that ghost house for you!”
I quickly replied that work at the ghost house was good and I really didnt need any help . Of course, my job wasn’t THAT good, but I didnt believe Huang Xiaolong could actually do anything about it . Whats more, that female ghosts in the house didn’t really hold any grudges against me . If Huang Xiaolong went there trying to destroy them and ended up getting hurt in the process instead of helping, his actions might end up affecting me . I would be more afraid of the ghosts blaming me for this guy’s actions .
To be fair, he was showing remorse for what happened the last time we were together and showed his concern about my safety . He suggested going to the building with me and paying off my debts with them . I would have probably believed him if he didn’t have such a mischievous look about him . Hi indecent expression revealed that perhaps he had become obsessed with one of the beautiful female ghosts in the ghost house!
Annoyed by him, I diverted his attention by telling them what happened to He Xiaoyong . My words greatly surprised them, Huang Xiaolong kept asking me for more details while Wu Jian sat back and listened with a surprised look . Huang Xiaolong even asked me for He Xiaoyongs phone number and gave him a call immediately .
“He Xiaoyong . ”
“Yeah? Whats up?”
“Im a friend of Wu Jian . ”
“I have heard about you . Dont worry, Im an expert at your kinds of situation . ”
No kidding . Do you know my father or my mother?
“Have you heard about Ma in north China and Mao in south China?”
I instantly regretted giving him Xiaoyongs number . I didnt care about this “master’s” safety, but I just knew that he would lead He Xiaoyong astray . How could I possibly make this up to He Xiaoru?
I asked Wu Jian for help with my eyes, but he just looked at me in a way that said to take it easy . Now I was definitely convinced that Wu Jian had been brainwashed by Huang Xiaolong .
Huang Xiaolong was on the phone for so long even Wu Jian began fidgeting . Finally, just as we were thinking that Huang Xiaolong had dined and ditched this glorious meal just as he had last time, he came back into the room .
“Dont worry, I just finished talking to He Xiaoyong . Just leave it to me . We’ll go to Xi Shan tonight . ”
Wu Jian nodded as he was talking and told him to make sure to get things done . Their conversation made me want to cry . I knew that I had to call He Xiaoyong as soon as possible to tell him that didnt believe in Huang Xiaolong . This was a very serious and dangerous matter that I didn’t think he was ready for .
Unfortunately, I didnt get a chance to call him . They took me home and even went inside my place to chat with me for a while . Even though I was reluctant, they still managed to keep a conversation going . I didn’t realize what time they left because I had fallen asleep as they were talking .
It was a familiar voice that woke me up, “Brother, you promised me that youll find my skin for me . ”
I mumbled something and sobered up at once . “Xiao Lingdang, why are you here?” I asked with blank amazement .
Xiao Lingdang curled her lip and said, “Sister Hua told me that you weren’t at work and let me come over to have a look . We didn’t know you had just slept in! I think I should tell her the truth . ”
Suddenly, a drop of sweat slid down the side of my head and I could already hear sister Hua saying, “You were absent today!” I really didnt know whether it was going to be a big deal or not, but I was still very afraid of her .
I rose from bed quickly and looked at the time, it was midnight . Xiao Lingdang and I went to the building as soon as possible .
Sister Hua was greeting guests as we walked in the door and smiled at me in a feminine way . It really frightened me, I felt very uncomfortable and walked to the bar .
Lulu was in the bar, too . She gave me a saucer with a cold face, “Table 12 . ”
I took it graciously and sent it to table 12 . After that, I glanced at my watch and noticed it was 1 . 00 a . m . I felt very strange,as if I had forgotten something, but I couldnt remember what .
Lulu noticed my odd expression and said to me in an angry tone, “Do you still suspect that I killed that girl? I can tell you right now that I didnt do it . ”
I agreed and remembered something at once . Damn! It was Huang Xiaolong!
I made a call to Huang Xiaolong immediately, but nobody answered . I had no other ideas but to call He Xiaoru, only to get the same result . I would have made another call, but I didnt have Huang Leis number .
I was getting nervous now . Although it was just passed midnight, most people would put their phones on silent at this hour . For some reason, I didnt think He Xiaoyong would do that under the circumstances .
I didnt have Huang Xiaolongs number, so I called Wu Jian instead . Luckily, he answered and told me Huang Xiaolongs number with a sleepy tone . I made a phone call to him right away, but no response .
Just as I was wondering what to do next, my phone began to ring .

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