A Guest in a Ghost House - Chapter 33

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Chapter 33 It was not Lulu
He Xiaoyong’s story left me bewildered . The spirit they invited that day was Lulu, a supernatural ghost which never harmed people . Besides, why would she kill Zhang Xue? Did she, like Chen Kai, do something bad in the ghost house?
I couldnt figure it out . They all insisted that they only played Die Xian in the ghost house, and nothing else .
I couldnt think of anything I could do about it, so I asked them to meet again tomorrow . When I went to work later that night, I would ask Lulu if she knew anything . I always thought all the female ghosts in the ghost house were basically good .
He Xiaoru looked like she wanted to tell me something, but she worried about her brothers safety, so she just told me that I had to be there tomorrow and then took the youngsters and left . I watched them leave in a sour mood . I hung out on Kaoshan Street until it was the time for work .
Brother, you promised to find my skin for me . Xiao Lingdang reminded me as usual when I entered the ghost house .
Yes, I know, I know . I looked around and couldn’t find Lulu, so I asked, Xiao Lingdang, where is Lulu?
She went out .
Out? Did Lulu really do that? I felt uneasy for some reason .
Sister Hua walked up to me and said, Lulu is helping to catch a ghost tonight . You are in charge of the till . You’re still the waiter, though . Then she left .
She was helping someone else catch a ghost? Lulu was a ghost herself; how could she help someone else catch ghosts? Did that mean it wasnt Lulu who killed Zhang Xue? I was baffled .
Hey, Handsome, I need change for this bill .
I looked toward the voice without thinking, and then turned away in a fright . What I saw was a lovely young girl… with a long, swollen tongue lolling out of her mouth . Her speech was a bit slurred; I imagined it must be difficult to speak with her tongue like that . She was a hanged ghost, the kind of malicious spirit that Xiao Lingdang told me had to search for a host to possess and consume .
Seeing me jump back, the hanged ghost looked somewhat discontented . Do I look so horrible? she said gloomily .
I shook my head stiffly, grabbed the bill and the money from her hand and walked around the bar to the till . Working the till was not difficult, but ghost money was very highly inflated compared to regular Chinese Yuan . I looked at the bill and saw a tally of 8000 Yuan for a cup of fruit juice and a bowl of rice .
Xiao Lingdang seemed familiar with the hanged ghost . She ran up and held the hanged ghost’s hand, Sister Tan, you havent been here for a long time .
The hanged ghost shook her head forlornly, Oh, I’ve been busy . It’s very difficult to find a host these days .
Xiao Lingdang gave a few slow nods, then her eyes lit up like she had an idea . She turned to me, “Brother, can you help Sister Tan look for a host?
My eyebrows shot halfway up my forehead . I could help Xiao Lingdang look for her skin, but looking for a host? That’s killing people!
Sister Tan seemed to understand my reservations . She smiled at Xiao Lingdang, No thanks, I can find one myself . Then she winked at me, and I gave her a stiff smile in response .
When Sister Tan left, I asked Xiao Lingdang, Xiao Lingdang, aren’t hanged ghosts malicious? Why did she come to the Fan House? Of course, I would have also liked to know why female guests were coming to a brothel .
Xiao Lingdang looked at me strangely . Whats wrong with malicious ghosts?
I didnt know what to tell her . Fortunately, Yan’er joined us and said, Being a malicious ghost means they have to sacrifice a living soul to reincarnate, but many of them just can’t bring themselves to do it . They just remain as ghosts and wait . ” She paused for a moment before continuing: “Many lose themselves while waiting for the unknown .
I felt a sense of profound loneliness from Yan’er . Xiao Lingdang whispered in my ear, Yan’er is also a malicious ghost, but she never harms anyone .
I nodded . I was curious about Yan’er, who kept pets in hair, but Lulu was more important at the moment . I asked, Xiao Lingdang, what did Sister Hua mean? How is Lulu helping to catch a ghost?
Xiao Lingdang looked at me like I asked a silly question . She just goes and catches the ghost . Lulu is very skilled at it .
Skilled? I had no idea what she meant . “Xiao Lingdang… I began, but then stopped . I suddenly realized that there was no use asking Xiao Lingdang about it . She would probably just babble something incomprehensible again . I was beginning to think she had a few screws loose in her head .
I looked around and saw Yan’er drinking by herself in a secluded corner of the hall . I asked Xiao Lingdang to watch over the till for me and then went over to Yan’er .
Seeing me approach, she asked, What’s up?
“Sister Hua said Lulu was out catching ghosts . Can you tell me anything about that?”
Yan’er nodded, There was something about a mass grave recently . A vengeful ghost ate a fresh soul, and Lulu went to catch it . Eating fresh souls is a major taboo, so we had to intervene .
A vengeful ghost consumed a fresh soul, and Lulu was trying to catch it . Was Lulu stronger than a vengeful ghost?
Yan’er seemed to guess my thoughts . Lulu is a grievance ghost . She gets special powers from Hell .
A grievance ghost . Xiao Lingdang told me about that type, but she said there were few grievance ghosts and she had only ever met one . I guessed the one she met was Lulu . However, Lulu seemed to really hate that Japanese ghost in the back yard . As a grievance ghost, why was she unable to defeat him?
I realized I really didnt know very much about the ghosts I’d met in the Fan House . Well, I had gotten rather ‘familiar’ with Xiao Lingdang, at least . . .
Yan’er seemed to be talking to herself, Grievance ghost are very strong, but they can’t hurt someone who had nothing to do with their death . If they do that, they will be considered renegades by Hell .
I nodded thoughtfully . This was about what Xiao Lingdang had told me . I wondered out loud what kind of ghost Lulu was out catching, in that case .
Yan’er said, Lulu is there to help . She has a great sense of grievance, which can suppress hateful spirits .
I understood, but then a more important question appeared in my mind . If Lulus powers had so many limitations, who killed Zhang Xue?
I told Yan’er what He Xiaoyong told me, and she felt that was a little bit strange too . She insisted that Lulu had absolutely nothing to do with it, and I tended to agree .
As for the rest, Yan’er suggested I have a look around the abandoned toilet in the school . I could see ghosts, and it seemed that working for the Fan House gave me a kind of special status . Most ghosts seemed to respect me, surprisingly .
In the end, I could only wait for the next day to speak to He Xiaoyong and check out the abandoned toilet which was rumored to be haunted . Then I would know what to do next .

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