A Guest in a Ghost House - Chapter 28

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Chapter 28 The Japanese Ghost
I listened to Lulu’s ghost story with rapt attention .
When Xiaoru and I entered the hall to burn paper money that night, Chen Kai and his friends were going to the second floor .
Chen Kai walked in front, knocking on the guard rail of the second floor with a stick and laughing at Xiaoru’s and my cowardice .
Wu Di hugged Kitty, who didn’t dare look up, and joked with Chen Kai .
Chen Kai entered a random room and put the stick on a desk . Think we’ll get lucky? he said to Wu Di .
Wu Di glanced at Chen Kai disdainfully, We might not get lucky, but we’ll definitely get a bunch of ghosts .
Chen Kai kicked a swaying chair out of the way, I have never had sex with a female ghost . I bet it feels great .
Wu Di didn’t respond . He shined his torchlight at Chen Kai with a lewd face . Chen Kai understood and left the room with a secretive smile .
Wu Di dragged Kitty in his arms, saying Kitty, can we try here?
Kitty was shocked and shook her head, but Wu Di insisted, Kitty, it’s comfortable here .
However, Kitty still refused, shaking her head and hugging Wu Di’s arm tightly . Wu Di became angry, What do you mean? If you dont like me, just tell me and I will leave you alone . ”
Wu Di turned to the door, but Kitty was too frightened to let him go . She hugged Wu Di closely, and finally agreed .
So, Wu Di and Kitty had sex on the old bed in the room . When they were about to climax, Wu Di’s hand unknowingly grasped something and he threw a wooden tablet to the floor .
Wu Di and Kitty stood up from the bed, calling Chen Kai over . Chen Kai had been waiting for a while and had gotten quite upset . Heading toward the sound of Wu Di’s voice, Chen Kai crushed the wooden tablet under his foot as he entered the room . The ghost house was ancient, so he did not really care about it .
The exploration of the ghost house was over . Wu Di had also had his fill of “adventure” . They were ready to leave, but Chen Kai and Wu Di suddenly felt very hungry . In the next room over, they found a sumptuous feast laid out on the table . They didn’t know where all this food came from, but their hunger got the better of them .
Kitty walked out into the hall after straightening her clothes, only to see the two boys running into another room . She looked in through the door apprehensively . The ruined house became illuminated with bright rays of light, and all manner of food was laid out on the round table . A long-haired girl in cheongsam was sitting at the table . She seemed to notice Kitty, and slowly turned towards her . Her black and oiled hair covered her whole face .
But it wasn’t her face . . . It was the back of her head .
Kitty screamed in horror and ran .
Chen Kai and Wu Di were already sitting beside the faceless ghost, silently picking up food with the chopsticks laid out for them . In their eyes, they were eating meat and green vegetables .
That was when Xiaoru and I rushed into the room . I pulled at Chen Kai’s arm, but was frightened by his horrible gaze . Chen Kai just turned back, smiling at the female ghost who had no face . He continued to eat until he died .
That wooden memorial tablet belonged to Jiajia . Lulu spoke vaguely, not willing to give me too many details . Naturally, it was not appropriate for me to ask her . Therefore, I simply made a mental note that I should never anger the ghost they called Jiajia .
Lulu kept Jiajia’s story short and concise . Thinking of Chen Kai and Wu Di, I remembered a saying I once heard, Never go looking for trouble until trouble comes looking for you .
Suddenly, I found a gap in Lulu’s story . What about the girl? I had a picture of Kitty riddled with bloody holes . She hadn’t even closed her eyes in death . She just disappeared from Lulu’s story .
Lulu’s eyes became complicated . After a long time, she said sadly, I wouldn’t harm a girl . She ended up going to the back yard .
I knew the ghost house had a backyard, but I had never been there . After Kitty ran to the back yard, what did she do there? If Lulu would never harm a girl, what happened to her?
Lulu shook her head, She was not killed by us .
Oh . . . I was shocked . Were there many ferocious ghosts who never belonged to the ghost house?
Lulu didnt see my surprised look, turning around and looking in the direction of the back yard . Her hair fluttered, revealing black livor mortis on her neck .
I shivered; Lulu’s reaction attracted the attention of the patrons . Sister Hua cleared her throat loudly in the distance .
Lulu quickly turned back to me . It seemed almost as if what just happened was only my imagination . I swallowed my saliva, planning to get back to work .
Then, Lulu said, That girl was killed by him .
I glanced at Lulu apprehensively . Although the cold air around her had not disappeared, her expression was becoming slightly softer .
Lulu’s eyes showed her hate, He is the enemy of the Fan house . We want to drink his blood . ”
Although I was not a gossiper, I became very interested in Lulu’s words . Before I knew it, I asked, Who is he?
He is Japanese .
What? Japanese! I couldnt believe it . There were Japanese in the Fan house! Oh, then I realized, it was probably a Japanese ghost .
I was stunned for a moment, Lulu, you mean there is a Japanese ghost in the back yard?”
Lulu nodded and said, Yes .

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