A Guest in a Ghost House - Chapter 267

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Shi Xiaodie and Zheng Chen had fallen in love with each other when they both were young . After Zheng Chen went to the college, Shi Xiaodie also went out to work .
One was an excellent college student but the other was a waiter who was responsible for serving and washing dishes . Accordingly, Shi Xiaodie, who thought there was a big gap between herself and him, gradually started learning to forget Zheng Chen .
At this time, there was a man who was going after Shi Xiaodie, who also wanted to try to forget Zheng Chen . She was together with that man soon, but the man had the virgin complex .
Shi Xiaodie, who was abandoned by that man, had totally went to the bad . However, when she had just entered the abyss, she was surprised to receive a letter from Zheng Chen . In this letter, he expressed his love and missing for her, which made this woman, who used to feel inferior to herself, go into deep confusion .
It was at this time that Shi Xiaodie knew one thing that all the sisters, who had been doing the sex-related job with her together, would go home to get married and have the children after earning a sum of money .
Hence, this pointe became the hope of Shi Xiaodie, so she began to return to the feeling of first love with Zheng Chen .
However, she didn’t know how Zheng Chen got to know her current situation and it was totally unacceptable for her . She even thought it was Zheng Chen who ruined her life and went to meet with him . When she knew it was irreparable, she chose to committed suicide in the end .
For this, Zheng Chen was full of guilty in his heart .
Her families, who had known her situation, dared not put up a pageantry, and could only falsely claim that Shi Xiaodie had a sudden illness on the way back and then bury her body very easily .
It was at the time when they buried Shi Xiaodie that they dug up a golden toad carving from the graveyard and also found that there even was an ancient tomb next to the graveyard .
Her family all didn’t make this public . Instead, they only buried her body and left .
This village was to small and the news was made public by those helpers . It also immediately attracted the attention of those unemployed villagers like Zheng Daqiang .
Therefore, Zheng Daqiang and friends decided to go to steal the ancient tomb . They falsely claimed they went to work and left the village .
According to Zheng Daqiang, the golden toad was buried together with Shi Xiaodie .
I nodded and thought knowing Shi Xiaodie’s experience was no help to the present situation . However, by contrast, I felt the nobility from the depths of the soul of the woman named Chang .
“What shall we do now?” Su Jun asked .
I shook my head and said, “Go to find Shi Xiaodie’s grave and solve the thing about her . ”
“What about the woman named Chang?”
I just looked at Su Jun but didn’t speak .
A police officer came here . When he noticed the atmosphere of our silence was very strange, he reported in a low voice, “That golden toad carving has been assembled . ”

I stood up and I and Su Jun followed that police officer to walk to one side . There was a golden toad carving on a distant table, covered with cracks and white binders .
I didn’t go to take it up . I only observed it for a long time and then said to Su Jun with smile, “Shi Xiaodie, she could never escape . ”
In the surprised eyes of Su Jun, I let old Mr . Chang come over and told him some of my requirements .
After the soul fusion of the golden toad and Shi Xiaodie, there must be the breath of Shi Xiaodie left on the golden toad . With this breath, I could trace her ghost . As for the body, it was no longer important .
Although I still didnt know exactly how Shi Xiaodie became a ghost, I thought it was very likely that her corpse was hurt when Zheng Daqiang and his friends went to steal the ancient grave .
Old Mr . Chang had set the spelling table and found a rooster in the village as I asked .
I put the golden toad carefully on the spelling table, tied it up with a red silk thread soaked in the blood of black dog, then lit the incenses and the candles .
After smearing the blood of the roosters crowns on the head of golden toad, I began to wait in silence .
Standing for a while, Su Jun took a look at unresponsive spelling table, also looked around and then asked me, “What are you doing now? Just this can work?”
I shook my head and answered him, “The red silk thread is used to trap Shi Xiaodie so that she can’t leave a certain range and the blood of the rooster crown is something with most Yang . Once it is smeared on the golden toad, Shi Xiaodie will feel her whole body is being burnt by the fire . ”
“Then she will come out?”
I continued shaking my head and answered him, “Not necessarily . If she doesn’t come out, her body will keep being burnt by the fire . Anyway, there are so many roosters in the village . I will change one every once in a while . I bet that she certainly can not hold on for a long time . ”
No sooner had I finished my saying than I heard a weak female voice, “Why do you do this to me?”
I looked toward the direction of the voice, only to find that Shi Xiaodie was standing on the open space, looking at me with an aggrieved expression on her face .
“Didnt you get hit to death by a car? Do you want to show us your face of death?”
The grievance expression on her face suddenly disappeared and she just looked at me with hatred .
The face of death was left by the people at the moment of death and it was just the same as the peeled Xiao Lingdang I saw in those days . It was just that the face of death, after all, was not very good . Most of time, ghosts will appear in the way they were alive .
Shi Xiaodie said, “I don’t mess with you . Why are you always chasing after me?”
I took a look at her and replied, “You shouldn’t hurt the child and Zhou Yan . ”
When I was saying, I also pulled out one candle on one side and dripped the wax on the shoulder of the golden toad .
After a sudden painful exclamation, Shi Xiaodie also covered her own shoulder, where there are plumes of white smoke coming out from the chink of her fingers .
This was the legendary dropping wax . I thought with malice and still kept saying, “You have no choice . ”
Shi Xiaodie covered her should, looking at me and clenching her teeth, “I have no choice . Right, I do have no choice . I have loved the wrong person and what choice can I have?”
“You have loved the wrong person? No . Although Zheng Chen hates you a little, he still visits you after you die . He very loves you . Your wrong lies in that you never love yourself . ”
“He loves me? Visits me? Ha Ha Ha Ha!” Shi Xiaodie gave out crazy laughter, but then burst into tears, saying, “He has let me swap grave with Zhang Fei . Is that loving me? He should love Zhang Fei!”
Well . Her words made me have no way to answer, but I also didn’t understand that Zheng Chen obviously loved Shi Xiaodie, but why he still let her swap the grave with the woman named Chang .
“You must have no words to say, right?”
I just looked at Shi Xiaodie . As I was about to open my mouth, a gentle and crisp voice suddenly sounded .
“Zheng Chen did that for you . I had appeared in his dream and made a request . There was evil thing next to your graveyard, which was slowly eating away at your soul . To revamp your soul, Zheng Chen finally swapped your and my graveyard . However, what I didn’t expect was that Zheng Daqiang, that son of bitch, went to steal the ancient grave and broke that evil thing . ”
Eyes of all the people were focused on the sudden appearance of figure . With square face and thick eyebrow, that was the woman named Chang .
“No, that’s impossible . How can you appear in Zheng Chen’s dream?” Shi Xiaodie was stunned for a moment and kept shaking his head .
The woman named Chang sighed and said, “Because Zheng Chen wants to call the police to help me . Because he loves you . ”
“Really?” Shi Xiaodie stupidly looked at the woman named Chang .
“Yes, but all is over . ” Zheng Chen’s voice suddenly sounded, and I saw he with his family stood still in a cloud of fog .
Shi Xiaodie wanted to go forward but was stopped by Zheng Chen, and she said, “I have made mistake . I have mistaken . Now we both are the ghosts and we can always be together . ”
Zheng Chen shook his head and said, “Xiaodie, go to reincarnation with us . ”
“No . No . ” Shi Xiaodie also shook her head and said, “If we go, then we couldn’t be together . ”
Zheng Chen sighed, and Zhou Yan was holding his arm, comforting him silently .
Shi Xiaodie stared at Zhou Yan’s hand, which was holding Zheng Chen’s hand, with hatred . However, her hatred suddenly disappeared and then said with a face of grievance, “Zheng Chen, I really love you . Sister Chou, I have known I am wrong . ”

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