A Goblin's Evolution - Chapter 7

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[Your Oathbound Contract with Eledor Reynorin has expired .
Reason: Eledor Reynorin has died . ]
Mins body slumped on Kazzs shoulder . She stared at the screen, reading the words carefully . She stared at it, as second after second passed, and Kazz continued running . Eledor Reynorin has died . Tears trickled down her face .
No, she mumbled .
No, no, no, no, she continued . Her face was pale, even paler than normal . She couldnt pry her eyes off the screen . Her eyes scanned through those last four words over and over again, trying to change them . She had to change them! She couldnt let this be, it couldnt be! She needed him to be alive! She needed the screen to disappear, she needed her contract to remain!
But nothing happened . Her Oathbound Contract remained broken . That feeling in her heart that urged her to do as Eledor said had disappeared . The only thing remaining was a deep hole of sorrow . A hole that the death of her most beloved Master had dug .
Master! She wept . Her eyes teared uncontrollably, and she finally started sobbing . Kazz looked up to her .
What happened? He asked . Min remained silent, sobbing silently . A minute passed, while Kazz kept running, only sparing a bit of his mind to wonder why she was crying suddenly .
M-Master is dead, she finally said, her voice hoarse and filled sadness and lament, the despair as easily apparent as her normal cheerfulness . Kazz looked at her . It was what he had expected, but he was still startled . That most powerful Lord of his had died? He couldnt keep himself from giving a silent tear as well .
Speaking no further, he continued running, while carrying his crippled mate . He ran until his legs hurt, and then some . He never looked back, but just kept running until they got out of the forest . When outside the forest, he still ran, albeit much slower and much more sluggishly than before, but he had to keep running! He had to protect Min and he had to live so he one day could come back here! Perhaps he could still save everyone he loved then .
It was a foolish, naïve thought, but he had to grasp at some thread of hope . It was the only thing that could keep him running . It was already dark, when his legs gave under him, and he fell to the ground . He had run dozens of kilometres already . He was shocked that he could even last that long .
They were in an open area, when they stopped . There was a road not too far away from them, but they had decided to rest behind a large boulder, which could hide them from anyone travelling on said road .
Kazz had placed the silent Min down at the side of the boulder, before slumping down himself . He immediately fell asleep, simply too tired to even think about what had happened . Min, on the other hand, was different . She couldnt sleep . Her mind was riddled with thoughts of her family, of her Master, and her body was aching all over, especially her hips . She still hurt from time to time, but it wasnt as bad as it had been the first few days . It was still enough to keep her awake, though .
Luckily for her, it wasnt constant . It came and went, depending on what state her body was in . If she relaxed all day, the pains would be kept to a minimum, but since she had been handled very roughly all day, and because it had been a very bumpy ride, she hurt pretty bad right now .
But there was nothing she could do, except bear it . She could hardly move, so there was no way she could go search for some pain-relieving herbs, and she didnt want to wake up the tired Kazz either . She wasnt even sure she was able to, to be honest . Kazz was utterly exhausted .
When morning came, Kazz woke up, while Min had stayed awake the entire night . Kazz had a hard time standing up, since his body ached all over from the exertion, but it wasnt so bad that he couldnt move around . Without a word, he carefully picked Min up, holding her in a princess hold this time . They had already gotten a great distance away from the forest, so they werent in too much of a hurry anymore . Kazz wouldnt be able to run very far right now, anyways . Thus, he held her in a comfortable princess hold, and started walking at a brisk pace .
Go to the road, then follow it south . If Im right, it should lead us right to Teras . If were lucky, well make it tonight or tomorrow, but it should take no longer than two days, Min said softly . Kazz nodded his head, then walked over to the road . As they travelled, they would take a short break every few hours, so Kazz could recover .
It was shortly after one of these breaks that a caravan came by . They naturally noticed Kazz and Min on the road, and the fact that Kazz was carrying Min . A man riding a horse came riding towards them, going ahead of the caravan . The man was very tall, about two meters at least, and he was furred . He looked like a humanoid bear . Min recognised him as one of the Urshu, a beast-man race . Min had learned about many rare and common species of the world . The Urshu was a somewhat rare kind of race that resembled bears . They were extremely strong and tough .
Hello there! Is the young lady so tired she cant even walk? The man asked in the Kon Rithian language, while looking Kazz in the eyes . Kazz only stared at him in confusion; he didnt understand any Kon Rithian at all . Instead, Min responded .
Im sorry, he doesnt speak Kon Rithian . He only speaks our native language and a little bit of Telekenar, Min said . The Urshu nodded .
I see . Hes certainly a Hobgoblin, and you look like one too, other than your colour . It would make sense he doesnt speak many languages . In fact, its strange that you speak Kon Rithian so well, he said, eyeing Min a bit suspiciously .
I had a High Elven teacher who taught me . I was quite lucky, she said . After mentioning her Master, she got a bit downcast . The bear man noticed it and decided to not ask further about that .
Well, I see that youre not walking . Are you perhaps injured? We have a healer who can help if its not too serious, he said . Min smiled a bit at this . She hadnt expected to meet a kind-hearted person like this .
My injury is a lasting one, and I cant walk because of it . Thats why my mate has to carry me all the way, Min said, a bit embarrassed .
Oh, I see . Well, since youre travelling this road, I assume youre heading to Teras? You can sit in one of our wagons if your, ehm, mate helps around a bit . You know, Im just going to call him your husband, he said . Mins eyes brightened and her mouth gaped at his words . Travelling with a caravan would be much safer for them!
Really?! You would do that? Im sure that Kazz will work hard! Min said . Then she looked at Kazz, who was completely oblivious to the conversation and had only startled a bit at hearing his name .
Kazz, they offered us a place in their caravan . All you have to do is help around a bit . It should be much easier than carrying me all the way to Teras, Min said, a bit excited for the first time since they left the forest . Kazz smiled a bit too .
Thats great! My arms are starting to tire a bit, he said . Min looked back to the man .
We both thank you for your help . My name is Min, and this is my mate, Kazz, Min introduced themselves .
Nice to meet you, Min and Kazz . My name is Arnold . Im the owner of this trade caravan . You can follow me, Arnold said, leading them back to the caravan .
Im sure that Kazz will work hard, but he doesnt speak the language . Unless you have someone who speaks Goblin, you can come to me for translation, Min said .
No, you two will be the only ones of the Goblin race here, Arnold said . He quickly brought them to a wagon . The wagon was mostly filled with items, but there was still a bit of space in it . A few children were sitting in it .
You can sit in here, Arnold said, taking Min from Kazzs grasp, and placing her in the wagon . Kazz was too short to put her in himself without struggling .
Kazz can walk like the rest, he said . Then he left to the front of the caravan . The entire caravan numbered forty something people, and a couple of horse driven wagons .
The children sitting with Min looked at her curiously . She was the only grown up in the wagon, even though she was more of a teenager . To the children, she looked like some sort of elf, albeit a very short one .
How come you get to sit here? All the other grownups have to walk, a young boy asked . This boy had a similar skin complexion to her, and they could almost be mistaken for the same race . The boy probably thought they were both Dark Elves, so he wasnt too shy with her .
I was, uh, injured badly, so now I cant walk very well, Min said .
So, youre a cripple? The boy asked without hesitation . Min blushed a bit, and lowered her head a bit .
I suppose so, she answered . The boy put a hand on her hand .
Dont worry, Im sure youll be fine, he said, kind-heartedly . Hearing him, Min smiled, and patted him on the head .
Whats your name? She asked .
Im Varo . Whats your name, big sister? he asked .
My name is Min, she revealed .
Thus, she spent most of her time talking to the children, or playing with them to the best of her abilities . When they stopped for the evening, Kazz helped around the camp, while Min just sat and waited . Eventually, someone would bring her to the camp fire, where she would listen to the stories some of the older men told . Shed quietly translate to Kazz .
They arrived at Teras the next day, a few hours after noon . Min and Kazz said their farewells with the caravan, and directly entered the city . The caravan would take longer to enter, since their inventory had to be checked and what not .
Inside the city, Min asked around a bit, and they quickly found their way to the docks . There, they asked some more, to find out what boat was going to travel the farthest, and how much it would cost . They quickly found their ship, and managed to get a place in it for seventy copper coins . It was quite expensive, but it was going to be a very long ride that would last more than three months . They had even got a bit of a discount, on the account that Kazz would work onboard the ship . The ship would leave the next day, so they were only told to be there by dawn, or they would have wasted their money .
Thus, the couple went into the city again . They had thirty coppers left, and they needed to buy some things . Currently, they were only wearing some simple furs . It didnt fit in very well around here . Thus, they bought some course fabrics for ten copper coins . They concluded that it would be cheaper for Min to just make their clothes, instead of buying them .
It was also even cheaper considering the fact that they only had to buy enough fabric for about one and a half full outfit, since Min didnt want to cover too much skin . She liked showing her body off, and would prefer to wear revealing clothing . This might be a result of her personality change from the evolution, or the fact that Goblins just didnt wear many clothes in the first place . It wasnt uncommon for female Goblins to walk around topless . It didnt really get cold where their tribe had lived, either .
After that, they bought some paper and a few pencils . For ten copper coins, they got quite a bit of paper . Kazz had suggested buying this, so Min wouldnt be too bored . After all, she was probably going to be alone a lot, since Kazz had to work, and there werent exactly many passengers on this trip .
After making those purchases, they went back to the docks, and found a corner to sleep in . They decided against sleeping in a tavern or inn, since they didnt have much money . When morning came, they boarded the ship, and soon, they sailed the vast ocean . It would be a three-month journey that would take them from one end of Kon Rithia to the other . They would arrive at the very edge of the country and continent, a several thousand-kilometre journey .
Kazz worked hard to do his job . Luckily for him, they werent the only Hobgoblins on board, so he had someone he could understand . This old Hobgoblin would teach him words here and there, and when night came, Min would spend an hour or two teaching him the language .
While Kazz was working, Min spent most of her time alone, drawing . She drew like she always had, and threw in a sexual, erotic drawing here and there . Those erotic drawings became quite popular amongst the sailors, too . The first sailor who had seen her drawing had mentioned that hed love to do that with someone .
Then, Min had said that she didnt mind doing it with him . The sailor had been shocked, and asked her what Kazz would think . Kazz was actually quite strong on the ship; at least stronger than this sailor, so he didnt want to do something stupid .
But when he heard how Goblin society worked, he was quite eager, and happily fucked her . In the end, he even paid her for the sex, as well as the drawing . After that, some sailors would come to her, offering money for sex . Like that, she earned a couple copper coins . They didnt have much money, so the pay wasnt great, but she still happily accepted it . At night, she spent all her time with Kazz, though .
By the second month of their journey, Min was surprised to see that a small bump had appeared on her stomach . She had also been feeling sick in the mornings for a few weeks now, and often puked, even though she hadnt been seasick when she boarded the ship .
Min was pretty sure what this meant; she was pregnant . The day she found out, she waited patiently for Kazz to return to her, and when he did so in the evening, Min greeted him with a smile .
Guess what? She said, as he joined her on their cot . They slept in a common room, together with all the other sailors . Only the captain had his own cabin .
What is it? Kazz asked, a bit tired .
Im pregnant, she said, not lowering her voice in the slightest . Naturally, several people heard her .
You are?! Do you know who the father is? I mean, it could be anyone . Youve been sleeping with most of the crew here, he said . He had to admit, he didnt like that one of the sailors could have impregnated her . He wouldnt care if it was another Goblin, but if someone from another species impregnated her, it would result in some sort of half breed .
Of course, I dont know who the father is, silly! Min giggled at him . Suddenly, one of the sailors present approached them .
Uh, if one of us is the father, are you going to make him take responsibility? The sailor asked .
I dont think so . Well probably be long gone, before the child is born . I dont think well meet again, Min said . The sailor looked a bit relieved, but also a bit sad . He quite liked Min . Since he had asked her, he had naturally had sex with her quite a few times .
Is that so . I would quite like to know if its mine or not though . Would be good to know that I have a child out there, he mumbled .
Haha, well, if its yours, then Ill arrange for a letter to be sent here, I suppose . Then you can come visit us, Min said, cheerfully . It had been two months since the disaster at the forest had happened, so she had mostly recovered from the trauma already . Two months did factor for almost a fourth of her life, after all . She still had her sad moments, though .
You do that, then . We go there a few times a year . Ill show you who to send letters to when we arrive, the sailor said .
This mans name was Dralu . Min was quite familiar with him, and they spent some time together . It was mostly because they looked similar . Dralu had white silver hair, just like Min, although his was a bit longer . Min still had relatively short hair, since she was only a few months old . His skin however, was much darker . He was a Drow, a sort of elf closely related to Dark Elves, but they usually lived underground .
It was a bit peculiar to find one as a sailor .
Hearing the news, many of the sailors came to congratulate her, and to make sure she would inform them if they were the father . These sailors spent most their lives at sea, and had little chance to start families, so they wanted to know if they had some spawn somewhere .
Others started ignoring her, though, and some even threatened her to never bother them, if they happened to be the father . Some were eager, others, less so .
Since she spent most her time drawing, she one day had received one of the blue messages .
[Congratulations! Your skill [Drawing] has levelled up to level 20!
You are awarded with 2000 XP!]
[Congratulations! Your skill [Drawing] has ranked up!
You are now an Apprentice!]
Min had been delighted at the message . However, that had happened quite early on in the journey . By the time the third month had already passed, she had already reached level 39! She was only a step away from the Qualified rank! Of course, the only reason she had improved so quickly, was because she was constantly drawing . She had long ago covered both sides of all her sheets of paper in densely clustered drawings . Luckily for her, there was an entire shipment of paper on board, and she had been given some by the captain, in exchange for sexual favours .
In addition, after reaching level 30 in Drawing, she had received 3000 XP, which had been enough to level up . She had put her four points equally in Constitution and Endurance, in hope that it would help her walk . But it didnt do much else, other than making the pain more endurable .
The pain wasnt what kept her from walking . It was the fact that her bones couldnt support her weight, at least not without support . If she had two crutches, she might be able to get around, if slowly .
When they finally departed from the ship, Mins belly had grown a bit bigger . It was very easy to notice that she was pregnant . After all, her clothing didnt cover her belly at all . It only concealed half her breasts, showing a healthy amount of cleavage . She also wore a loose skirt that revealed her entire left thigh, and went a bit down her right thigh . She wore no underwear underneath, so if a wind came around, anyone would be able to see her privates, which she thought was quite fun .
The city they had arrived in was smaller than Teras had been, and also seemed much poorer . These southernmost parts were one of the poorest areas on all of Kon Rithia . But even then, it was too much for Min and Kazz . All the money they had, amounted to 38 coppers . When they first boarded the ship, they had only 10 coppers left of their silver coin, but Min had earned an additional 28 coppers through sleeping with the sailors . 38 coppers was a bit less than your average peasant earned in a month . It might be enough to sustain the two for a month, but if they didnt get jobs before then, they were screwed .
They would be better off, if they went to a village somewhere . The sailors had told them about several of the villages surrounding the town . In the end, they had been advised to go to a small village, called Ashford . It was a small village, so they could always use more people .
If they went there, Kazz might be able to get a job as a guard, while there were several things Min could do, even if she couldnt walk well . She could cook, somewhat, and her skill in Tailoring was above average for what such a village would have . Her skill in Herblore was sufficient enough that she could probably learn some basic Alchemy, even if her Master hadnt come to teach it to her yet . Worst case scenario, she could be a prostitute .
You might think that Kazz should be able to get a job in the city, since he was a level 27 Hobgoblin, but it was not so . He didnt have many skills outside of combat, and level 27 was actually quite low, for a combat oriented person . Most guards of a city were at least level 30 . Anything less, and they wouldnt be able to uphold the law sufficiently .
Thus, the two left the city, after saying their farewells to their sailor friends . The sailors would miss them, no doubt . Kazz had been a hard worker and had been easy to fool with, since he didnt understand the language well . And Min… well, them liking her was obvious .
Thus, the two travelled for two days . Kazz, of course, had to carry Min, which slowed them down a bit . If they both could walk, they might have made it in one day .
The sight of the village was quite relaxing . There was no wall around it; just about two dozen houses, with rough dirt paths between them . When they drew closer, two roughly armoured men noticed them, and started walking towards them, their hands on their weapons . They werent too alert, though . After all, it was just one man and girl, and the girl wasnt even walking on her own .
When they finally drew close, the two men who seemed to be guards called out .
Hello there! What brings you two to our village? Kazz somewhat understood what they said, but still looked to Min . He would prefer not to speak, since it was a hassle . He figured hed just be taciturn until he got the language under wraps .
Excuse my husband . Hes not good with the language, Min said . Since coming to Kon Rithia, she had started calling Kazz her husband, since people didnt really refer to each other as mates here .
We come from far away, just outside Kon Rithia . We spent most of our money to get here, seeking a new life . We hope to settle here, Min said . The two looked at them a bit warily . It seemed suspicious that someone would travel thousands of kilometres, just to settle down in a poor village . Such a journey would cost several months worth of wages, and that was if you didnt spend any money at all for those months .
Oh, dont worry, were not running away from someone dangerous . We originally came from a Goblin tribe in a forest bordering Kon Rithia . But war broke out, which resulted the… the destruction of our tribe . Were the only survivors, and we spent most our money to get here . We, we just wanted to get as far away as possible, Min explained, half truth, half lie . In truth, she had no idea what had happened over there, but it was true that she truly wanted to get as far away from there as possible, so as to forget all about her past life . She also doubted that whatever had killed her Master would chase her . She was just a Hobgoblin, after all .
Well, she was also a Child of Darkness, and a Dark Hobgoblin . Maybe she should be worried . The guards looked at them carefully, but then smiled .
I see . We give our condolences for your loss . Follow me, Ill bring you to the village lord . Im not one to send a pregnant lady away, one of the guards said . Then he guided them towards the centremost building of the village, while the other guard went back to his post .
Well, tell me, what skills do you have? the guard asked .
Hmm, well my husband doesnt have any practical skills, but hes a level 27 warrior . Well, technically hes unclassed, but he just hasnt had an opportunity to get a class yet . He was a warrior in our tribe, though . As for me, Im crippled and cant walk without crutches, so I wont do good in any labour jobs . But Im a somewhat skilled Tailor, and I can cook a bit . I also have some knowledge in Herblore, so if theres an alchemical garden, I can help there . And in case anyone needs it, Im a ranked Apprentice in Calligraphy, and Im only a step away from being Qualified as a Drawer . I could probably get Painting up to that level soon enough, if I had the supplies . But then again, I doubt a small village would have any need for those skills . I also have a bit of skill in Lore, so I could probably identify some items, or teach a bit of history, Min said, basically in one breath . She really wanted to be accepted here, so she laid herself out, so to say .
Thats quite a list of skills, the guard said, a bit shocked .
You say your husband is level 27? Damn, thats almost as much as the Captain . Hell no doubt be accepted as a guard . And you said you came from a Goblin tribe, so that must mean youre Hobgoblins . We dont have any of those here, so itd be nice to have ya, he continued .
And Im sorry to hear you cant walk . But hearing all your skills, the village would have a lot of uses for you . Youre an Apprentice Calligrapher, so you definitely can read and write . The Lord has been looking to get a teacher for is son . You should mention your skill in Calligraphy and Lore right away, when you see the Lord, the guard said .
Thank you very much, mister, Min said .
Haha, no problem, no problem at all! Were always eager to see new folks here . My name is Salo, by the way, the guard spoke . Salo was a tanned elf of some sort . Probably a Wood Elf .
Nice to meet you Salo . My name is Min, and this is Kazz, my husband . As I said, hes still learning the language, so hes rather silent . Hes not as smart as I am either, Min said .
Haha, I bet! Speaking of you, how come your skin is all blue? Arent Goblins green? Salo asked .
Oh, Im a special variant of Hobgoblin . Sometimes, we Goblins get a special evolution, for example the Orcish Hobgoblin . They are just as green as normal Goblins and Orcs, and a lot stronger than normal Hobgoblins . I, on the other hand, am more intelligent . Also, not all Goblins are green . I heard that the Goblins in the most northern regions of the world are blue, like me . Im not one of them, though . Im more like a Dark Elf Hobgoblin, Min said . If there was one thing she liked to do, it was to teach others about Goblins and their society . It was a way she could spread her fallen tribes legacy .
I see . I always thought Goblins were green no matter what . Its interesting to know that monsters can have special evolutions . What does it feel like, by the way? Evolving? Salo asked . He wasnt a so called monster, so he couldnt evolve .
Hmm, its quite weird . Ive only tried it once, myself, so its hard to say . My body grew by quite a lot, but it didnt hurt at all . It was also weird to see that my skin and hair had changed . I used to have brown hair, but now its silver . I like it this way, though . I also had some…? minor changes in personality, but that doesnt happen with everyone, Min explained .
Hm, thats quite interesting . Ah, were here . Youre gonna have to tell me more some other time, Salo said, before leading them inside . The moment they stepped inside, another door opened and a man stepped inside . He looked startled when he saw them .
Oh, Salo, and… two strangers . What brings you here? The man asked .
This is Kazz and Min, two Hobgoblins from up north . They want to settle here . Now, Min may be crippled, but Im sure youre going to like her very much . As for Kazz, forgive me for being frank, but itd be stupid to not take him as a guard, Lord, Salo said . Since this was a small village, no one was too formal, not even with the lord of the village . He was only the owner of a small piece of land, after all . Not necessarily a noble .
I see . You can go back to your post, Salo . Ill have a chat with these two . You two, follow me, he said, showing them into a side room . Kazz followed him, while carrying Min . They arrived in a room with a sofa, a table and a few chairs . The lord of the village sat on one of the chairs, then gestured towards the sofa .
Kazz placed Min down on the two-seat sofa, and then took a seat on a chair . The lord looked at them .
Well then, tell me about yourself, he spoke .
As you heard, my name is Min and my husband is Kazz . Kazz doesnt speak the language well, so he doesnt talk much, Min said .
I see . Where are you from, he asked .
We came from a Goblin tribe on the Elven Kinds side of the border . Our tribe was destroyed due to war, and only we survived, as far as we know . There might be others though . Anyways, we wanted to get as far away from there as possible, so we spent most of our money, and took a ship here, Min explained .
I see . It hurts me to hear it . However, tell me of your skills . What are you good at? Since you cant walk, I cant really send you to the farms or something like that, he said .
Well, you heard that Kazz is level 27 . He was a warrior back in the tribe . As for me, Im level 21 . Im an Apprentice level Calligrapher and very nearly a Qualified Drawer . Im less skilled in painting though, since I havent had the supplies to paint . Im level 7 in Lore, so I know a bit of the history surrounding Kon Rithia, the Elven Kind and Telsaar . I also speak fluent Kon Rithian, Telekenar and Telsarian . As well as Goblin speak, of course, Min said . The lord looked at her, a bit shocked .
You sure are qualified for a Hobgoblin, he said .
I had a High Elf teacher . He was the owner of the lands our tribe was in, and he took a liking to me, so he decided to teach me . But hes… dead now, Min spoke . A tear escaped her eye, from thinking about her Master .
Oh, I see . Well, you sound just like the kind of person Ive been looking for . I need someone to teach my son . There arent many people who can read or write here, and those who can are crap at it . As for me, I have no time to teach my son . This is a young village, so I have too many duties . So, what do you say? Are you willing to teach my son? he said . Mins eyes brightened . This kind of job suited her perfectly! Teaching a single kid wouldnt require much, so shed have tons of free time! And to add on to that, she had found that she loved children, after spending that time in the wagon .
She also had her own child on the way, too .
Id love to . How old is he? Min asked .
Hes three this year . Maybe still a bit young, but you can just start easy on him, he said .
Oh, hes that young? Thats perfect! Maybe he and my own child can be friends! Min said, excited .
Oh right, you two have your own child on the way, he said .
Well, Kazz might not necessarily be the father, though, Min said without much thought .
What? Did you sleep with another man? The lord asked, suddenly looking at the girl differently .
Huh? Oh right… You see, we Goblins arent like most other people . We are more like Dryads or Nymphs . Sex isnt all that romantic to us; we dont do it exclusively with our mates . We do it with everyone . Theres a couple dozen men who could be the father, Min revealed .
O-oh . I didnt know that . Well, just dont go sleeping with anyones wife or husband . If you sleep around with the single, it doesnt concern me . I dont care if my residents have open relationships, as long as they dont commit adultery . In fact, I dont mind at all, he said, giving Min a hungry smirk . Min giggled in return .
Well then, you can start teaching little Kinder tomorrow . Ill also have a few guys help your husband build a house . And finally, my name is Telran Ashford, lord of Ashford village . I welcome you, he said . Then, he left for a short while, and came back with a couple of well-built men . He introduced them to Kazz, and moments later they all left to construct a new house .
In the meanwhile, Min was treated to a meal and conversation by Telran . When nightfall came, their new house had already been finished . It wasnt any sorts of great mansion, but had a roof and four walls, so itd do . There was also a bed, courtesy of Lord Telran . He didnt want a pregnant girl to sleep on the floor .
Thus, the next day came with the arrival of the rising sun . Kazz went on his first shift as a guard, and Min slowly walked to the Lords home, using the two clutches she had been given . In his home, she was immediately introduced to a small, adorably cute boy .
Introduce yourself, boy! Telran ordered . The three-year-old boy straightened his back .
My name is Kinder Ashford! Nice to meet you, teacher! He said, before giving a deep bow . Min was a bit startled . This was the first time someone had bowed to her .
Hihi, my name is Min . I dont have a last name, though . Its nice to meet you too, Kinder, Min said . She tried to pat him on the head, but decided to give up, before she fell to the ground .
Come . Ill show you to the classroom, Telran said . He showed her to a room close by . It had the most comfortable chair in the house, with a table in front of it . On the other side of the table, there was another, much simpler chair . When they entered the room, Telran immediately helped Min get into the comfy chair . Kinder sat in the other .
There you go . You can teach him as you like, as long as the result is that he can read and write Kon Rithian . Naturally, I dont expect results right away . Itll take as long as it takes . As for your payment, Ill pay you one silver coin per month . I trust you to teach him well, Telran said .
O-one silver coin? Ill do my best, my Lord! Min said . Telran left the room satisfied . Kinder on the other hand, was staring at Mins naked belly .
Missy, is there a baby in your belly? Kinder asked . Min smiled .
Why, yes there is . I bet you and my baby are going to be great friends! Min said .
What? No way, Im already three! Hell be way too young! Kinder said .
Oh, you think so? Well, thats gonna be a problem, because Im not even one year old yet . Wouldnt that mean Im too young to teach you? Min said with an innocent expression . Kinder was baffled .
What? No way, not true! Youre an adult! He said .
Maybe . But did you know that Goblins grow up much, much faster than most other races? You see, your teacher was a Goblin when she was born, which is why she is already so big . My little baby will probably be different though, since the daddy wont be a Goblin . At least not a normal one . It might grow up as fast you do, or maybe a bit faster, Min said, while Kinder listened, not really understanding .
Anyways, thats not what Im here to teach . Im going to teach you how to read and write! Min said . She was truly excited to teach this cute little kid . Thus, she started teaching . She began by showing him the alphabet of the Kon Rithian language, then made him write each letter dozens of times, and made him slowly memorize their sounds .
Naturally, this wasnt achieved in one day . They spent three hours every day in that fashion .
After the first lesson, Telran had invited Min to stay a bit longer . He had helped her into the same room they had first talked in . This time, however, he sat next to her, rather closely . He held one hand on her exposed thigh, as they spoke .
You know, it was pretty harsh, after my wife died . I was all alone to take care of an infant boy, and I spent nights alone . You know, I havent had sex in three years, he said, while caressing her thighs carefully .
Thats sad . I would offer to sleep with you from time to time, but Im afraid Kazz would get angry, Min said . Telran looked visibly disappointed .
Instead, I guess youll just have to settle with sex after I finish teaching Kinder, she said seductively . Had she just teased him?
Min raised her legs, and overlapped them against his legs . Telran reached in closer, to kiss her, but Min leaned back .
No kissing . That is something we do find romantic . Ill only kiss with Kazz, Min said
Are you sure? I havent kissed anyone in years, he said .
I mean it . No kissing, Min said firmly .
Oh, fine, Telran gave up .
[Congratulations! Your skill [Persuasion] has levelled up to level 15!]
Oh, neat! I levelled up my Persuasion skill, Min said, as she moved her hand to enter his pants .
Really? Handy, Telran said, as he moved one hand to fondle her breasts underneath the top, and the other to play with her pussy . He then moved his mouth to her neck, and started sucking on it .
Aah, thats good . Bite me, bite me! Min said . Telran was a bit startled .
What? He asked .
I mean it! Bite me, and leave a nasty mark on my neck! Draw blood, even . Shame me and make me yours! Min exclaimed .
Oh, youre that kind of girl . Very well then, he said . Then he bit her between the neck and shoulder . His teeth sank into her flesh and drew a trickle of blood . Min screamed in a mixing of pain and pleasure .
Please, fuck me! Fuck me hard! Min screamed . Fuck me like Im your bitch!
Telran was no man to deny a fair lady her wishes, so he threw her back to the sofa and lodged himself deep inside her flowing wet pussy, his cock hitting her deepest spots! Min raised her legs and let him pound her .
Please, hit me, slap me, choke me until my face changes colour! She screamed . Telran obliged, and slapped her cheeks until they were swollen, and choked her until her face changed colour . By the time Min had already cum several times, Telran finally let a huge load out inside her .
Ah, that was amazing . Its been a while since Kazz granted me my wishes, Min said, satisfied .
Well, that was unexpected . You look so cute and innocent . I didnt expect you to be such a… well, submissive slut, Telran said .
Hehe, calling me a slut wont anger me . Itll only arouse me . But I wasnt always like this . When I evolved, my personality changed to give me this fetish . In fact, it was this fetish that crippled me . My Master fucked me so hard that he destroyed my hip bones, and he died before he could fully heal me, Min said, completely shocking Telran .
What? Are you serious? You were crippled because someone fucked you too hard? Telran couldnt help but repeat her words .
Yup, Min said .
Well, thats quite something . Anyways, I think we might have been too loud… I bet several villagers heard, Telran said .
Indeed . In fact, Kinder came in quite a while ago and saw everything, Min revealed, pointing to the hiding Kinder . Telran had been too absorbed to noticed anything .
What?! And you didnt say anything? You just let him watch?! Telran yelled at her .
Im sorry, Im sorry, but I just couldnt help it! The shame of my own student seeing me be dominated like that… ah, it just made me so horny! I really couldnt help it! Min said . Telran only shook his head, then looked to his son .
Kinder, dont tell a soul about what you saw . Especially your mother! Telran said .
Wait a second, his mother? Didnt you say she died? Min asked, confused . Then, a door opened, and a woman stepped in .
Oh shit, Telran said .
Not tell me? Do you really think I wouldnt hear you, the way that girl screamed?! And look at her! What the hell did you do to her?! Shes bleeding! And shes so young! Just a teenager! The woman screamed at him .
Min only looked from one to the other, utterly confused .
He lied to you dear . Im well and alive, as you can see . Anyways, I need to have a talk with this husband of mine . You can go home, she said . Min only nodded, struggled to sit up, grabbed her clutches, then walked away .
Ah, shes even a cripple, as well as pregnant . What the hell is wrong with you, Telran? Those were the last words Min heard before she left the building . On her way home, Min met Kazz, who was completely shocked to see her, as well as angry .
Relax! I just had sex with Lord Telran, and he let me indulge in my fetish! You almost never let me have fun like that, Min said .
Of course not! Its dangerous! That stupid fetish of yours is what crippled you in the first place, Kazz said .
Well, thats just because you and Master were way too rough! If you just control yourself a little bit, the most Ill get are some bruises and bite marks, Min said .
I still dont have to like it, Kazz replied .
Oh, whatever . Get this; Lord Telran actually told me that his wife died three years ago, but guess what happens when we finish having sex? His wife comes into the room, perfectly alive and well! You should have seen Lord Telrans face! It was hilarious, and she was furious! I just hope she wont be mad at me . Its not like I knew, or anything, Min told the story to her mate, turned husband .
Kazz actually laughed for once . Then, they chatted some more, while Kazz helped Min get home .

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