A Goblin's Evolution - Chapter 41

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Occasional screams of pain resounded through the apartment, stemming from the mouth of a young woman, with a rather huge belly.
Ellie was on the bed, her legs spread apart, and her lower body, nude. Next to her was Min, holding her hand. Outside the room, Kinder and Dralu paced about.
Outside, the moon hovered high in the sky, signifying how late in the night it was. The screams had caused worry in the several other inhabitants of the building, to the point where several had went down to investigate.
However, when the learned that the noise was due to Ellie giving birth, they stopped complaining.
Just breath, breath. The baby is a bit big, but you can handle it. Just imagine if you had to push it through your butt, Min said, garnering a small, but weak chuckle out of Ellie.
Min had experienced giving birth once, before, but she wasnt particularly experienced in the field either. All she could do was try to remember what the women had told her, when she gave birth to Ellie.
Outside the bedroom, there was a knock on the front door, drawing the attention of Dralu and Kinder.
Not another one, Dralu mumbled. Yet, he still walked over to the door and opened it.
Outside stood an elderly lady. She looked like a human, but the faint scars on her scalp indicated that she might be a beast kin, who suffered discrimination in the past.
The Elven Kind wasnt home to much discrimination, but there were other nations where it was heavily prevalent. For example the human purist Kingdom of Telsaar.
They were a nation where all species other than humans were enslaved. But that wasnt to say that only humans discriminated like that. There were plenty of places, where humans suffered slavery.
Mr. Dralu, I heard that young Ellie is giving birth. I have often assisted in giving birth, so I would like to offer my help, the old woman spoke.
Oh, that would be great. The only birth giving experience her mother has, was when she gave birth to Ellie, and that was fifteen years ago, Dralu said, as he led the woman in.
I see. Then its a good thing I came, the old woman said.
Yes, thank you very much, Nara, Dralu said, as he pointed Nara to the room Ellie and Min were in. Kinder only looked on, as the two conversed.
He found it strange that Nara was the one who spoke politely to Dralu, as if he was the elder. But then again, he was. Dralu was quite a few years older than Nara. Nara, as a beast woman, only had a lifespan of roughly eighty, to a hundred years, at maximum.
Nara, as a woman in her sixties, was about forty or so years younger than Dralu.
Ill see you later, old man, Nara said, as she walked towards the door.
Youre not exactly young yourself, you know, Dralu replied. But Nara simply snickered, and closer the door behind her. Then, she met the gaze of Min.

If Nara hadnt met the Dralu Min household before, she no doubt have believed Min to be Ellies sister, since they looked the same age.
However, what Nara didnt know, was that Min was only a year older than Ellie. She believed Min to be somewhere in her thirties. She attributed her youthful look to the fact that she was some strange, elven species.
The kind that looked like a teenager, despite being in their thirties. It wasnt such a strange thing, since most elves would still look like they were in their early twenties, when they were in their thirties.
Min only looked a bit younger than that.
Youre as beautiful as ever Min. And skimpy, too, Nara said, jabbing at Mins half-naked state.
This is how the girls dress in our family, and youre not going to change that, Min said, before pointing her tongue at Nara, quite childishly.
I know, I know. But Im here to help. If I left Ellie in your hands alone, Im sure youd drop the baby on the floor, or something, Nara said, as she started having a look at the panting Ellie.
Hey, Im very smart, you know! Min retorted, quite offended at Naras teasing.
Sure, but youre also an idiot, Nara said, while casually changing Ellies pose into something more suiting.
Well, I guess thats true, Min mumbled, thinking back to her childhood. Or at least what she remembered of it. Intelligence was not an inborn trait in Min.
Really? I didnt think you would admit it, Naru said, before giving a few, short instructions to Ellie.
I was very stupid when I was a child. The only reason Im not a babbling idiot anymore, is because most of my attribute points went into Intelligence and Wisdom, Min said.
I see. How high is your Intelligence, then? Nara asked, merely interested.
Almost two hundred, I suppose, Min replied, equally casual. Nara, on the other hand, donned an expression of shock.
Two hundred? How did it get that high? Nara asked, almost unwilling to even believe Min.
How? Well, I dont know, I just leveled up. Of course, having a Class, and being the apprentice of a mage helped. And Im also a slightly higher species than most, so I get an extra attribute point every time I level up, Min said, almost as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.
Youre apprenticed to a mage? I did not know that. I guess you learn something new every day, Nara replied.
Havent you ever seen a super nicely dressed Dark Elf enter the building? Thats my Master, Min said.
I cant say that I have, no, Nara said, holding a finger under her chin.
How about we stop talking about moms amazing life, and get this damn baby out of me! Ellie suddenly shouted, pulling Min and Nara out the strangely timed chat.
Oh, of course! Min said, before going back to acting as if she was doing something important.
A few hours passed. Finally, Min held a strangely large baby in her arms.
My grandson is born. My beautiful Eliana, you have a son. And yeah, Kinder isnt the dad, Min said, as she handed the long eared, dark green skinned baby boy to Ellie.
What? Are you saying Ellie had been sleeping around? I knew about your sexual exploits, Min, but I didnt think Ellie would be the same. Then again, you are mother and daughter, so I guess it makes sense, Nara said, as she looked at the adorable baby, now in Ellies arms.
Oh, she isnt as much of a slut as I am. She and Kinder are in an open relationship, but shes only having sex with two guys. Kinder, of course, and her boss. But shes only having sex with her boss for the sake of her job, Min explained, not caring that it might embarrass the less brazen Ellie.
To Min, sex wasnt something you could ever be embarrassed about.
I wonder what the boss will say after I tell him he put a baby in me. Maybe hell give me money. Hes loaded, after all. Well, I would be satisfied with a promotion, too, Ellie said.
Whats his name? Min said, as she sat down next to Ellie, and stroked the babys head. Even though he looked a bit rough, and well, orcish, he was kind of cute.
His name is Akon. And, and hes my son! I cant believe Im a mommy! And hes drinking my milk, Ellie said, as she looked at Akon, nibbling at her exposed breast.
How does it feel to breastfeed? I remember that I used to love breastfeeding you. But you grew up way too fast. Although, admittedly, you did drink my milk longer than most kids would, Min said.
Well, you should be able to keep things in control from now, Min. Its late, and I need to sleep, Nara said, before heading to the door.
Sleep tight. And could you call Dralu and Kinder in before you go? Min said, without removing her eyes from the peaceful child in Ellies embrace.
Of course, Nara replied, before leaving. Moments later, Dralu and Kinder rushed inside. Kinder moved right next to Min, while Dralu took the other side of the bed.
I guess he isnt mine, biologically. But thats okay. Ill raise him right. And Im sure the next one will be mine, Kinder said, a surprisingly happy smile on his lips.
Seeing this, Min put an arm around the boy, who was actually older than her. She was happy that her son-in-law was this accepting. He was a much better man that Mins ex-mate had been.
Haha, but he is biologically my grandson! With orcish blood, Im sure hell grow up to be a strong man! Dralu said, also surprisingly happy. Ever since Min had learned that Ellie was pregnant, shed been worried that Dralu would be angry.
But he had long accepted the part of Ellie that shed inherited from her mother. He knew that Ellie would always be a bit of a slut, like her mother, and this was probably not the last time shed get pregnant. In fact, it was entirely possible that the next child would be born as soon as next year.
Ellie had no access to birth control, and Min couldnt give any to her. Although, Ellie did intent to make an effort not to get pregnant. But she wasnt going to stop having sex, though.
Alright guys, thats enough. Akon and Ellie need to rest, and frankly, so do the rest of us. Ill stay here with Ellie and the baby. The two of you can share the other bed, or figure something out, Min said, before shooing the two men out.
Then, Min snuggled into bed with Ellie. The two silently looked at Akon, as she drank milk from Ellies breast.
A few days passed by. Min had gone out to buy food, and had just returned. When she entered the apartment, the first sight she saw the topless Ellie, feeding her child.
Aw, youre so adorable! You know, Ellie, you dont have to be in too much of a hurry to shed the fat. Chubby Ellie is also very cute, Min said, while putting her bags away.
Yeah, well, I dont want to be chubby Ellie, Ellie said, while still focusing on Akon. Min, on the other hand was hurrying to Ellies side, quickly taking her into an embrace, touching her all over.
But Ellie, youre so fluffy, and nice. I want to use you like a teddy bear! Min said, wrapping her legs around Ellies, while hugging her tightly. Min didnt care how difficult she was making it for Ellie to feed Akon.
But Ellie was just about finished anyway, so she gave in, and let Min take her and Akon into a good snuggling position.
Anyways, are you ready to go? Ellie suddenly asked.
Oh, alright. But youll have to snuggle with me more when we get back, Min said, finally letting go of the slightly chubby Ellie. All the eating shed done, as well as the baby fat, had turned Ellie into a slightly bigger girl. She wasnt quite fat, though.
Then hold Akon, while I get dressed, Ellie said, while handing over the baby.
Of course! Min replied, more than happy to hold the cute, Half-Orc. Ellie quickly put on her top, before accompanying Min out. The two walked towards the restaurant where Ellie worked at.
Inside the restaurant, Ellie greeted some of the workers, while making her way to the office. Finally, she knocked on the door into the office and waited for a reply. It came shortly after.
Lets go in, Ellie said. She was a bit nervous, but she believed that her boss should at least know that he had become a father.
Oh, its Ellie. What brings you here? You still have quite a few days off work. Speaking of, is that your baby? The orc said, as he looked at the boy in Ellies arms.
He sure is. And as Im sure youve already guessed, hes also yours. I thought Id just come and show you him, Ellie said.
I figured as much. Then, what will it take to keep you silent on this? I dont want him to be a possible heir. My wife wouldnt like that, the orc spoke.
Hm? That isnt why I came, but I suppose we could use some monetary support, since he is your kid. How involved you get is completely up to you, but my boyfriend will be raising him as his father, Ellie said.
Good. Ill give you a raise. Itll be enough to feed the kid and keep a roof over his head. But you people are already relatively wealthy, so it wont change your lives or anything. However, if the child gets injured or sick, Ill also pay for his treatments. That is, if your mother cant treat him herself, the orc said, as he shifted his gaze to Min.
You seem to know quite a bit about our situation, Min said, getting a bit suspicious. Although, it was a two-way relationship. Thanks to her Master, Min had learned quite a bit about this chef, too. She knew he belonged to a criminal organization, and was a high leveled member.
However, the restaurant, was actually a legit business, if you didnt count the sex that happened here as prostitution. The serving girls would often be fucked for money, which made this place a bit like a brothel, which one needed a license for. And this restaurant didnt have one of those.
Although, you could argue that the girls were letting the men fuck them our of their own freewill, and not as a part of their job. Then it would pretty much just be street prostitution, which one didnt need any licenses for.
I try to keep tabs on my employees. I know that youre the student of a very powerful, yet mysterious mage. I also know that youre on very friendly terms with Lord Aldon. Friendly enough that he would heal the injury that kept you crippled. Ive also heard that Lord Aldon has taught you a bit of magic. And since hes a Light Mage, I assume you know how to heal people, the orc explained.
I see. Then, I suppose I should also tell you I know a great deal about you. For example what organization youre part of, the illegal prostitution ring you lead, and also the drug ring, of course, Min said, a cute smile on her lips.
I see, the orc responded, his eyes squinting.
Of course, as long as you treat my daughter and grandson well, Im sure that knowledge wont get into the hands of the wrong people. And, of course, should anything happen to me and my family, youll soon find yourself up against an opponent you cant face, Min said, her smile suddenly turning into a cruel and twisted one, her fangs baring straight at the orc.
I, I see. Dont worry, I wouldnt harm my own child. And Im not stupid, the Orc said.
Good, Min replied, her smile turning kind and cute again.
The Orc realized that his organization was powerful, but there were still foes it couldnt face against. The likes of Lord Aldon, one of the most powerful man in the city, if not the Empire, was definitely one of those. And as for Mins Master, he scared the Orc even more. This was because he could find almost no information about him, but for him to be friends with Aldon, meant he had to be a powerful figure.
Lets go my babies, Min said smilingly, before leading Ellie and Akon out. Ellie stared at Min in shock.
Holy shit, mommy! That was insane! And badass! And scary! Ellie said, shooting one word after another, the moment the left the restaurant.
Well, sometimes mommy has to do some scary stuff for her baby. And grand baby. I asked my Master to investigate your boss a long time ago, and hes also quite a scary man. But not as scary as my dear Master. If that Orc dares do anything against us, my Master will kill him immediately, Min said, the same, innocent smile on her lips.
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