A Goblin's Evolution - Chapter 40

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Min and Kemah walked through the streets, the silver moon hanging high in the sky. Kemahs palms were resting on her belly, a satisfied expression on her face.
Much like Ellie, Kemah had become a fan of Mins cooking. Although, if she had gotten the benefit of tasting Ellies cuisine, shed probably be even more satisfied.
Min loved Ellies cooking, but since Ellie liked Mins food so much, she continued to do all the kitchen work to this day. Much to Kinder and Dralus chagrin. Not that Mins cooking was bad in any way; she was actually excellent.
But Ellie had gotten very good at making food by now. Still, everyone understood that she might not want to make even more food, as soon as she got home.
Its so unfair. Why are you allowed to live on your own? If you stayed with us, wed get to eat your food, Kemah said, as she stared up into the stars.
I have a family. Its not like I can just leave them. And I even have another baby coming up. Two, if you count Ellies. But you can come to visit any time you want. Ill always be happy to cook for you, Min said while patting the cat girl on the head. She couldnt help it. Kemah was just too cute, especially with those cat ears on her head.
Kemah, in turn, started pouting, but she didnt tell her to stop.
After a while, they could see Kemahs home in the distance.
Are you nervous? Min asked. The reason why Min was following Kemah home, was because they intended to finally have that foursome. Which meant that Kemah was about to lose her virginity.
A bit. Ive never even kissed a man before, but now Im going to let them put their penises inside me. But youre very skilled, so I trust youll be able to get me nice and wet before they penetrate me, Kemah said. Min chuckled at her, and put her arm around Kemahs shoulders, bringing her closer to her half-naked body.
Dont you worry. My tongue will be the first to enter you. I can already imagine it. Ill be on my fours, with my face between your legs. Youll be on your back, of course. Then, Kor or Haemir will fuck me from behind, while I please you with my tongue. Meanwhile, if you want to, you can try pleasing the other guy with your tongue, until its ready for him to enter you. Semen tastes really good, you know, Min said.
Really? Even when youve never tasted it before? Kemah asked.
Well, I dont actually remember the first time I tasted cum. Ive practically been having sex since I was born, after all, Min admitted. The revelation caused Kemahs expression to change, quite marginally.
Really? How is that even possible? Dont tell me goblins have sex with babies, Kemah said, wearing a frightened expression. It almost seemed like she pitied Min.
What, of course not! If Im not remembering it wrong, Goblins are only babies for a few days. And were all grown up in a month or so. I think thats when we start having sex. But I dont remember it too well. I do remember that I was also gangbanged, though, so well have lost our virginities in very similar ways. Except, there were no other girls present the first time I did. It was just me, and a bunch of guys, Min explained.

Oh. You frightened me a bit there, Kemah said, before opening the door to the house, having just arrived.
Guys, are you here? Kemah shouted. Having Kemah ask about their presence was a rare thing, especially these days, so they immediately rushed down.
My, Min, youre one impressive girl. Not only did you get her out of her room, you even got her out of the house for an entire day, Kor said, a bit of relief in his expression.
It was nothing, I just brought her to my place. But enough dilly-dallying, the four of us are going to have sex now! Im really horny, and Kemah is excited to lose her virginity, Min said, causing no small amount of shock in Kor and Haemir.
Is that true? Youre truly alright with it? Haemir asked. This was something hed been looking forward to, but he almost couldnt believe it.
Its true. I always wanted to try it, but I just assumed you guys wouldnt be interested anymore, now that I look like this, Kemah said, lowering her head.
Are you crazy? Youre the most important woman in our lives, and well always be eager to fuck you. Youre still beautiful, even though you have a few scars. Its amazing youve been free of scars this long, in the first place, Kor said, seemingly upset by Kemahs words.
See, Kemah? I told you they still think youre beautiful. Now, what are we waiting for? Lets get naked! Min exclaimed, before pulling off her bra, revealing her naked breasts. In a flash, shed stripped herself naked.
Seeing Min be so eager, Kemah steeled herself, and also took off her clothes. Her breasts were smaller than Mins, but they had a beautiful shape to them. Despite her slim size, Kemah was still quite curvy, and her pale skin was incredibly smooth.
Min looked hungry, as she stared at Kemahs naked body. Min could definitely appreciate the female body. Min quickly pushed Kemah down, albeit somewhat gently. Kemah squealed lightly but didnt resist.
Min was easily able to spread Kemahs legs apart, and without further ado, she buried her face in the catgirls pussy.
Her tongue entered without resistance and immediately started swirling around. Meanwhile, Min player around with Kemahs clit, increasing the pleasure the girl felt. After a short while, she lifted her head back up.
Hey, Kor, get behind me. Fuck me while I play with Kemah. And Kemah, are you to giving Haemir a tasty blowjob? Hell get to fuck you first, so maybe youd like to have a taste of dick before it gets covered in your pussy juices, Min said, as Kor moved behind her. By the time Min had finished speaking, Kor had already placed his cock by Mins nude entrance.
With a powerful thrust of his hips, his thick, half-orcish cock entered Mins wet pussy, stretching her walls, as it pushed into her impregnated womb.
Nnnh! Min moaned as she buried her face in Kemahs pussy, once more. Kemah also gave out a light moan at the forceful entry.
Alright, Ill give it a try. Im also curious about what cum tastes like. Haemir, can you still have sex after cumming? Kemah said as she motioned for him to come closer.
That wont be a problem. I can cum in your mouth, then your pussy, and then Mins pussy, no problem, Haemir said, as he pulled down his pants, revealing his mostly flaccid cock.
Thats good, Kemah said, before letting her tongue run across the elfs length. The touch of her quickly made Haemirs cock grow hard. Getting a blowjob from a catgirl was a uniquely pleasurable thing.
As a cat girl, Kemah had several traits of cats. The most noticeable feature was the ears and tail. However, there were some lesser known features. For example, Kemah had a cat tongue, with tiny little spines covering it. However, her tongue still wasnt quite as coarse as a cats tongue. The thorns werent made of keratin. Thus, cat girls gave lovely blow jobs.
Another, slightly more well-known fact was that cat girls gave birth in litters. If Kemah managed to get pregnant, shed be giving birth around four babies.
This was all stuff Min had learned on their way back from her place. Shed asked Kemah just how similar she was to real cats. Min wanted to know because she really liked cats. She kind of wanted to take Kemah in as a pet. She just found her so adorable.
As Min licked Kemahs pussy, she was getting fucked from behind. And as Kemah was getting her pussy licked, she, in turn, licked Haemirs cock.
She let her tongue slide all across the rod. She had a long tongue so it could cover a long distance. Then, she enveloped the entire cock in her mouth, letting it grow to size in her mouth.
Kemah lightly sucked on Haemirs member, and within moments, it had grown fully erect. Its current size made it so that the cock reached into Kemahs throat, but she didnt mind.
As luck would have it, Kemah didnt have a gag reflex. She was easily able to suck the entire length, deepthroating it to the base. She was a natural at this.
The first time Min had given a blowjob, shed puked, from getting cocks shoved all the way into her throat. Her current lack of a gag reflex was purely due to years of conditioning.
Kemah had become quite energetic, as she repeatedly shoved Haemirs entire length into her throat, occasionally letting a muffled moan out. Mins tongue was certainly doing its job.
Meanwhile, Kor held Min roughly by her ass, as he pounded into her. Kor was well aware that Min like it rough, due having had many conversations with her. Neither Kor nor Min, were shy in the slightest when it came to talking about sex.
Min moaned loudly, as she massaged Kemahs hole with her mouth. She was already edging on orgasm, after only a few minutes.
Finally, her back arched, her face facing into the ceiling.
Aaaaanh! So good! Im cumming! Min screamed as she humped her ass into Kors hips. She was desperate to take his cock deeper, but it was already all the way inside.
Haha, you werent lying at all, when you said youre a quick shot. Good thing you can go on without problem, Kor said, as he continued fucking Mins poor pussy. Min was unable to reply to Kor, as her voice was drowning in moans. Finally, as she calmed down, she went back to work on Kemahs pussy.
That orgasm sounded intense, Kemah said, excitement in her expression. She was also looking forward to orgasming. Naturally, it wouldnt be her first orgasm, as shed masturbated before, but it would be the first time someone else caused her an orgasm.
Kemah went straight back to blowing Haemirs cock. A few more minutes of this passed, and soon, Kemah had brought Haemir all the way. With a low grunt, he thrusted into Kemahs mouth, as his thick liquid poured out of his cock.
Kemah let out a muffled moan, before she managed to pull away. However, she didnt pull the entire cock out. She let the head remain inside her lips, as she jacked Haemir off with her hand.
Streams of pure white cum were pouring into her mouth, filling her up. Due to the sheer amount, she had no choice, but to repeatedly swallow. After a while, the last mouthful remained in her mouth.
Then, she closer her eyes, and swallowed. She had to swallow several times, to get all the cum down.
That wasnt bad at all. I can definitely get used to that taste. But Min, I think Im plenty wet now. Should we try sex, now? She asked.
Of course! I was just waiting for you to make Haemir cum in your mouth, Min said, as she pulled back from Kemahs crotch. She then moved to her side, wrapping one arm around her, while spreading her legs. The two girls lied side by side, both spreading their legs wide, both looking forward to being penetrated.
Ill be right next to you the entire time, Kemah. Feel free to hug, kiss, or even bite me. In fact, it would be awesome if you could bite me. As in, really hard, drawing blood. My blood is good for you anyway, Min said, as she held Kemah close to her.
Uhm, sure, I wont be shy, Kemah said, as she returned the hug, by wrapping her arm around Min. She was definitely grateful that Min was so close. Even though she felt ready, she was still nervous about losing her virginity.
Awesome. You can start fucking us now guys. Kor, youll cum inside me first, Min said, as she eagerly spread her pussy with her free hand.
No problem, I was just about to finish anyway. Ill probably cum twice, before Haemir finishes his second load, Kor said, as he moved between Mins legs. Haemir similarly moved between Kemahs leg.
The thrust at the exact same time, penetrating into the two pussies. Haemir penetrated all the way into Kemahs pussy with a single push, proving that there had been enough foreplay.
Aaaah! Kemah moaned, as she felt a cock penetrate her pussy for the first time. The pure amount of pleasure proved a shock to her! This was way better than masturbation! With every thrust, Kemah would moan happily.
Haemir and Kor were fucking the two girls in rhythm, so Min and Kemah would also moan in rhythm. Just like shed promised, Kemah wasnt shy. She started kissing Min, and Min gladly gave back.
After a few minutes of making out, Kemah moved down to Mins breasts, taking her nipple into her mouth. For a short while, Kemah lightly nibbled on her, but then, she bit firm!
Min gave an especially loud moan, as trickles of blood poured down her breast. If Kemah had bitten a bit harder, Min would probably have lost a nipple. But Min loved it!
Finally, Kor came as promised. He filled Min up with cum, sending spurt after spurt. Although she was ashamed to say it, the thought of her pregnant womb getting filled up with cum made her even hornier.
Ah, so warm, Min said, as she enjoyed the heat from the fresh cum inside her. Finally, Kor pulled out, sending a few final spurts on Mins belly, breasts, and Kemahs head.
I love getting a huge creampie like this! Min moaned as she held Kemahs head in her free hand. Meanwhile, Haemir was energetically pumping into Kemah, spreading her inner walls apart.
After Haemir came, he and Kor switched. Kor enjoyed fucking Kemah for quite a while longer, after a couple of hours, they had spent all their sexual energy. In the end, Kemah was resting in Mins embrace, while Kor and Haemir were enjoying an alcoholic beverage.
Min and Kemah were still naked, but Kor and Haemir were dressed, since theyd never actually taken off all their clothes. Min didnt care though, since she found the female body much more beautiful, anyway. There were only two parts of a mans body she really cared for.
Naturally, the cock was very important. It had to be big enough to please her. Although, after evolving into a Dhampir, her pussy wasnt so loose anymore, so a smaller penis could satisfy her now.
The second part she cared for, was the face. The face was the only important part, when she considered how attractive someone was. If a man had a hot face, but fat body, shed still be attracted to him. It was the same if he was tiny, but had a hot face.
Similarly, if a man was ripped, but had a really ugly face, Min wouldnt like him.
Well, its getting late now. My Master is coming over tomorrow morning, so I dont want to be too tired. But before I go, Kemah promised me that shed have sex with you guys regularly, if she liked it. And she definitely liked it. So you guys need to make sure she doesnt break her promise, Min said, a mischievous smile on her lips. However, Kemah didnt mind at all.
Oh, Ill definitely be having sex with them often. This was absolutely amazing. In fact, I was thinking that I could take turn sleeping with you guys, because cuddling is nice, and sex is awesome. And when I want to be alone, I can just go back to my room, Kemah said, quite proud of her idea.
Id definitely be into that. You might have a few scars now, but most of your body is still amazingly soft and smooth. Sleeping with you would be enjoyable, Kor said.
I agree, Haemir added.
Oh, and one more thing, before I go. You need to cum inside her as much as possible, because Kemah and I want to be mommies at the same time! Min adamantly stated. Kor and Haemir, on the other side, were quite surprised.
Really? Is that true, Kemah? Do you really want a baby? Haemir asked.
Yeah, its true. I might die anytime in this line of business, but I want to become a mother before that happens. Even if I die, things wont be too bad for the child, since the organization will take care of things. And besides, we do get that breeding stipend, for creating potential assassins through sex, Kemah said. Min was a bit surprised at this revelation. She didnt know there was such a thing as a breeding stipend. Shed definitely ask her Master about it tomorrow.
Hopefully, it didnt require for both the parents to be a part of the organization. Although, Dralu would be joining soon, so hopefully she would still be able to capitalize on this new baby.
Well, if thats the case, well be happy to help you get a baby. As long as you dont make me change any diapers, Kor said.
Dont worry, Ill do most of the parenting work myself. Maybe you guys can just act fatherly around it. Or whoever turns out to be the dad, Kemah said, still resting her cheek in Mins cleavage.
Good luck on getting pregnant, but I have to go now. Sorry about ruining your comfort, cutie pie, Min said, before giving Kemah a peck on the cheek.
Its okay. But cuddling with other girls is the best. Cant you sleep over here sometime? Kemah asked.
I cant. I need to prepare breakfast back home in the morning. But you can always stay at my place. Dralu is away half the time, so Im often alone in bed. And even when hes here, theres still room for one more person, if you dont mind sharing it with him, too, Min said, as she put on her clothes, which wasnt a task that required a lot of time.
That sounds fun. Would you let me cuddle between the two of you? That sounds amazingly warm, Kemah said, already fantasizing about sleeping between two people.
Definitely. You know, you could just become our house pet, if you wanted to, Min said, only half-jokingly.
Yeah, no way, Kemah replied, no change in her expression.
Oh well. See ya later, Min said, while waving them goodbye.
Until next time, Haemir replied. Kor only waved. Then, Min finally left the house of Kemah, Kor, and Haemir, having had an amazing foursome.
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