A Goblin's Evolution - Chapter 39

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Min and Kemah walked through the busy streets of the city, hand in hand . The morning sun shone brightly on them, bothering Min quite a bit . She couldnt help but grimace and squint her eyes, as the sun was extra bright to her, these days .
But she tried her best not to let the light bother her, as she happily led Kemah through the walkways . Today was too happy of a day to let anything bother her . Not only was she going to tell everyone she was pregnant, but Kemah had also left her room for the first time in a month .
Min was also pretty excited to introduce Kemah to everyone . Ever since they arrived in Rymalona, Min had been a bit lonely . At least before she started spending most of her time training .
Min didnt have any friends outside her family and Master before she met Kemah and the others . So Min was excited to show Ellie and Dralu that she had finally found a friend .
Min was the only one who had this problem . Dralu had only been here for a bit more than a month, but he already knew some people in the city .
Ellie had made several friends from work, and it was the same for Kinder . Kinder even had that second girlfriend of his . Just Min had spent most of her time at home .
But now, her work had similarly granted her with a small group of friends that she cherished . They might not be super close to each other yet, but Min was sure that they would grow to be the bestest of friends, after some time .
Soon, the building where Min lived peered over the corner . Min pointed towards it, before speaking,
Thats where I live, she said, making Kemah divert her eyes to where Min was leading her .
Its nice . Pretty big, too, Kemah remarked, as she examined the building . As someone whod been trained to be an assassin for a few years now, she couldnt help but analyze the structure with the eyes of a trained killer .
Within seconds of looking at the house, shed spotted several ways to escape the building and even a few methods of sneaking inside .
We live in an apartment inside, but its still pretty big . Way bigger than our old apartment, thats for sure . We only moved here a short while ago, Min said, as she pulled Kemah closer to her home .
Soon they had opened the door and stepped inside . Min took her up a few stairs, and then through another door . Finally, they were inside Mins apartment .
The first room of the apartment was just a small entryway . Through the next door, youd arrive in the living room . Inside, Min immediately spotted Ellie, wasting her time away .
Her belly was huge, and she was expected to be giving birth soon . But as soon as she saw Min enter the room, her bored expression changed into one of excitement . It had been a month since she last saw her .
Mom! Youre finally home! Ellie said, getting a rare moment of energy, as she rushed up to her mother, and took her into a hug .

I was worried youd miss the birth of my baby! Ellie said as she nuzzled her cheek in Mins cleavage .
You knew I was coming home today, so there was no need to worry . Ill definitely be there for the birth of my own grandchild . Although, saying that still feels weird . I cant believe Im going to be a grandma . Im still a teenager, Min said, as she hugged Ellie back .
Yeah, I knew youd be back today, but who knows when I might end up giving birth? Itll be any day, now, Ellie said, finally looking up from Mins cleavage, straight into her eyes .
Theres no need to worry . By the way, I have some great news! I just found out Im pregnant! Within the year, another baby will be joining our family! I cant wait to tell Dralu . Where is he, by the way? Min said, looking around the room for any sign of her boyfriend .
He went out for a bit . Since youve been gone, dads taken care of the grocery shopping . He and Kinder teamed up to prepare food . I said I could do it, but they were adamant that a pregnant girl should rest as much as possible . Not that I mind too much . Though, I will say that their food definitely made me miss you that much more, Ellie began a bit, struggling to keep her excitement down . But then, she finally broke .
But mommy, I cant believe youre pregnant! Were actually pregnant at the same time! Its a shame that you were so slow, though . But at least Ill be able to take care of you, now . After all, Ill be taking shorter hours at work for a few years, as I raise my baby, Ellie said, as she went down on her knees, getting face level with Mins belly . Min chuckled, as she held Ellies cheeks in her palms .
If you really want to, you can still take longer hours, you know . Ill help take care of your baby . Ill be at home most of the time, anyways . I can definitely keep on eye on our kids while training or studying . And even when I cant produce any milk, I can just take your baby on a trip to the restaurant so her own mommy can feed her . Or him, Min said, before helping Ellie back up .
I still want to spend some more time with my child, though, so Ill be taking those shorter hours, Ellie responded .
Its all up to you . But since your dad is out shopping, lets just sit down for a while . I still havent introduced you to my friend, Min said, as she showed both Ellie and Kemah further into the living room, to the couch .
Who is this, anyway? Ellie asked, her gaze hovering over the several scars that covered Kemahs body . Kemah noticed, but only gave a meek smile in return . She knew the scars were eye-catching so she couldnt blame anyone for looking . Especially when she dressed like she did . Barely any of her skin was covered, just like Min .
This is Kemah . Shes my friend . She went with me on that hunting trip, a month ago, but she ended up heavily injured . Thats why I stayed with Lord Aldon for a month . He agreed to heal Kemah in exchange for me being his sex slave for a month . But it was fun . It did get a bit painful, though, Min explained . However, her last few words caused even Ellie to widen her eyes .
For you to say that he must have been truly brutal to you . I know how much you love being abused, Ellie said . Hearing this, Kemah got visibly surprised . It seemed like Min had gone through quite the ordeal for her sake .
Yeah, if I didnt have my healing abilities, I could have ended up dead . Just about every bone in my body was broken, and my back was ripped to shreds . But it was an interesting experience, and it certainly increased my ability to focus and tolerate pain . We used it as a bit of a training exercise, Min explained . Finally, Kemah spoke for the first time after entering the apartment, her voice quivering .
D-did you really go through all that, just for me? She asked, almost scared at the answer . To think someone would do something so intense, just for her .
Yeah, I did . Youre my friend, and I dont have many of those . Theres no way I could let you die when I had the means to save you . If the need arises, Ill even do it again . And besides, it was very beneficial to me . Ive almost reached level fifty in Light magic . I can use some more advanced healing magic now, which means Ill have an easier time treating my hips, Min said .
The three chatted for quite a while . Even though Ellie was oblivious about the true nature of Min and Kemahs jobs, they got along with each other quite well . They were all similar ages, although Kemah was a few years older, and they had similar personalities .
Eventually, Dralu came back, carrying several bags in his hands . As he saw Min, a smile crept on his lips, happy to see his love again .
Welcome home, babe, Dralu said, as she gave Min, who had rushed up to him, a hug . He wasnt a shy man, and fondled Mins butt tightly, even though Ellie and Kemah could see .
The action even caused Mins loincloth to fall to the side, revealing both Mins naked ass, as well as her pussy . Both Ellie and Kemah eyed Mins entrance hungrily . Kemah actually found Min very attractive, and even though she had a hard time admitting it, she was looking forward to having sex with her and the others .
Ellie, on the other hand, was much more familiar with Mins body . Ever since the mother and daughter had sex for the first time together, the two had done it on several occasions . It wasnt rare for them to share Kinder, either . Kinder, Ellie, and Min were very sexually open with each other by now .
Due to Mins influences, and probably the goblin blood in her body, Ellie really wanted to have sex with Dralu, but he remained a hard egg to crack . But Min and Ellie were slowly working on them . However, as it looked now, it remained unlikely that hed ever join in their sexual endeavors .
For ordinary people, having sex with their daughters was an insane thing . The only reason Kinder was so similar to Min and Ellie in his sexuality, was because Min had practically raised him .
Shed been his teacher since he was a little kid, and shed definitely had an effect on him .
However, even though he wasnt as deviant as the rest of his family, he wasnt a saint either, as was evident by the way he was handling Mins ass in front of the others .
Hey, honey, guess what? Im pregnant! Youre going to be a dad again! Min exclaimed as she jumped Dralu, putting her arms around his neck while bending her knees .
Youre pregnant? Youre sure? Dralu asked as he forced her down on the floor again .
Super sure! Lord Aldon even used a spell to confirm! And he taught me that spell too . Theres definitely a baby growing inside me . Soon enough, my belly will be just as big as my cute little Elianas, Min said, using Ellies real name on a rare occasion .
This, this is great! Oh, I hope its a boy, this time . Id love to teach my own son swordsmanship, Dralu said, as his hands rested on Mins curvy hips .
Hey, you can teach me to use the sword, daddy, Ellie said, suddenly an excited smile on her mouth .
Haha, sure! After youve given birth, Ill teach you to fight with a sword . And when my grandchild is older, Ill teach him or her to use the sword too! Haha, maybe my child and grandchild will learn besides each other, Dralu said, already fantasizing about the future .
As long as one of the two children were to be born as a boy, hed be beyond happy .
Im looking forward to seeing that . And maybe, if any of my children or grandchildren have an aptitude for magic, Ill teach them . Although, I still dont feel completely qualified to do that . But I could definitely teach Ellie some basic magic . And when our kids are old enough, Im sure Ill be more skilled than anyone! Min said, feeling confident about her future as a mage .
And she had no reason not to . She was destined to be great, after all .
But even with the future that was laid before her, there was nothing she was looking forward to more, than the birth of her child and grandchild .

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