A Goblin's Evolution - Chapter 37

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Min stood outside the marble mansion of Lord Aldon, looking at it . This was the first time she left the building in a month, and she was refreshed .
That was tough . I like humiliation and pain sex, but that was over the top . Dont think Ill miss it too much . And its nice to be wearing clothes again, Min thought, looking at the diminutive garments she was wearing .
This new outfit was a gift from Lord Aldon for a month of excellent service . In her hand, she held a small bag, containing the clothes shed arrived in .
It was much more elegant than what she usually wore but no less skimpy . The top part of the outfit was composed of a single silk strip, tied across her chest in an incline . On her left side, the piece of cloth went right above her nipples, while on the right side, it went up above her breast .
From the silk strip, hung another piece of soft cloth, loosely hanging down to just below her breasts . This, too, attached at an incline, making it so that it went slightly further down on her left side .
However, due to the nature of how this piece of silk was sewn on the first strip, it hung very loosely . A slightly strong wind would be able to reveal Mins right breast in its entirety . However, as one would expect, this was not a problem for Min . She would only find it funny if her breasts were exposed in public .
The lower garment was composed of a beautifully braided rope, tied around her waist . From the line hung a silky white loincloth, both in front, and the back, hovering just above her crotch . The white loincloth went halfway down her thighs .
Additionally, the lower garment was decorated by several pearls, hanging from the rope . She wore no footwear, just like usual; however, two bracelets were tied around her ankles . They were braided in the same way as the rope around her waist .
Almost identical bracelets were tied to her arms, just below her shoulders . However, these two bracelets had a piece of silk cloth sewn on them, from one end to the other . On this silk cloth, there were even more pearls hanging .
And finally, on her back, there was a slightly wider piece of silk sewn to the rope, covering her butt crack a bit better .
All in all, Min loved the outfit . It was much more beautiful and definitely more expensive than any other outfit she owned . Walking around in it made her feel like a noble . Although, one that dressed a bit of a slutty fashion
Min was excited to go back home and tell everyone the news . She was especially looking forward to telling her darling Ellie . Min was ecstatically excited that her second child and first grandchild would be growing up together .
But before she went home, there was another place she wanted to visit . It had been a month since she last saw her new friends, and she really wanted to see how Kemah was doing .
She had been gravely injured and had lost a lot of blood, so the injury would never be healed in a short amount of time . However, she had received healing from one of the best healers in the city so she might be in tip-top shape already .

Thus, since Min knew where the three lived, she headed straight for the place . It was on the way to her own home, anyway .
A short while later, she stood outside an inconspicuous house . There was nothing that made it seem unusual . Anyone could be living here, whether it be a family, a group of people using it as an apartment, or it could even be the base of operations for an adventuring party . It was quite middle grade .
But Min knew that it was, in fact, the abode of three apprentices from one of the most prominent assassin organizations in the empire .
A smile on her face, Min knocked on the door a few times, before entering . She was in pretty good terms with Kemah, Haemir, and Kor, so she wasnt shy in entering their home .
After all, if things were slightly different, shed be living there, too .
Soon after entering the house, she saw Haemir, who was rushing to the door to answer the knocks .
Oh, its you, Min . Its been a while . What brings you here? He asked, his expression changing to match Mins .
Ive been busy serving Lord Aldon the last month, so I havent had a chance to check on Kemah . So, since I was just on my way home, I decided to pass by, Min said .
I see . Well, Kemah is in her room . She hasnt been out much, since the mission . Her injuries left several, rather big scars on her body, so I think shes self-conscious about herself . Weve tried to get her out more, ever since she healed enough to train again, but our efforts have been fruitless . Right now, we plan to wait for our supervisor to come . But you might be able to help . Youre a girl, too, after all, Haemir said .
Well, I can try . Wheres her room? Min asked .
Ill show you, Haemir responded, as he turned around . Haemir took Min towards a staircase, but just as they were about to go upstairs, Kor ran into them .
Mins come to visit? Its been a while, Kor said, as he gave Min a hug that might have been tighter than whats proper .
Yeah, you know what deal I had to do to get Kemah healed . Ive been getting fucked almost non-stop since then, Min said, a bit of saliva leaking out of her mouth, as she thought about the last month . Even though it had been a cruel and painful experience, she still loved sex .
Im a bit envious of that Lord Aldon, getting to fuck a beauty like you . Speaking of which, werent we going to have a foursome, before the mission went to hell? Kemah might not be up for it anymore, but I dont mind sharing you with Haemir, Kor said .
Im sorry, but Im in a bit of a hurry . Ill just go speak with Kemah for a bit, then Ill head home . I just found out Im pregnant, you see . I cant wait to tell my family, Min admitted, causing both Kor, and Haemir to become greatly shocked!
What? Youre pregnant? Thats a bit of a shock . Although I guess youre already a mother, so its not too strange that youd have another child, Kor said .
Congratulations . Or condolences? I assume it was a planned pregnancy since you told me you can brew contraceptives on your own, Haemir added .
Yeah, it was planned . Ive been trying to get pregnant ever since my boyfriend got back home from the sea . My daughter is also pregnant, so we decided that we wanted to have children at roughly the same time . But since my boyfriend was at sea at the time, it took a bit longer for me . While Ill have sex with almost anyone, there arent many people Ill let impregnate me . Theres Dralu, my boyfriend, and then theres my Master, Min explained .
I see, I see . Its a bit of a strange thing though . Not many mothers and daughters are as friendly as you two . But youre pretty much the same age, so I guess its not too weird for you to be so friendly, Kor said . Min and Ellies relationship was creepy to some and fascinating to others . Those who Min befriended tended to be on the fascinating side of the spectrum .
Yeah, were besties . But its pretty much because of the unique way we have aged . I got pregnant before I was one year old, but by then, I was pretty much in my late teens, comparatively speaking . And since I had evolved into a Dark Hobgoblin when I got pregnant, my aging slowed down several times . I had a much longer lifespan than ordinary Hobgoblins, you see . Then, when my daughter was born, much like goblins, she grew up pretty rapidly . But as she grew older, her aging slowed down . And now, while shes a year younger than me, we are pretty much the same, mentally . Anyway, I need to speak to Kemah . Haemir, show me to her room, please . We can have sex the next time I visit . And Ill try to get Kemah to join us, Min asked, showing Haemir a cute smile as she made her request
Of course . Lets go, Haemir said, as he gave Min a hand . Min happily grabbed it and followed him up the stairs . She kind of enjoyed holding hands with someone of the opposite gender .
Dralu didnt like holding hands when they went out together . It went against his macho ways . However, when Min went out with Ellie, shed always hold her hand tightly .
Shes in there . Ill see you later, Min . Oh, and try to get Kemah to agree to the foursome . It might be strange, but I think itd be good for her to be validated in that way . Especially right now, Haemir said, before turning back .
Ill try my best, Min replied, before walking closer to the door . She knocked lightly on the door and waited for a reply . It took a few seconds, but eventually, a weak,
Hello? responded back .
Its Min . Can I come in? Min asked as she waited patiently .
Okay, Kemah responded soon after . Min opened the door and walked in . It was evident that Kemah had been in bed until now, but at Mins arrival, she had at least found the energy to sit up .
But what Min saw when she entered made her stop for a moment . Obviously, not even Aldons healing had been able to remove the scars . And now that she wasnt covered in blood, the scars had become all the more noticeable .
On her belly, two thick scars had appeared . They had come from the two swords that had stabbed into her . On her right thigh, Min could see the edge of a small scar, no doubt from the crossbow bolt that had pierced into her leg .
There were also several burns on her body, a result from Mins Dark Missile . But they werent too big . Although, a bit of skin had been burned off her left cheek .
However, the most noticeable scar was, without doubt, the large scar that cut across her chest, between her breasts .
It had been the last injury she received from the bandits, but also the biggest . Without a word, Min rushed up to her and took into a tight hug . Tears were flowing down Mins cheeks .
Im sorry! Those burns are all because of me! And I should have protected you better! I should have been able to warn you when that fat fuck shot you, Min said . She couldnt control herself, as the tears flowed, as she sobbed .
She felt guilty for letting this happen . Kemah had been such a cute and beautiful girl . But now, all these scars stained her body . Many men would scorn her just because of this, even if she were still pretty . Even her face had been tainted .
Dont cry . Its not your fault . If you didnt give me these burns, I would have instead lost my life . Of all the scars on my body, I dont regret the ones you gave me . Its just… the others . Im ruined now, Kemah said, her eyes downcast, as the gazed down into the wooden floor .
Dont say that, its not true! You may have a few scars now, but youre just as pretty . And besides, most of the scars can be covered by clothing, Min said, as she settled down next to Kemah .
But what about when the clothes go off? Who would want me then? We were going to have sex, the four of us . I was finally going to lose my virginity . To people, I love, even . But now, not even Kor and Haemir would want me, Kemah replied, two pearly tears trailing down her rosy cheeks .
Actually, thats not true at all . I talked with them, and they still want to do it with you . All four of us together . They even asked me to convince you . So well definitely have that foursome if you want to, Min said .
Then, should we do it now? I kinda want to, Kemah admitted, drawing a bit of surprise out of Min . She had expected Kemah to resist quite a bit more . But then again, she had been excited to lose her virginity for a while now .
I hate to do this, but now, I cant right now . But I actually have some great news along with the bad ones . Im pregnant! I need to go back home to tell my family . But when I come to visit again, well definitely have sex! And maybe, if were lucky, youll also get pregnant! Then, you, me, and Ellie can have play dates and stuff, Min said, the excitement growing ever larger on her expression . She loved this kind of stuff .
That might actually be kind of nice . I wouldnt mind raising a little baby . And if I get pregnant, Ill also get a break for a few months or weeks . But well see what happens . I wont force it, Kemah said .
Thats great! Then Ill be back in a few days, and then well all have sex together . But after that, you need to make sure to have regular sex with Haemir and Kor . I bet the organization would be happy if one of them impregnated you . After all, youre all high-level apprentices . A child between you would make a good assassin, I bet, Min said, managing to make Kemah show a rare smile .
If I like sex, Ill do it with them lots . But if I dont like, I wont force it . Although, I do know that the first few times might not feel as good, as Ill give it a few tries, Kemah said .
Great! Then are you feeling better now? Will you go out of your room? You know, if you want to, you can come with me to my place, Min said, suddenly getting the idea .
Go to your place? Sure . Ive heard a bunch about your family, but I still havent met them . If she looks anything like her mother, I bet Ellie will be a real cutie . And since shes very pregnant, it would be like getting a preview of what youll look like in a few months, Kemah said, suddenly also getting a bit of excitement .
Even though shed only known Min for a little bit, she already considered her a good friend . Especially since Min had saved her life . Without Mins magic, Kemah would have died from the bandits onslaught .
Lets go, then, Min said, as she stood up from Kemahs bed . Kemah also stood up from the bed and followed Min out .
Youre not going to put on some clothes thatll cover your scars? Are you sure youll be alright with them out in the open? Min asked, worried for her friend .
Well, Im much like you . I dont really wear clothes that cover anything more than my breasts and hips . I dont even own any clothes that hide my belly . Well, I do, but I only use those for missions where I need to be extra stealthy . I wont wear them in public . But dont worry, Ill be fine, Kemah said .
Alright then . Lets go . I cant wait to introduce you to everyone, Min said, before grabbing Kemahs hand, and dragging her off .

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