A Goblin's Evolution - Chapter 34

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As the evening arrived, a visitor came to Mins abode . Altraz walked through the door, as if he owned the place, just like he always did . Entering the room, he arrived to sounds of moaning, and the sight of Ellie, snacking on a strip of dried meat .
Your mother? Altraz questioned, acquiring Ellies attention, who smirked at Altraz .
She and dad are banging in their room, as you can probably hear, Ellie replied, before taking another bite of her jerky .
That big belly of hers came with a near constant hunger, so it was not uncommon to see her eating something now . Since she wasnt working anymore, she spent most of her time lounging around, snacking on whatever she could get her hands on .
Due to this, Ellie had gotten a bit more than just baby weight, becoming slightly chubby . But it was temporary . Once the baby was out of her, shed start exercising harder, and get back into tip-top shape!
It would appear so, Altraz said, as he started walking towards the loud moans . A moment later, he opened the door to Min and Dralus room, getting a clear sight of Min, as her pussy was being pounded from behind .
Her butt cheeks had become discolored from the abuse, but her face portrayed nothing, but ecstatic happiness .
Neither of the two lovers even noticed Altraz enter the room, until the latter cleared his throat, rather loudly .
Immediately, Dralu stopped abusing Mins wet entrance, while Min turned her face towards the intruder .
Oh, Master! Min exclaimed, as she eagerly got up, not even bothering to cover her naked self . She was always excited to see her beloved Master . There were four people Min cared much for .
Number one and two were naturally Ellie and Dralu . Dralu was the love of Mins life; theyd been together for fifteen happy years . And Mins motherly instincts were heavy, so her child would always be the most important to her .
Third and fourth, were naturally Altraz and Kinder . Naturally, Min also cared for her good friends in Ashford, Kinders parents, but Kinder had become family . He was the father of Mins soon to be born grandchild .
Dralu, would you leave us for a bit? Dralu said, his eyes locking with Dralus . Dralu nodded once, before replying .
Sure, Master Altraz . Dralu hurriedly put on some pants, before leaving the room .
I heard that you returned, so I came here as quickly as I could . I was told that the cat girl in your group was heavily injured? What happened? Altraz questioned . According to what he knew, this mission shouldnt have been to difficult for the group of apprentices, as long as they showed caution .
Im sorry Master, we were stupid . We finished our mission easily, but when everyone was dead, it was already late at night . We wanted to take as much treasure with us as we could, but we couldnt well travel at night . So we decided to just stay in the fort until morning . We were in the middle of nowhere after all . But that was our mistake, Min said, averting her eyes .

She was deeply ashamed of this mistake . She should have known that it was a stupid idea to sleep at the scene of the crime . They all should have known, but Min was supposed to be the smartest .
But she was too young and naive . Especially considering how slowly she matured . Not just her body aged slowly, her mind did, also . Back when she was a Dark Hobgoblin, her mind had developed four or five times slower than, say, a human or elf . But now that she was a Dhampir her mind and body aged ten times slower than a human .
Right now, she had the physical and mental acuity of an eighteen-year-old teenager, and it would take twenty years until she was like your average twenty-year-old .
Thus, Mins biggest weakness was perhaps that she was a bit naive .
It turned out that the bandits werent alone . They belonged to a bigger group, and just as we were about to leave, the leader came to collect tribute . There were too many of them, and they were too strong . Kemah got stabbed several times, before we fled, Min explained .
I see . A tough situation indeed . And a huge mistake . But theres nothing to it . Whats happened cant be undone . This will serve as a valuable lesson to you, so you better not repeat it . But I take all the targets were eliminated? Altraz said .
Yes, of course, Master . We killed the leader of the bandits in the fort, and all his subordinates, Min reported .
Good . Even though things went a bit south, you still completed the mission and additional objective . Youll be paid as such, Altraz said, as he waved his hand, causing a cloth pouch to appear in mid-air .
He grabbed at the pouch and lightly threw it in the air a few times . The clinking of metals resounded loudly from the bag . Finally, he threw the pouch to the naked Min, who eagerly caught it .
Holy shit, thats a lot of money! Min exclaimed as she looked into the bag . There were at least a dozen or two gold coins in there!
Assassination pays well . Also, Ive already subtracted the money you owed me for your armor, Altraz stated .
Thanks, Master! Oh, and before I forget, I promised Lord Aldon that I would be his sex slave for a month, in return for him saving Kemahs life . But dont worry, well also be training . Hell teach me more Light magic, Min said .
Sex slave, huh? I bet youre the only one in our organization who would offer something like that as payment . Although, I can think of several people who accept such an offer . But its good . You need more training in Light magic . What you know is barely enough to keep your hips from breaking down, Altraz said .
I know . I would like to know a more powerful healing spell . Its tiring to have to use Basic Healing almost every day . It would be better if I only had to do it like once, or twice a week . Healing magic is really exhausting, you know, Min said .
Indeed it is . Then, when will you be leaving for Aldons place? Altraz asked .
In a week, I think . I just returned from a pretty long trip, so Ill spend some time at home first . Also, Lord Aldon had some things to do, Min explained .
I see . Then well continue your training until then . Since youll be away from me for a month, Ill make sure to push you extra hard, Altraz said, causing Mins smile to turn into a frown . She didnt really like how much her Master pushed her .
Okay . But if theres nothing else, Id like to finish with Dralu . I was feeling really good before you interrupted us, Min said, visibly annoyed at her Master .
Do what you want . Ill be going now, Altraz said, before leaving the room . A smile quickly crept back onto Mins face, as she ran out of the room, still naked, and headed straight for Dralu .
Excitedly, she grabbed her hand and dragged him back into their room . She pushed him on the bed, and pulled his pants down, revealing his thick, now flaccid, cock .
In one gulp, she took the entire slab of meat into her mouth, and down her throat . She massaged and sucked it with considerable skill, causing the cock to quickly rise and grow hard .
As soon as the cock had grown fully erect, Min took the thing out of her mouth and threw herself onto the bed . She spread her legs and used her fingers to open her pussy wide .
Put it in me . For the next week, were gonna have sex at every opportunity . Ill have to go on birth control again next week, so Lord Aldon doesnt impregnate me, so hopefully youll be able to do the job by then, or well have to wait another month, Min said, as Dralu positioned his rod at Mins entrance .
Ill do my best, Dralu said, as he thrust his entire length into Min, drawing a loud, prolonged moan out of her lips .
One week of cruel training and passionate sex passed by . Exactly seven days after her return, Min made her way to Lord Aldons mansion . This time, the guards were expecting her, and she even had an escort, showing her into the estate .
She was led straight into a dining room, where Aldon was enjoying an excellent breakfast .
Ah, Min, you came . Sit down, have yourself something to eat, Aldon said, as he pointed Min towards the chair next to him .
Dont mind if I do . This looks delicious, Min said, as she quickly sat down as if afraid Aldon would change his mind .
Eat your fill . Youre going to need a lot of energy since I dont intend to stop fucking you until dinner time, Aldon said, before taking a bite of his meal .
Im looking forward to it . Its been too long since Ive had a nice, sex marathon . Im always so busy with training . I usually only have time to have sex a couple of times every day with my boyfriend, Min said while filling her plate with food .
You have a long life ahead of you . In the future, youll have lots of time to fulfill your perversions, Aldon said .
Thats true, Min replied .
About half an hour passed before the two were finished with their meals . Aldon stood up from his seat and put a hand on Mins shoulder, having her stand up, too .
Its time to begin . First, you can give your clothes to that maid . Youll be naked for your entire stay here, Aldon said .
Okay, that sounds fun! Min said, before eagerly taking off what little clothing she was wearing .
Here you go, Min said, before turning back to Aldon, letting him look at her pale blue breasts . Aldons eyes trailed down to Mins vagina, quickly noticing that she was already moist .
Good . Lets go to the bedroom . Although, Ill be fucking you on the way there, Aldon said, as he picked Min up, causing the girl to give a surprised laugh . Min happily spread her legs, as Aldon placed her above his thick, rock hard cock .
He dropped her down on his length, letting his flesh spread her flesh apart . In a single instant, the head of his cock slammed against Mins deepest spots .
Aaaaah! So good! Go show everyone how you fuck your little slut! Show them who I belong to! Min begged as Aldon bounced her up and down on his slab of meat .
You dont have to tell me twice, Aldon said before he started walking . He took the longest and most populated route to his bedroom he could think of .
Min was ecstatic, being fucked in front of all these people . Both guards and servants got to see her get her pussy pounded . It had been too long since she had some good humiliation sex, and she was thoroughly enjoying it!
Judging by the expressions of all the onlookers, it wasnt common for Lord Aldon to do something like this . The females either screamed and ran away, or froze in place . Many men gaped their mouths, as they stared at Mins bouncing boobs or spreading pussy .
Soon, Aldon had carried Min into his bedroom, letting the people outside look no longer . Aldon casually threw Min onto the bed, causing her to roll to the other end . Luckily, the bed was huge, so she didnt end on the floor .
Min chuckled, as she moved on her back . She grabbed her legs behind her knees and spread her legs as far back as they could go . Which was a considerable distance, due to her high Agility . An agility level of thirty-four was at least enough to easily do a split .
Aldon gave Min a hungry smile, as he pulled off his robes and inner garments, revealing his bare body in an instant . Quick like a panther, he rushed into bed, his thick member penetrating into Mins flowing pussy with expert precision .
Aaanh! Min moaned, kicking her legs out, while simultaneously pulling them further in with her hands . As Lord Aldon pounded her insides, Min subconsciously thrust her hips into Aldons body, taking the Lord even deeper inside her .
Every time Aldon pushed the flesh of Mins deep pussy aside, shed let out a long, high-pitched moan . Eventually, she could hold on no longer, as the pleasure reached a powerful crescendo . She let go of her legs, instead hugging Aldons torso, burying her nails into his flesh .
Aaaaah! Aaah, ahhhh! Min moaned uncontrollably, the orgasm taking complete control of her vocal cords . A liquid was pouring out of her entrance, staining the clean white sheets under them .
But even under this powerful orgasm, Aldon continued fucking her . He even upped the tempo, pounding Min so hard that she felt pain . It was nowhere the level of pain she had felt when her old Master had shattered her hips, though .
This was the kind of pain that Min enjoyed . At least when she was being fucked .
The hours passed by one after the other until they had fucked late into the night . By now, Min had cummed at least a couple hundred times .
By the end, her endurance couldnt keep up anymore, ending in her fainting . But it took a while before Aldon noticed . Only after he realized that Mins moans had been much quieter for the past few minutes, did he stop .

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