A Goblin's Evolution - Chapter 24

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It had been eight months since Min, Dralu, Ellie, and Kinder had moved to Rymalona in the Elven Kind, and now, Dralu had finally returned home from his long voyage at sea . In the past fifteen years, hed gotten used to being at sea for only a few months at a time, so this trip had taken its toll on him .
But now, hed get to stay at home for another eight months . Which could be a challenge in and of itself . But for now, Dralu only cared about getting home so he could see his lovely girlfriend and daughter again . Eight months really was too much time to be away from them .
Lets see if I can remember the way, Dralu mumbled, as he set off from the docks, a cloth bag hoisted over his shoulder . When they had first arrived in the city, hed only stayed for long enough to help his family find an apartment . In the end, it had been a humble one, but maybe they would be able to afford an upgrade soon . He knew that Ellie and Kinder would have jobs by now so Min would be the only one not earning a steady income, due to being crippled . But she also had her art, which could potentially make more than all the others, combined .
After a lengthy walk, and more than a couple wrong turns, Dralu finally arrived outside what he believed to be their apartment building .
Its been so long, and I only saw the place once, its hard to tell . But I think this is the place, Dralu thought, as he entered the building, at walked towards the first apartment .
The only requirement theyd had, when looking for the apartment, was that I had to be on the first floor since Min struggled with stairs . Dralu took a deep breath, a bit anxious that it was the wrong apartment before he knocked on the door . A few seconds passed before the door opened . In front of Dralu, stood the scantily clad girl he knew so well; the only girl hed ever settled down with, Min .
Dralu! Welcome home! I missed you so much! Min said as she took Dralu into a tight hug, actually managing to baffle Dralu by her strength . It wasnt enough to actually hurt him, but it was way more than he remembered her having .
Min, guess who finally came home? But is it just me, or have you changed? As in physically . Your skin looks different, and if I didnt know better, Id say youve grown taller . And your ears kind of look shorter . Whats going on? Dralu asked, unable to focus on anything other than how much Min had changed . It truly was strange . She still looked like Min, but she was also so different .
Thats a long story . Come on in, and Ill tell you over a cup of tea or coffee, Min said, as she allowed him inside .
Ill have a coffee, honey, Dralu said, before giving Min a quick kiss . Min giggled at the affection, before jogging off to brew some coffee to the man she loved . Min wouldnt get shy at sex, but kissing was different . She would never kiss anyone, other than Dralu . In fact, there were only three men shed kissed romantically . The first was Kazz, her old mate . The second was, of course, Dralu, and the third was Lord Caladri . But shed only kissed him, due to her mission . The organization was the only ones who could make Min break her rule about only kissing those she loved .
After brewing a cup of coffee for Dralu, and some tea for herself, she sat down next to Dralu, by the table .
So, why have you changed so much? Dralu finally asked, eager to know the answer .
As I said, its a long story . If I had to write it in a book, it would be at least twelve chapters long . It all started not long after we arrived here in Rymalona . It was really quite the coincidence, too . As you know, Im a Child of Darkness, which means its very easy for me to learn darkness magic . And as it happened, a very powerful mage noticed, and immediately decided to make me his apprentice . His name is Altraz, and hes a Dark Elf, like Kinder and them . Youll probably meet him soon enough . He comes by all the time . He taught me a lot about magic, and also gave me an odd job or task . Everything I learned, as well as all the task Ive finished eventually resulted in me reaching level fifty, which is when I evolved, Min explained, garnering a shocked expression from Dralu .
As you can probably see, Im not a Hobgoblin anymore . Im around 160 centimeters tall now, and I look more like an elf than goblin . But Im really neither of those . Im a Dhampir or half-blood Vampire . Im not immortal, but Im still somewhat more powerful than ordinary mortal races since I gain six attribute points per level now . I also got a huge boost, upon evolving, Min continued . Dralu remained silent, but Min patiently waited for him . This was a lot to take in, and he might need a minute to process it all .
A Dhampir, huh? Does this mean you cant go out in the sun anymore? And will you be biting when we have sex? Dralu finally asked, showcasing a handsome smirk .
No, dont worry . Although I do have the fangs for it . See? Min said with a laugh, as she showed Dralu a broad smile, showcasing her small fangs . They werent very big, but they would be able to pierce skin .
And the sun doesnt burn me, but I do find it more annoying, now . Anyways, there is something I want from you, Min said, wearing an adorable smile . She obviously had something in mind .
Oh yeah? What? Dralu asked, not sure what Min wanted .
Your dick, Min replied, giggling .
I knew you would be coming home soon, so Ive been saving myself for a few days now . It was tough, and you cant imagine how horny I am now, Min said, her cheeks quickly growing a tinged red .
Is that so? Come here then, Dralu said, laughing at Mins shamelessness . Min didnt want to wait for a second, so she immediately burst out of her chair, and gave Dralu a deep kiss . Dralu kissed back, as he stood up . He buried his tongue deep into Mins mouth and grabbed her ass with both hands . Their eyes closed, their tongues wrestled for a couple of minutes .
But after a short while, Min drew back . There was something else shed rather have in her mouth right now . They could make out later . A goal in mind, Min kneeled down in front of Dralu and pulled down his pants .
Ive really missed your penis, you know . Its my favorite out of all penises . It really is best to do it with those you love, after all, Min said, as she took Dralus length into her hand, and stroked it gently, up and down . Min quickly started licking it, kissing it, alternating between the two motions .
Its so tasty, she moaned, before taking the head into her mouth for a moment, massaging it with her tongue . But she soon took it back out, to tease Dralu with her tongue for just a bit more .
God, Ive missed this so much, Min said, before finally taking the entire shaft into her mouth, and down her throat . She bobbed her head back and forth, eager to jerk it off with her mouth, and even more anxious to taste Dralus seed .
Its only been a few days since you had sex last, though, hasnt it? Dralu said, as he lightly placed his hands on Mins head . He couldnt imagine Min going without sex for more than a few days . He knew what a nymph she was, and he accepted it . He was happy being in a relationship, where he could have sex with others, and he didnt care if other men fucked Min, either .
Yeah, but I usually have sex every day, at least once . Now that Kinder has started having sex with me, theres always someone available . And even if he isnt here, theres always my little Ellie, Min said, taking Dralus cock out momentarily, so she could speak .
So youre having sex with those two, too, now? Your own daughter, even . Well, I wont judge, Dralu said . Min mumbled an incoherent reply, as she continued sucking Dralus cock . She continued pleasing him with her mouth for a few minutes until Dralu could finally take it no longer .
When he was out on the sea, he didnt have many chances to have sex, so it had been a while since the last time . Usually, hed only have sex when they landed at some port, whered hed find some willing girl, or hire a whore .
Thus, he came, filling Mins mouth up with his white ejaculate . When Dralu finally pulled out of Mins mouth, Min placed her hands under chin, so she didnt spill any semen . After she finished drinking, she licked her palms clean . Meanwhile, Mins pussy was dripping on the floor, eager to be stuffed .
A short while later, Mins and Dralus clothes were strewn all over the living room, while the two had taken their business to the bed in their bedroom .
Ah, ah, ah, yeah, ah, so big! Min moaned as Dralu pounded her wet pussy, causing loud smacking noises to resound through the apartment, and maybe beyond . Dralu grabbed Mins thighs, pulling her closer, and fucking her even deeper . Mins moans grew louder, as Dralus cock pierced inside her, slamming against her womb over and over again . As his length moved deeper inside her, Mins tight pussy parted way, sending jolts of pleasure through Mins body .
Ever since becoming a Dhampir, her pussy had grown tighter, making sex feel even better for both parties . After fifteen minutes, Min pushed Dralu down on his back, and climbed onto his lap, positioning his hard cock under her entrance .
You just came back, so you should relax a bit, Min said, as she sat down, taking his entire length inside her . She started bouncing up and down, letting Dralus cock penetrate her repeatedly . After a while, Min turned around, allowing Dralu to look at her bubbly but, as it rippled while she jumped up and down on his cock .
Dralu grabbed Min by the wrists, pulling her down in a sudden motion, giving Min a surprising bit of ecstasy, as Dralus cock head slammed against the entrance to Mins womb . Dralu continued to pull her down like that, while simultaneously pounding her with his hips, giving Min extreme pleasure, making her moans peak . Soon, Dralu sat up and grabbed Mins tits, as Min verged on orgasm .
Aaaaa! Im coming! I can feel you hot cum flow inside me! Min screamed as they both came at the same time . Min stained Dralus lap, as she stained his lap in her cum liquid, while Dralu filled her up with his sperm for the second time . Eventually, Min stopped orgasming and let herself fall into Dralus arms, his cock still inside her cum filled pussy . However, Min wasnt finished yet .
She got off Dralus lap, taking his shaft out of her, resulting in a lot of cum leaking out of her . Then, she got on her fours, her ass pointed at Dralu .
Wanna put it in my butt? Min asked, a horny smirk on her face, as she wiggled her ass around, and also using one hand to spread her cheeks .
You dont need to ask twice, Dralu said, his cock already hard . He immediately plunged his entire length into Mins tight ass, drawing a loud, prolonged moan from Min . Ever since her anus had tightened, shed felt a strange pleasure from anal sex . She still preferred pussy sex, but she had been having an increased amount of anal ever since her evolution .
As he fucked her ass, Dralu started playing with Mins nipples, pinching them with his fingers .
I like your new piercings, by the way . Pierced nipples are sexy, and your tongue piercing makes your blowjobs strangely amazing, Dralu said, as he pounded Min . But Mins replies were completely senseless, as she was drowning in moans, unable to say anything . Dralu kept fucking her ass for fifteen minutes, until he finally came inside her, while also granting Min her final orgasm of this sex session .
When they were finished, Min finally slumped down on the bed, having lost all the strength in her limbs from the thorough pounding shed received . Dralu also lied down beside her, and put an arm around her shoulders, pulling her closer to his body .
I love you, Dralu, Min said, as she rested her head in Dralus shoulder . Dralu hugged her tighter and gave her a kiss on her forehead .
I love you, too, Min . And I really missed you and Ellie, the past eight months . Where is she anyway? Dralu asked .
Shes at work . Shes an apprentice in a famous restaurant, believe it or not . Im so proud of her . Kinders also an apprentice, but at a smithy . Theyre both following their dreams, Min said . She was genuinely happy for the two . Min knew that when she became a full-fledged assassin, shed probably be earning a lot of money . She fully intended to use that money to pay for the restaurant Ellie wanted to make .
Thats good . When will she be coming home? Dralu said . Dralu cared for Ellie even more than he cared for Min, so it was only natural that he wanted to see her as soon as possible .
Shell be back around four . Ah, but now that youre back, theres something I want, Min said, as she snuggled up to Dralu, allowing their eyes to be level .
What is it? If I can give it to you, I will, Dralu said .
I want another baby . You should be able to give me one, no problem, since back then out of all the people who had sex with me, you were the one to impregnate me, Min said, giving Dralu a cheery smile . The biggest reason Min had been so excited for Dralus return was this . And the real reason shed been abstaining from sex for a while, was because shed stopped using her birth control potion . She wanted Dralu to be the only father of her children .
Another one? Sure, why not . Now that youre a Dhampir, the child might even grow at a regular pace . Eliana grew up way too fast . I still cant believe shes already having sex . Man, if it werent because youre her mother, Id probably have gone mad in rage from my daughter having sex at this age, Dralu said .
Come on now, even if you count only her actual age, shes still fifteen . Lots of fifteen-year-olds have sex, Min said .
I guess youre right . I doubt those girls fathers are happy about that . Hah, and if we get another daughter, shell probably be having sex at fifteen, too, Dralu said .
And theres nothing wrong with that . Anyways, I should probably tell you that Kinder has a second girlfriend now, so be prepared for that . She sometimes comes visit, and shes pretty nice . Ellie likes her too . And theyve already decided that when they get married, Ellie will be first wife, so thats good, Min said .
I see . As long as Kinder keeps treating Ellie likes she deserved, Im fine with it, Dralu said . He didnt really care if Ellie got several boyfriends, or if Kinder got several girlfriends other than Ellie . As long as Ellie was happy, Dralu was happy .
Yeah, but I dont think Sarahs father shares your ideology . He really hates Kinder . But if he ever dares try anything, he has to go through me first! Im hella strong now! I could even become an F ranked adventurer, just like you! Min said as she flexed her arm . There wasnt actually that much muscle on her though . But the muscles she did have were very strong .
How strong are you now, anyway? Whats your level? Dralu asked . He didnt care if Min became more powerful than him, but did want to know everything he could about her .
Me? Im level fifty-seven, now . But Im stronger than the average level fifty-seven person, Min said, as she curled her leg around Dralus letting his, now flaccid, cock rest on her thigh .
Really? Werent you in the level thirties, last time? How did you manage to level up twenty times in just eight months? Dralu asked, thoroughly amazed by his lover .
Theres a few reasons . One is because my skills have leveled a lot . My Master has not only been teaching me magic, but also how to use short blades, as well as some archery, and many other things . Several of my skills have passed level sixty, already . The second reason is that Ive helped in killing some high-level beasts . Well, all I really did was cause a little bit of damage so I could gain some experience . Killing those beasts is what gave me most of the experience, Min said .
So its like that . Youve had some unfortunate moments in your life . Like what happened to your tribe . But youve also been very fortunate . Your Master must be a truly powerful mage, Dralu said . Dralu was one of the few people who knew what had happened to Mins tribe .
Thats true . Anyhow, are you hungry? How about I cook you meal, while naked? Min said with a smirk, winking an eye .
Isnt that dangerous? Dralu asked, worried about Mins wellbeing .
Dont worry, any wounds I get, heal in moments . Thats one of the benefits of being a Dhampir, Min said, as she finally got up . As she stood up, cum trailed down her thighs, leaking from both her pussy, as well as ass . Dralu always ejaculated a lot, so Min had been pumped full of cum . But she liked having cum inside her . And she was also trying to get pregnant .
Min proceeded to cook a hearty meal for Dralu, while nude . However, the display had gotten Dralu hard again, so he ended up fucking Min from behind, as she cooked the meal .
A few hours later, the door to the apartment opened once more, and in came Ellie . However, when Dralu saw Ellie, he froze .
Youre pregnant?! He exclaimed, his eyes centered on Ellies protruding bellybutton, on her huge belly . Ellie chuckled, as she placed her hands on her stomach .
Welcome home daddy . Youre going to be a grandpa in two months, Ellie said, before she couldnt hold herself back anymore, and ran up to Dralu, giving him a loving hug .
I missed you so much! She said and gave him a kiss on the cheek .
Isnt it awesome? Soon, well be grandparents . And well also have another baby, soon, too, Min said, as she joined in on the hug .
Is this why you want to have another kid, suddenly? Dralu said with a chuckle, as he hugged back . He couldnt be angry at his daughter, even if she were pregnant . In fact, he was happy . His family was growing .
It had something to do with it . Ellie is my daughter, but shes also my best friend . Having children at the same time is something that makes me so happy, Min said .
Yeah! Having my sister or brother grow up with my child would be awesome . And imagine if theyre boy or girl! Maybe theyd become lovers! Thatd be so cool! Ellie exclaimed as she fantasized on the future of her family .

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