A Goblin's Evolution - Chapter 22

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Min stared at the blue screen for what seemed like minutes . She hadnt expected this . She wasnt even sure if Hobgoblins could evolve once more, and she certainly didnt know when they did . Whether it was at level fifty, a hundred, or even further beyond . There had never been any Hobgoblins in her tribe that managed to subscribe . At least, no one remembered it .
What are you staring at? One of the assassins asked, as the naked Min stared into space, seemingly in a daze . The assassins call startled Min out of her own thoughts, causing her to turn her face towards the masked men .
Uh, it seems like Im about to evolve . I even get three options, Min said, as she turned her gaze back towards the screen . Three options, being Succubus, Dhampir, and Half Demon . She liked Succubus, as she had sex all the time, either way, but she was hesitant . She needed to have sex to survive, according to the description . But if she were to end up in a situation where she was all alone, unable to have sex with others, she might end up dead . And she had no idea what effect she would have on others . Whether it would be harmful to those she had sex with, or if she could control it .
If those she had sex with died or were hurt from it, she wouldnt be able to sleep with just anyone, whenever she wanted . But Min was an addict . In order to function properly, she needed to have sex every day, preferably . She could go for a few days without, but it wasnt comfortable . And then there was the fact that it seemed a bit too domination, for her . She preferred being the submissive one, the one being hurt or controlled . She could use sex to kill her targets, but that didnt mean she liked using sex like that .
In turn, Dhampir or Half-Demon seemed like the more stable choice . A Dhampir didnt need to drink blood, like an actual Vampire . However, if she were to choose Half-Demon, she might end up being hunted down . One might think that a Succubus and a Vampire were both demons, but they werent . There were people hunted and killed Vampires and Succubi, but not to the extent of a Demon .
Vampires were generally the least in danger of being hunted since they could somewhat control their hunger . If they drank without killing, there was no reason for them to be hunted .
Min didnt know what level of control Succubi had though, and how much they were hunted . Shed only been taught a bit about Vampires and Demons, by her Master .
Demons, however, were considered pure evil by most people, and there was a lot of effort put into hunting them down, whenever they appeared . Thus, Min had pretty much equaled out the Half-Demon . Now, she only needed to choose between Succubus and Dhampir .
What? An Evolution? Thats unexpected . But you should wait until later before you evolve . Consult it with your master, first . Now, get dressed so we can leave, the assassin said, hurrying Min along .
Yes, sir, Min responded and quickly skipped over to her bundle of clothes . There was a towel nearby, which she used to wipe of all the blood on her body . It was quite painful, due to all the wounds on her back, but she fought through it . As she turned to put on her outfit, one of the assassins was staring at large, black object that had been inserted into her butt .
Arent you going to take that out? The man asked . Min looked to where the man was staring, before coming to a realization .
Oh, that . Nah, Ill keep it in a bit longer, Min said, a cheeky smile on her lips . The assassins were visibly perturbed by her answer, but still accepted it . This girl was clearly a strange one, as she was willing to do this much, just to kill her target . One thing was seducing your mark, but letting him whip you, and jam a painfully large plug up your ass? That required a special breed of person .
As soon as she was dressed, Min followed the assassins out . The assassins were skillful, so they quickly managed to sneak out, without being seen . The assassins led Min through several dark alleys, until theyd gotten a good distance away . Then, they let Min return home on her own .
When she arrived, Altraz was already waiting for her inside, but he was quite shocked when he saw Min . Even though Min had wiped all the blood off her back, her wounds hadnt healed yet, so by the time shed gotten home, her maid outfit had been bloodied beyond repair .
Min, are you hurt? Altraz asked, as he rushed over to her . He thought that she might have gotten injured in the battle . However, Min only laughed his worries away .
Master, dont worry . The bloods only from whip marks . Lord Caladri whipped me so good, before he died . It was really fun . Im glad he could give me such pleasure, before his end . I havent been fucked that good in a while, Min said, a big smile on her mouth . It was true, that had been some legendary sex .
Oh, so thats all . Then, let me congratulate you on job done nicely . And on behalf of the organization, I hereby promote you to an apprentice . From today onward, your true training as an assassin begins, Altraz said .
Thank you, Master . But before all that, we have something important to take care of . You see, I know you told me to be very careful and all that, but in the heat of the moment, I got tempted . So I stabbed Lord Caladri in the neck, before the assassins killed him . I got a whole lot of experience out of it . So much that Im now level fifty-five . And, you see, apparently Hobgoblins evolve when they reach level fifty or so, Min said . As she spoke, Altrazs mouth proceeded to gape more and more .
You silly girl . I even told you to be extra careful, but you still went ahead and did this . But its fine . You werent hurt, and now, youre even evolving . Then, what are your choices? Altraz asked .
I can choose between Succubus, Dhampir, and Half-Demon, Min said . Since the beginning, she had never intended to make this choice on her own . She wasnt foolish enough to bypass her wise Master, on a matter like this .
Half-Demon is a no go . Even if its only a Half-Demon, youd probably still be hunted down . And Succubus doesnt really work, either, since they have too many limitations, and their potential power is ultimately lower than the Dhampir . There are few creatures that can match up to the power of a Vampire . Not only do they possess incredible power, theyre also immortal . And if you were to become a Succubus, your lifespan wouldnt change much, but if you become a Dhampir, youll probably live for a thousand years . By then, youll probably be one of the most powerful people in the world, Altraz explained .
Really? Id live for that long? I cant even imagine what that would be like . Id be even older than Master, and Master Eledor combined . Then, should I choose Dhampir? Min asked, once more, making sure .
Yes, I believe so . Go ahead and do so, now, Altraz ordered . Min nodded her head, and focused on the blue screen once more . Finally, she selected Dhampir . Immediately, she felt herself change . Her bones ached, as they visibly grew . Second by second, she grew taller, until she grew to the length of around 165 centimeters . Before, shed been very short, at only around 150 centimeters . Now, while not tall in any way, she was a more ordinary length . However, her breasts and butt seemed a bit smaller now, compared to before . Maybe, they still held the same mass, but they just seemed smaller, since she was taller now .
Next, her skin began changing . It turned paler, until it reached a grayish-blue, while her hair remained the same silver color as before . Then, she felt her fangs grow out, showing her Vampire side . She wouldnt need to drink blood, but apparently, she still had the equipment to do it . Finally, the last change occurred . This change was one that only Altraz noticed, as in the center of her black pupils, a crimson dot appeared . The dot quickly started growing, until they occupied around half of Mins pupils .
Min pulled off her top, letting Altraz see her naked breasts . But apparently, he wasnt very shy . As soon as Mins torso was naked, she started feeling at her back . Her wounds were healing . Slowly, but visibly . Then, she noticed her own skin .
Ive gotten paler, she said . However, just hearing her own voice, she was startled . Somehow, her voice sounded more refined . In the past, shed always been somewhat childish, and you could hear it in her voice . While her personality hadnt changed, her voice had . Finally, Min got a blue notification, signaling that her evolution was finished .
[You are a Child of Darkness, blessed by the Dark Moon in the night and the shadow of twilight! You have become a Moon Blessed Dhampir!
Your Evolution has granted you with:
+15 Strength
+15 Agility
+10 Constitution
+10 Endurance
+20 Intelligence
+15 Wisdom
+10 Dexterity
+5 Luck]
Holy shit! Min exclaimed, as she saw the bounty shed just reaped! This was beyond all expectations . In fact, she could feel the power surging in her body, as it adapted to the power . Every ounce of her being was being improved! Even her Luck! And she could feel it . It was beyond anything shed ever experienced .
What? How much did your attributes improve? Altraz asked, clearly excited himself . It wasnt often one got to experience an evolution . Especially not a high tier one, like this one .
It seems like the evolution gave me exactly one hundred attribute points . I even got twenty in Intelligence . Strength, Agility, and Wisdom all got fifteen points . Luck got five, and the rest got ten points . It also seems like I got a special evolution again, as Im now a Moon Blessed Dhampir, Min explained .
I see . Ive never heard of a Moon Blessed Dhampir before . Then again, I havent heard of a Dark Hobgoblin before, either . Did you get any abilities? Altraz asked .
Let me check, Min responded, before she started investigating her new powers . A few minutes later, she was ready to answer the question . As it turned out, shed gotten several new abilities . There were two, nearly identical ones, called Affinity of the Night, and Affinity of the Moon . They both made it easier for her to learn Darkness magic, and one made her more powerful in the night, while the other increased her power when there was a full moon . Thus, during a full moon, shed be experiencing the power buffs from both abilities .
Another ability was Recovery, which increased her healing ability . In a normal situation, it would heal her at the pace her whip marks were being healed currently, but she could increase the rate by drinking blood . And if she didnt drink blood, it would make her hungry at a rapid pace .
She also had the ability to grow her nails into claws, meaning she was never without a weapon . That would prove to be very convenient when assassinating someone during sex .
There were also a couple, smaller abilities, like superhuman senses, and an ability that allowed for short bursts of speed and strength . For just a few seconds, shed be able to run several times faster than normal, or output far more strength than she should be capable of, but it consumed a lot of stamina to do so .
Good . Fantastic, even . This has increased both your current strength, as well as your potential by several times . Im eager to train you, so lets get started . I still need to gather some more material for your magic training, so today well focus on your melee fighting . Are you ready? Altraz said, as he stood up from his seat .
Yes! Min exclaimed, ready to finally learn how to fight .

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